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Prison Break

Prison Break - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
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[Game Master(s)]
I, Neraagile will be your DM.

[Game Explanation]
Whether guard or inmate, hero or villain, you are a resident of the Darkcastle prison facility, under covering a plot to free the metahuman population imprisoned within. Be you instigator, preventor, or perhaps something else entirely, there is a place for you. This is an Iron Age setting, so be weary.

[Application Process]
This thread is mainly for posting interest, asking questions and where I go through character sheets with you, once you have a finished character sheet, post it here, I will then go through it, and give you feedback on your character.

People new to Mutants and Masterminds and veterans alike are more than welcome.

[Character Creation]
Whether guard or inmate, you are Power Level 8, and have 120 power points, Trade offs are limited to +4/-4. As well as the standard background information, personality and appearance.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use the Myth-Weavers character sheet for the mechanics, instead use this form:

[Any additional information or requirements]
I’ve got most books, but will primarily be allowing Mutants and Masterminds core book as well as Ultimate Power, those without the latter are still allowed to apply, but expect rectification here and there.

I’m not particularly fond of Variable powers of any form; as such I would recommend that you do not take them, unless you can give me a very good reason.

Game Description:

Day one of your prison sentence is about to begin, the bus trip through the desert was fairly uneventful, and it’s not like the view is a feast for the eyes; a dusty landscape on every side, with the occasional side-dish of tumbleweed, though a mountain is steadily rising in your far horizon, the destination. The guards quell any sign of commotion, and the collar strapped around your neck has so far served its purpose and kept any metahuman powers you may or may not possess in check.

As you get closer to the mountain, the facility reveals itself as a gigantic metal door, carved into the living rock. As the bus approaches, the gate slides ajar with the whine of sirens accompanying it, simultaneously as the speaker system whines into action and your bus driver announces, a little too jovially, what by now is the bloody obvious: ”Take look at that beautiful sun, ladies and gentlemen, cause it’s the last you’re gonna see of it in a long, long time.” earning him a glare from a good portion of the passengers.

Finally the bus screeches to a halt, and the gate closes once again ”Welcome to Darkcastle! We thank you for choosing Con-Busways; we hope you enjoy your stay.” you and your fellow inmates get herded outside like so much cattle somber officers, most of them in power suits, who lead you into the facility, and what is very shortly to be your home in the foreseeable future.

There is madness to my methods.

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Yes, as an Inmate, you will be equipped with Inhibitor Collars, which will be dampening your powers, anything of a Metahuman nature will not work as long as you have those on.

Character posted. Does the inhibitor work on powers that are a result of martial arts training, such as my Strike power?

Descriptor should be Training, and it technically shouldn't.

Edit: I only count 76 Skill Ranks bought, and I'm weary of Slap Silly, I'll have to get back to you with regards to the feat. Your vulnerability to light should only be Uncommon, as you've got a way in which to circumvent it.

Gotcha. Fixed.

Originally Posted by Neraagile View Post
anything of a Metahuman nature will not work as long as you have those on.
Anything? What about things like vision based powers? Low Light (using ChronicLunacy's character idea) Vision based on natural 'I was born this way' theme such as genetic freak or having alien physiology; internal powers like regeneration or Impervious Toughness.

What about 'just high stats' as a power. I understand an inhibitor would negate super strength but what about a person who just buys up a 30+ strength stat?

I'm thinking of something muddled up. A child of super heroes that went bad, so the source of powers is going to have some tangles. I don't want to inadvertently take advantage of a loop hole, and at the same time, don't want to cripple a character for no good reason.

Also have some questions on regeneration. I'd like to have someone who is hard to kill but can be wounded. It looks like buying good regen vs bruise and injured while leaving staggered and disabled at minimal levels will do what I want but I wanna play with the rules a bit to see if I'm right.

You could use the Innate power feat, Roughtrade. (P.109) However, I'm sure you'll get plenty of time to use your powers even if they do get blocked by the collar. I fully expect my character's super sense to be turned off by it, but those inhibitors are bound to come off at some point.

I figured the inhibitors would only be a temporary plot device. I'm just trying to understand the rules as I think this effects powers that drain or otherwise curb the ability of someone else to access their powers.

Well, and the setting/style in which a character might break free once the game is in play. I'm assuming some sort of outside force intervenes to either weaken them or tamper with the monitoring of them.

One of the ideas I'm working with bases on the character having already been in prison in Europe for 20+ years and only recently has been extradited to American prison systems. So I'm trying to get a feel for how you see the standard prison system neutralizers working. Or if these are 'completely new' then how they might differ from previous confinement systems.

Do the collars also protect prisoners from meta powers used against them? I assume most of the guards are using tech/power suites but for guards who may be meta's example, I was just making sure if they were going to use power to suprss prisoners in certain circumstances that they could. Ex: Guard with telkenesis see's a couple of inmates about to start a fight, if he cant use it on the inmates directly to pull them apart (because it'd be nullified) he may have to pick up/use a table as a barrier to keep them apart until more guards show up or use it as a thumping stick.


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