One-Shots: Generic OOC (All Games)

One-Shots: Generic OOC (All Games)

Just what it says it is.

I'm not always quick, but I usually get it right in the long run :P

Wow, ok, nobody is going to handle this receptionist? I handled the droid... sheesh... buncha cowardly commandos.

Sorry DRK, I'll get a post up. Knew I shoulda made a scoundrel bothan / infiltrator...

Coulda been the weekend killing posting too. But yeah, seems everyone is waiting anxiously to shoot something.

Sorry for vanishing. Super weird lump of school scheduling left me with little free time and silly me I forgot to tell the games I am in. This will continue into sunday, and maybe till tuesday (reading 5 workshop works, doing my own essay, and a midterm essay for a hardnosed teacher all before wednesday, not good times!)

No worries, still waiting on everyone to decide how they want to enter the room anyway.

Should we do a roll for init on this surprise round? Or should we just state actions and let you sort it all out based on our skill mod?

Or what, lol.

I tend to do initiative by groups, i.e. all the PCs go, all the bad guys go. In this case, blowing off the door definitely gives you a surprise round. Just state what actions you are using how inside spoiler, like this:


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