The Pentagram - reopening

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The Pentagram - reopening

The Pentagram - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 9

The Seer looked into the sky, the formation of the stars seemed different today. No, it was not that... The stars were moving. He tried to look closer, but his poor vision failed him. Straining even more he began to hear the sounds of song, angel song. But not the song which he was used to. It was a rhythmic march. Pounding at every beat. The sound of war. And the vision of war came to the divine seer. Of war between angels and demons. The likes of which would never be seen again, because it would destroy everything.

The King knew within the hour.

Game Master(s)

OK, i am alphaalex by username, but you are allowed to call me Alex. I will be the DM. I am fairly experienced as a player, but am relatively new to the concept of DMing. This is why I am looking for 2 co-DMs. You can apply as a DM if you don't make it into the game, or even apply straight away.

Game Explanation

Well, finally to the interesting bit. The premise of the game is that there are three parties each competing to produce the goals of their leader. Each one is opposed to the other. The parties will not know of each other at first, but eventually they may find each other. The game is about the brewing war between the angels and the demons, and the poor souls caught between. The Gods are powerless in the face of such destruction, they would be killed. But they still grant powers to their worshipers. The three groups are the Human Elite Force from The Kingdom, the Angelic Heroes from the Third Cloud and the Inner Pentagram from the Pit Liege himself. There are three people in each group.

The objectives are:

Application Process

First you must post your application in this thread. Secondly you need to roll in this thread. Applications will be accepted until they slow up. There are 9 spots open, there will be no more because i think that i will go MAD if there were. I am looking at variety of role as well as quality of application.

Character Creation
What are the rules being used for making characters?

The following books are up for use:

Champions of Ruin
Complete Arcane
Complete Divine
Complete Champion
Complete Warrior
DMG 1 and 2
Epic Level Handbook
Libris Mortis
All monster manuals
PHB 1 and 2
Races of the Dragon
Races of Eberron
Spell Compendium
Tome of Battle
Tome of Magic
Unearthed Arcana
Ultimate Feats

The Character Level is 26 with NO gestalt (unlike the original game). If you can make sheets then please do, but they are not compulsory until the game actually starts. Pictures are a bonus as well. Bonus ability points for attaining levels do count (i.e. you have 5 points to spend). There will be NO psionics at all (all psionic abilities of monsters will be nullified). Starting gold is standard for the human forces (which can be any suitable race), 1.5x standard for the angels, and 0.5x standard for the demons. No flaws. Hitpoints are max at first level and rolled after that. Angels have one less feat than usual and demons have one more feat than usual. In addition you may have any level adjustment up to level 10 completely free of charge.

Name: Full name, formatted as a link to your sheet, and nicknames, if any.
Team: What team were you wishing to be part of
Role: Healer? Brawler? Crafty devil?
Race: Race goes here. Duh!
Class(es): Do as the bolded text directs you.
Alignment: Anything that fits, no Lawful Good Demons, or Chaotic Evil Angels please, those of the Kingdom can be of any neutral.

Any additional information or requirements

Post rate should be at least once a day, faster is good, slower is bad. No posts within a week and i take control of your character, for good or bad, i dont care. After one month of inactivity they are killed off. You can always PM me again if you want to make a new character, but don't put your hopes up. I personally usually contribute at least once a day, or at least when needed, but if i don' then one of the co-GMs will shortly take over. This usually boils down to a holiday or something where i do prefer to be away from the PC. If this game does die, then i will attempt to pick up the ashes and restart.

The Ground Rulings, to be added to
* Roll stats here
* Multiclass XP penalties are being used
* NO psionics
* Starting gold: Kingdom 100%, Angelic 150%, Demonic 50%
* Max HP at 1st level and rolled normally for all additional levels
* Only 1 Prestige Class at a time (i.e. you must finish one before starting another)

Game Description:

The Stirring

Hell is becoming restless. Whispers are spreading from the pits like a wildfire. There is something big coming, and the angels are worried. The hordes of the banished dead are preparing, and no one is quite sure for what. But there are rumours. Is it Altheria? Or is it Fearn? Or is it something deeper, more sinister?

Hell is becoming restless. The caged pits of this fiery domain are beginning to rattle with the anger of the hordes, they are wearing out. The metal is beginning to rust and bend under the pressure. And the angels overhead are beginning to get frightened. Another war is not what they need. Not with their Lord in the condition that he is now...

Hell is becoming restless.

Trying to catch up while struggling with an internet fault in my area expected to remain for the next week and a half during which time I may completely wink out, so please be patient

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The Character Level is 26 with NO gestalt (unlike the original game)...
...In addition you may have any level adjustment up to level 10 completely free of charge.
Am... Am I hearing this right? If so, I love you.

Let's see... Level 26 and free +10 level adjustment? I had what I called a "thought exercise" some time ago, and this would be high enough level to actually try it. Hell, even if I ended up with 16 levels and +10 level adjustment it would work.

I've played a lot of 3.5 over the years and like to think I have a decent grasp on the rules. Not much experience with DMing, but with a bit of help I could probably Co-DM for you, if you want.

The hell side of things allows any evilly aligned beings.

I would like a dedicated co-DM although you could probably role-play your thought experiment as an NPC. in theory a max ECL of 36, with 10 of those being free LA? I love you! Unfortunate you dont have HoH, as I have an old dread necromancer which would portably fit ...Am I right to assume undead count as from the hell side of the group?

Yes, undead count - and some could probably be used on the Kingdom side.

Definitely posting interest for either the Angels or Humans, either as a healer or combatant. Choice will depend on how you feel about homebrew.

I am interested in this still. I'll come up with a new character concept soon. (I might stay with the same concept, and just change the character sheet to work... we'll see.)

Please do apply all.

@SilentNight, i'm not too keen on homebrew, if that's alright with you.

No problem, gonna work out a cleric idea I've had in my head for a while, probably as a healer/ranged combatant. Gonna have to figure out what LA to use since you've been so kind as to provide us with it. When should apps be in?


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