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Does freeclint know that nothing has been said IC about Grav being a Sith?

Yup. To clarify, that little tidbit isn't canon yet. All Rynah told you is that Zaarka is being hunted by the Empire.

stink, sorry, I thought it was in the bounty posting...
Guess I was thinking about when the imperial's tried to nab him...
my bad, i'll scratch it.

So I went to reroll my perception check, 'cause I got a 2. I did a preview to make sure I got all the code for the reroll right, and the result was a 3. So I was feeling pretty good, since it had to be higher when I posted, right? Blarg...

Look at the bright side. You haven't hit Freeclint level of bad rolling yet. He's on a crap-roll-streak through at least 2 games right now.

Originally Posted by freeclint View Post
If that is who I think it is, and sure seems like it, he never met Grey personally. Granted he is a known associate of the Express. He met Dorat and Tagrin. As far as I know, Naru has never been identified by name with the Express.
That would be true if he was Agent X. Captain Mentel, however, was seen, even if briefly, by all the crew members (except Naru and Rane, obviously).

Luckily all wookiees look alike.


Yeah, Captain Mentel was the Bothan who starved to death in 180 days of lockdown in an ancient separatist bunker. The Sith survived because he could force trance and needed less food/ water.

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