On the Run - A game for not totally evil Sith

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On the Run - A game for not totally evil Sith

On the Run - Forum
Star Wars Saga
Ad Closes: Mar 31 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 4

[Game Master(s)]
Who's running this game, anyhow?

This game will be run by me, Moonlight. I'm quite new to Myth-Weavers and most of my experience, both as a player and as a GM, I have from playing with a group in real life which unfortunately disbanded recently. So I am here on Myth-Weavers to fill out that gaming gap with a couple PbP games.

[Game Explanation]
What's the premise of the story? What will be the mood/attitude/play-style of the game?

This game will be an “evil” game in so far, that the players will be playing Sith characters. I put quotation marks around the word evil, because the characters will be members of the Lost Tribe of Sith as shown in the Fate of the Jedi novels.

This tribe was stranded on the remote planet Kesh 5000 years before the battle of Yavin and thus developed differently from the Sith in the galaxy at large. The Rule of Two is not in effect for these Sith and they are also less fanatic. There exists familial love among these Sith and even though they still are prone to intrigue in order to improve their position among the Sith they do so with a lot more consideration.

They usually will not betray each other while it would cause them more harm than benefit. And this is what I expect from the players as well. I'm perfectly fine if you maneuver in order to get into a better position or withhold information you got from other players, but overall you will have to work together, even trust each other to a certain point in order to achieve your goals and survive.

You certainly aren't nice people, but you're not utterly evil either.

The game is set in the year 43 after the battle of Yavin and for once the galaxy knows peace again after about 50 years of constant wars. But there are tensions between the Galactic Alliance government and the Jedi Order, intensified by the fact that again and again Jedi go mad and start to see impersonators in everyone. The reason for this is unknown to both the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance, though both try to find out what exactly is going on.

The Circle of Lords, the governing body of the Sith tribe the player characters are members of, decides that it needs to know more about this affliction to determine whether it might be dangerous to the Sith as well and sends out a group of Sith Masters, Sabers (a rank equal to that of a Jedi Knight), Apprentices, and Tyros (equal to Jedi Initiates) to gather the required information.

The players will take over the roles of Sith Tyros and as the group is lured into a trap the Galactic Alliance set for the Jedi, these young Tyros suddenly see themselves in a situation where they have to take over and bring the mission to a successful end while ensuring that the existence of a whole Sith order is not revealed to the galaxy.

This means that your characters will have relatively free reign of what they do and how they are doing it, but they should be aware of the fact that they are in a galaxy that would crack down on them with full force the second they realize that they are Sith. And thus their best chances at surviving and accomplishing their goals are working together and relying on secrecy.

It is not necessary that you are perfectly informed about the happenings in the Star Wars galaxy after the events shown in the movies, after all your characters don't know that much about what happened either. So if you don't know that much, you should still feel free to apply and discover the galaxy together with your character.

If you want to read up a little on the Sith tribe that your characters will be a part of you can do so here:

[Application Process]
How should people apply to play? How long will applications be accepted? How many player-spots are open?

I'm looking for a total of three or four players and applications will be open till the 3rd April, the game itself will then start on the 4th April if nothing thwarts this plan. But I'm confident that things are going to work out.

Applications should be made by posting a link to your character sheet in this thread as well as a description of your character's appearance, the personality, and a rundown of the character's background.

The background can be done in a few sentences, because there is not that much that can be varied. All of your characters where introduced into the rank of a Sith Tyro at some point between the ages of 10 and 16 and the last couple years they spent with initial training at the Sith temple, hoping that a Saber or Master would pick them as their apprentice. A few words concerning their family and maybe major events in their past that thoroughly influenced them would be nice though.

[Character Creation]
What are the rules being used for making characters?
  • All characters will start as level 4 characters, either Human or Keshiri, and are between 16 and 20 years old. Starting ability scores are determined through point buy with 34 points. At level 4 the standard ability increases are performed as normal.
  • Hit dice on level ups are always considered to net half the maximum hit points, d6 => 3, d8 => 4, d10 => 5.
  • The class(es) of your characters can be determined by yourselves, keep in mind however, that all characters are Force sensitive and received at least some training in the use of Force powers and lightsabers which has to be represented by some of the feats and talents of your characters.
  • The Natural Leader and Unleashed feats are not available.
  • Each character will have 5000 credits to spend on personal equipment.
  • A lightsaber, a Parang, and a Shikkar can be acquired by each character for free.
  • Stats for Parang: 2d6 damage, simple melee weapon, can be thrown (as simple weapon) and will then return to the point where it was thrown from one round later and can then be caught with a move action (or Move Light Object if the thrower moved to another location).
  • Stats for Shikkar: 2d4 damage, simple melee weapon, can be thrown (as improvised simple weapon), and is destroyed after having been used (not so much a combat weapon as a ritual weapon for assassinations).
  • If someone wants to play a Keshiri the species will be treated as humans with the following ability modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom. They get a bonus skill and a bonus feat just like humans.
  • Your characters will start with a Dark Side Score of 0 since they did not yet commit any really cruel or evil acts. If your DSS at some point equals your Wisdom score you won't lose control over your character, it simply indicates that your character now probably can be considered to be truly evil or at least a cruel person.
  • Characters start with one Destiny Point and a Destiny of your choice. Force Points are replenished daily and each character has one daily Force Point at level 4.
  • All WotC published material is available for use though I might rule out one thing or another if I happen to consider it unfitting. But for starters feel free to use everything you want to use. Errata is in effect.

[Finished Applications]
Who signed up so far?

Game Description:

Everything went wrong, everything.

It seemed that easy in the beginning, when the Circle of Lords explained the mission to you and the other members of the group.

"Head out into the galaxy and uncover what information you can about this 'Force sickness' that is causing more and more Jedi to go mad", Lord Yur had said. "Determine whether it only afflicts Jedi or if it can pose a threat to us as well. Do what you have to do in order to acquire the knowledge we need, but do not risk that our presence and nature is revealed to the galaxy at large."

"The time to leave Kesh and claim the place in the galaxy that is rightfully ours is close, but it has not yet arrived", Grand Lord Vol agreed, causing you to shiver in intimidation even though he did not even address you directly, but the whole group.

So your small group, consisting out of two Masters, five Sabers, and a handful Apprentices and Tyros, you among the latter, had set out in a captured YT-2400 transporter, determined to fulfill the task set for you in utmost secrecy. But luck was not smiling down upon you, instead it lured you into the fangs of the Galactic Alliance.

Three weeks after the beginning of your mission your group came across rumors that the Galactic Alliance had captured one of the mad Jedi and was now performing research on him on a planet called Algara VI. Your group headed for Algara VI in order to recover the research data of the Galactic Alliance scientists and possibly even take the Jedi with you. The Jedi and the research data actually was there on Algara VI, but so was a trap the Galactic Alliance had set for Jedi attempts to free the captured Jedi.

Things turned out differently and as the trap sprung there were not Jedi at its center, but Sith. You fought your way out of the installation, but in the process your group took grievous losses. Apart from you Tyros only a fatally wounded Saber and a seriously injured Apprentice had made it out and back to the ship.

The death of the wounded Saber being only a matter of hours and the recovery of the Apprentice a matter of days if not weeks completion of the mission is left to you, because return to Kesh is out of the question as long as the mission is a failure.

But while the outlooks are bad and the situation is dire it is also a chance for you to prove your worth for the Tribe.

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So, this is basically a group of characters who are working together, but using evil means to advance their collective interests? Am I reading this right?

Yeah, that's it more or less. They are not above killing and torturing in order to achieve their goals, but they usually don't do so "just for fun". And they will work together far better than the Sith following the Rule of Two.

They might still betray each other, but certainly not in a situation like the one they are in right now. (Though I won't keep the players from trying to oust each other once they managed to achieve their goals.)

Oops... point buy with 28 points, sorry for forgetting that. =/
At level 4 the standard ability increases are performed as normal.
Going to edit it into the opening post immediately.

OH, wow, this is very interesting. I will be putting in an application ASAP. Also, I don't mean to be annoying but do you think we could have a more generous point buy? Perhaps a modest 32 or if you're feeling generous a 36? I apologize if this is an odd request but I have always found that range to be a lot more "PC friendly". I like being able to choose to be moderately good at one or two things or the option of specializing, what I've noticed is that way provides a bit more of variety between players as well if we have those options. Please consider it?

Mhm... yeah, let's say... 34?
You're right 28 kinda forces you to accept either serious weaknesses if you want to be good at something or you're average in everything...

Yeah, 34 points it is. =)

I'm interested in joining. Are we rolling for hit dice or can we just add the maximum number per level? i.e. Jedi would gain hp equal to 10 + Con mod per level.

Also, 30+ pointbuy . . . I guess I won't complain too much since it gives me more bonuses!

34 is a bit wacky for generating an array. I'd prefer a 32.


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