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Healthcare passed!?

Healthcare passed!?

(To prevent any confusion, this is in reference to American healthcare reform passing. It passed close to midnight EST last night)

I wasn't particularly for it or against it. Health care reform I felt was necessary (it was more a matter of what kind)

I am happy to see Congress passing something however, this legislature so far hasn't been able to do anything beyond little things... but thats another debate about party loyalty versus actual beliefs

That being said I'm certain this will give Republicans something to campaign against

Anyway, discuss

It's about time. It should have included a public option, but it's a good thing.

The comments on the article you linked make me want to ram my head through a plywood board. I should be more wary of scrolling too far down in any place with "politics" in its URL.

While I would have preferred a public option, I accepted the death of that a long time ago. At least now the insurance companies will have far less means to deny people coverage.

Originally Posted by Farland View Post
It's about time. It should have included a public option, but it's a good thing.
Greyson is working on that. His bill is all of 4 pages long too

well it would assist people like me who got in a car accident or other catastrophic situation near the end of their high school careers (I missed some credits when I moved I needed to take another year at my new school, my guidance councilor graduated me while I was still rehabbing my shattered leg, well before graduation day, taking me off his insurance since he couldn't afford the COBRA payments.) and people like my cousin, whose husband lost her job and her 2 year old had a stroke and an as of yet undiagnosed seizure condition, when he was rehired by the same company, she (the 2 year old) was denied insurance due to a "preexisting condition" which manifested between when her husband had the SAME insurance and lost it.

Originally Posted by Article
To pay for the reforms and expansion, the bill will increase fees on pharmaceuticals and medical devices; tax expensive insurance policies beginning in 2018; and expand Medicare payroll taxes to investment income.
So the expensive drugs that everyone was complaining about are getting.... more expensive?

Expand medicare and social security taxes is LONG overdue.

Less taxes, less government mean a better nation. Making everyone pay the huge cost of this "bi-partisan" legislation is a death knell to the majority who voted for it. I give it a year and it will be over turned as 37 states have already refused to allow it. Even if they made it part of the constitution there's enough opposed states to pull it down.


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