Serenity One-Shot: Takin' What's Mine

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Serenity One-Shot: Takin' What's Mine

Serenity One-Shot - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

This is a Serenity RPG game. I've written it so that it should last one IRL session. It tells of a small ship-crew taking what's there to take. You'll read slightly more in the description below.

I'm accepting 4 crew-members veteran-level, and that excludes the captain spot (sorry), to work aboard Dawn. These are:
  1. Security Officer: Responsible for keepin' folk alive, by any means necessary.
  2. First Mate: Responsible for takin' care of stuff might go awry, and to be a buffer to the captain.
  3. Pilot: Responsible for making sure for a clean getaway, and a clean entry, and anything ship-wise inbetween.
  4. Mechanic: Responsible for keepin' the machines in line.

I'd like to get this played as soon as possible, so I'll be accepting applications as they come in. Once I get four, then we're off.

Please enjoy your stay aboard Dawn.

Game Description:

Jace Everett, the closest thing to a gentleman theif you can get on the border planets, is recruitin' again. A big shipment of Newtech just hit the small moon Ares, and Jace has got to wondering how hard it would be to nick. He's got nothing against the Alliance, and didn't fight in no war, but he's got a slight disposition to takin' what he wants. And he's gonna need some help, so he's putting a crew together.

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I have an idea for a pilot.

Beatrice "Black Betty" Hwa-Ling

Betty is a spacer child- she was raised underfoot of a bunch of merchants that made money running supplies to the Rim colonies. Her parents lost the business during the Unification war, and turned to smuggling to make ends meet. Her father was killed by rival smugglers (while drinking in a bar), and her mother was arrested while running through the Core with a hot load of cargo. She's never really forgiven the Alliance for taking her parents away, but mostly Betty is just ANGRY.

She's a damn sight with a sword or shotgun, and she's been known to use the lead pipe in the bridge to make short work of boarders.

She's also a damn fine pilot, but that's only slightly more impressive than her rep on unseemly behavior or temper. Or for cheatin' on deals, scraping every penny out of a job, or
She'll sleep with someone if she thinks she can get something out of the deal. Cynical I know, but she's a greedy bitch with poor impulse control.
bending to have a crew member buy her pretty things.

Nigel Louey, ship's engineer

Nigel as born on Sihnon, raised by loving, devout parents who ensured he had the right upbringing, education, and moral compass. Unfortunately, his family moved to ezra before the war. There Nigel fell in with the wrong crowd and used his knowledge and background to make a name for himself in ezra's vibrant criminal community. He's very well regarded as a ship's engineer who knows how to keep his cool. Anyone working with him has to overlook his wrong in the brain pan, over the top superstitions. His engine rooms run well, but they look like a gypsy tent.

Nigel is calm to the point that some folks have questioned if he ain't a robot. He never looks keyed up, but he loves thrills. He is glad that his job tends to keep him from having to kill folks himself, he would rather leave a man down than dead, but if it's what the job requires he'll do it.

Nigel has certainly run with some rough players in the past. Of late, he is thinking that he could use a little less violence and bloodshed in his life. Maybe it is time to get a legit job, right after the next haul.

Can I get the numbers for Veteran level? I'll whip up a sheet once I'm done closing at work, but the book's at home and I can't get there till later. I can get just about everything except specific dates and planets out of my memory, so I'll fine-tune the details once I get home, but I can have a sheet with the crunch and 90% of a backstory by 9. I'm interested in the first mate position.

Darien Brooks
Security Officer

Age: 28

Possibly one of the most underestimated space-muscle that's out there. Short cropped hair, fair complexion and delicate features. He stands six feet, two inches tall and weighs a whopping hundred and fifty-two pounds. Although well-built, Darien is far leaner then most in his career path. Darien wears a dark plate vest under a brown mid-drift coat. Normally the sleeves are kept rolled up. A broad leather belt wraps around his waist twice, with a pistol holster attached. A pair of dark cargo pants tuck sloppily into a pair of sturdy leather boots.

Story: Darien is a mystery unto himself and chooses to reveal very little. He grew up on a ranch in a simple home where his father taught him hard learned lessons. Lessons of respect, justice, and morals. Darien was the middle child of four and was often neglected as a youth, forced to do the dirty jobs around the small estate. One job, which he loathed, was to slaughter the animals to be eaten. It was through these years that he started taking on a different view of life.

He left his home when he neared twenty and disappeared in 'verse. When questioned about his disappearance, he will more than likely refuse to talk about it. He was a gun-for-hire, and a damn good one at that. All those years on the farm, "shootin' the shit" really paid off. That's all anyone needs to know.

Note: I have a character sheet, but it is only at Greenhorn level. I'm in the process of updating it.

Wonderful. You get 48 Advantage points, and 68 Skill points. I'm assuming EST, but that's just me. Better hurry, anyways.

Also you can find the planets online. Just look 'em up.

Okay. Working on a sheet now. And yes EST is correct. I'll have the majority of it done within the hour, and the rest of it should follow shortly. I'm done working, but can't leave till 9. Isn't that fun?

EDIT: Here's the basics, complete with backstory and complete skills. I still have to fine-tune some assets/complications and purchase equipment, but that should be about it. Let me know if there's any questions. The whole thing should be done around 10 EST

Okay. Everything's updated. I got rid of a few assets/complications that had no mechanical effect. Also, I'm okay paying for a prosthetic leg, but you'll have to give me a cost for it. It ended up being a negated effect, since Amputee is only if you can't function normally, but since I have a quality pros. I don't have that problem. So I didn't list the complication

I'd rule a quality prosthetic as about 500 credits. And good news: recruiting is done! We'll start tomorrow at noon EST. You'll all get invites if you haven't already, and we'll have a grand old time of it.


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