Fording the Dreiset [Gauss, Merlana, mzipser, MzNurse, The Bushranger]

With a chuckle, Layna walks her horse back beside Astaban's and asks, "Do you still wish to go into town? I think we've got a good enough idea what is going on around here. I get the feeling that the only people who won't be hiding from us in the town are the Astan army."

Tobie had never had much money, and she had already given the carvings to the grandmother, but she could work. And work she did. Before bed and early in the morning, after her meditation, Tobie cut wood and cleaned house. She'd looked for and harvested the last of the wild vegetables and fruits and brought them in to the old woman. Tobie remembered what it was like not to have food to last the winter.

When they were ready to leave, Tobie was already packed and had the horses ready. She said her goodbyes, giving Abby an extra hug and sneaking a few (the six she had) copper coins into the little girl's pocket. She helped saddle and load the horses, and glared at Talia when Abby struggled outside with the woman's heavy bags. Tobie made no effort to help Talia load her horse, but complimented Abby on a job well done.

Tobie didn't miss the look Talia gave Astaban, and when to turned to look at the man, she gave him a slow smile of appreciation and a wink. As they rode away, she could help but give Talia a bit of a hard time. That warn't right, y'know Tobie said quietly as she pulled her horse up next to Talia's. Mekkin' Abby bring yer bags like that. She ain't no slave, 'n' she ain't no man what ya kin simper at 'n' git yer way. Nex' time, iffen ya don' wanna carry yer own stuff, git one a the mens ta do it. Not a li'l girl.

Tobie didn't give Talia a chance to reply before dropping back and checking her side of the path for anything the army might have overlooked.

Astaban thinks for a second, then says, "I was never enthusiastic about going into town to begin with. Now that we know about the army and barracks there, I'm even less inclined to go there. I would think that anyone coming in from out of town, asking questions, would certainly raise suspicions."

He pauses for a second, but then continues, "However, since it wasn't me who wished to go into town, I would defer to those who are willing to be more... risky... to see if they are still interested."

Karn shakes his head, "Nah. Can't say I want to go to town now. Not sure what I might do to them soldiers and that wouldn't be good for our mission."

Then we don' go. Four 'gainst her. She lose Tobie put in. Trine ta go inna town now is suicide. I wanna live.

Astaban smiles quickly at Tobie's words, then says, " Well, let's get going then. I think we should be able to clear the river and be well onto the other side before sundown."

"Agreed. Any run in with those soldiers would not go well," Layna says before adding, "I'd suggest heading to the north of the town. The Drieset should be a bit shallower and narrower there, and its a shorter root, too."

"Right", Karn says as he takes a swallow from his jug, "Then, let's move"

Layna leads out, with Astaban at her side and the other three riding along behind. As the group reaches the outskirts of town and begins to head north, though, suddenly everyone comes to remember what the old lady had said--the Astan garrison is positioned on the north side of the town.

Astaban sighs as he realizes the error of his ways. He
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 22)
looks around to see if anyone has noticed them, then proceeds to direct the group to the south of town.


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