One-Shots: Generic OOC (All Games)

Yep, mountainous bridge cities, buried separatist citadels, clone wars tech, etc.
You were at Zarra on Cato Neimoidia when you met the imperial agent and traded dead imp officer ID and datapad for Tigani in carbonite.

Gah! I just read your (freeclint's) post, and I was indeed ninja'd. I'll add an addendum to my last post (in the form of a new post), essentially, your post happens right after my first one (before the man walks away). Hmm. Yes!

awesome! I had a really busy morning that spilled much later into the afternoon. I should have announced my intentions earlier, but was going to let everyone argue some about ideas first.

Should start making it mandatory to add planets to the episode summaries when they get entered into the timeline Lore I suppose.

PS- I keep thinking that Naru is Nabu half the time. Naturally, instead of correcting myself, I'll probably let Grey just get confused about her name when I do. This probably comes as a surprise to no one.

"He continues being silent and is really wishing that Grey would do the same "

Hah! Talk about wishing for the impossible. Better off wishing someone stops by with Dorat's new ownership papers for a Super Star Destroyer.

Zaarka fails his perecption check, Grey can reasonably sneak-bear-hug him at this point.

Oh, this could turn out badly. A wookiee sneaking up and bear hugging a paranoid wanted fallen sith who can't understand shiirywook.

Yeah, this could turn out really, really, badly.

I love that the only character we have with us that Grav can't understand is the one who snuck up on him and tried to start a conversation.

I love that I snuck up behind him with a 2m tall furball.

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