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This is going to be a fairly heavy role playing game. Do not worry about the system that is to keep the play flowing smooth The first part in this is concept. Points will be worked out later. Think of your character first then we will make the points fit.

Game Description:

A 150 years ago the world was at war. The four nations were almost brought under by the Fire Nation and The Phoenix King Ozai. The Avatar Aang, master of all four elements, defeated him and brought peace back to the world. Now the Avatar has passed and the new Avatar is close to being announced. An ill will lies in wait though as a dark prophecy has made a claim that a Avatar will come about that could destroy the world. The Water tribes hope to avoid this but no one knows who the new Avatar is.

Time line:

Year 1: Zuko is crowned as the new Fire Lord.
Reconstruction begins. The fire Nation uses it armies to help rebuild the Earth Kingdom, but the Earth King does not return to the throne. The power play for control of the Earth Kingdom creates a civil war.

Year 5: The wars in the Earth kingdom are halted and new leadership is brought about. But the Eath Kingdom becomes divided into many smaller governments.

Year 6: Azula goes missing. Ozai is found burned to death in his cell.

Year 7: The uprising begins. Azula has gone out and recruited many of the Fire Nation army's best Admirals and higher staff to take back what she believes is hers.

Year 12: The final battle between brother and sister comes to a tragic end as Azula kills her mother in a fit of rage and loses her ability to firebend. No one can explain what happened to her and she enter a near catatonic state. She is awake, but does not seem to be able to respond to anything.

Year 21: The Water Tribes have formed together to create a formidable Empire and have lands stretching from the North to the South Poles.
The First new Airbender is now active at the age of 10.

Year 50: The peacefulness of the lands continues. The Fire nation has opened its borders and is rapidly becoming a cultural hub for all nations to share knowledge.
The Earth Kingdoms still have some petty squabbling over land rights with minor fights here and there.

Year 75: Professor Zei appears at the Southern Air Temple not looking a day older than when he was taken to the spirit world. He had urgent news for the Avatar, but was unable to find him before returning to the Library of Wan Shi Tong. He left behind a page containing a prophecy that spoke of a Dark Avatar to come.

Year 134: Avatar Aang passes and the new Avatar is born. Where is the new Water Bender that will keep balance or destroy the world. What will be done about this fact?

Year 150: The new Avatar is soon to find out about its fate, but no one knows who it is.

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I am interested in the game, though I first need to get my hands on the hero system, I have BESM 3rd edition and have made a few characters for games with it.

It's not that hard to get. If you know where to look.

I've just got the core book, but have not yet read it. Can I still play this?

Yea, Where I live right now I will probably have to order it to get it, not sure if it will be better on line or at a bookstore as the addresses here are not very accurate and have 3 different listings for the same thing, it all depends on who you ask.

I am not too worried about the points spending right this moment let us figure out the character first.

So can we make any type of character we want? If I wanted to make a character that eats kittens could I? Not that I plan or want to eat kittens or something of that nature.

Which iteration of the Hero system? I have access to the newest one... 6th I think.

I am using 5th edition because 6th is not worth the time.

Ultima22689 It you want to eat kittens. Sure you can make someone do that. Not just try to find one on the Avatar world.

Yes there are going to be two groups in this game one will be good as the other one is evil.

To start off also none of you will be the Avatar.

I think I may have an idea on what kind of character I'm going to play:

A firebender that lived, and studied with the air nomads. Now he has a mindset similar to an airbender, and a style that could be summed up as, avoid, evade, and counterattack.

I don't know what the build would be since I still haven't read the book.


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