Hit rock bottom? On the run from the law? The Insolent Minx has a berth for you!

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Hit rock bottom? On the run from the law? The Insolent Minx has a berth for you!

Enter the Grey - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Originally Posted by Captain Gareth Jax
"Let me tell you a little about myself and the ship. I've been plying the trade lanes for a decade now, mostly supply runs between stations and colonies. I got the Minx a little over a year ago but she has been grounded for the past couple months undergoing repairs. Now she's nearly ready, all that is lacking is a complete crew.

Typically we will likely see cargo and passenger runs around the system, mostly to the farther reaches where it's not as economical for the larger outfits to make scheduled runs. Since we look to be operating out in the never quite often we need an engineer who can keep us afloat with the supplies on hand, and who can tell me what we need to buy to replace what's going to break.

I'm a fair man, I won't ask anyone to do anything that I would not be willing to do myself, and I compensate people for their effort and value. I don't abide by dishonest dealings, backstabbing, or backbiting. It is my ship and I expect my word to be followed aboardship. She may be an old ship, but she's a good ship, and with the right crew she can be great."
Originally Posted by Moral Annsdottir O'Niall
Moral knew the drill. She grabbed her satchel, gloves and hat and headed to shaft 6F.

Over the course of her fieldwork, she had figured out exactly how much kit she could be seen to be carrying without arousing the suspicion. Look like a farmhand. Wear trousers but not a jacket. Have a bandana around your neck but gloves clipped to your belt. Never polish your boots but make sure your face was clean. And if you're moving at a run, which she was, keep a hand on your hat.
Originally Posted by G-Soho
[Crewmember G-Soho was unconscious in a box at the time of publication, and was unable to be reached for a quotation.]

I'm looking for 1 or 2 more players for this game. No experience with the Alternity system is necessary, but it will be helpful. Applicants must be able to write cogent English sentences. If you think that indicating speech with bold text and no quotation marks is a good idea, you need not apply.

Have a glance over the game background, as well as skimming over some of the IC threads to see if this is the crew for you.

Posting rate has traditionally been anything from 1/week when I'm busy, or even 1/day in some of the prologue threads when both myself and the relevant player had enough free time.

Applications should include your character's name, description, and a few paragraphs of background. I want to know how they got where they are now- if they're scraping the barrel for a job, they can be picked up by the captain at their next port of call. Otherwise, I can easily set up some unfortunate circumstances in-game, which is potentially even more fun (In fact, I've been preparing an entry slot for a potential PC in the mission the Minx is about to embark on, if they have any reason to be on a mining station on Saturn's rings.) A character sheet is optional at this stage, but if you find (like me) that it's easier to write a background once you know what your brain-child is actually capable of, feel free to
Since someone asked, I'll clarify this- you can attach the html file (or a link, if you upload it somewhere) to your application post. If you don't want it to be public, you can PM it to me or put the link in [private] tags.
drop the file in with your written application.

If you do want to throw together a character sheet, you will need to read the house rules thread, and use SQuAT for character generation. If you don't quite understand how Alternity works yet, don't worry about it- we'll sort that out later and I can guide you through character creation.

Game Description:

World War III ravaged the homeworld of humanity, wiping out most of its once-vast population. The war was so devastating, in fact, that it accomplished the most monumental feat of all human history- world peace. The survivors forged the Great Treaty, abolishing the nationalism of ages past and handing governance of humanity to a global republic, a hierarchy of democratic sectors and subsectors that gave each person an equal, compulsory say in who would be running the show.

Now, closing in on the 150th anniversary of the Great Treaty, humanity has spread out to colonise the solar system. Arcologies designed to provide homes to thriving communities in the aftermath of nuclear devastation have been adapted to provide temporary homes on any terrestrial planets and moons, while Mars is deep into the slow terraforming process. The gas giants are mined for what seem like limitless resources.

Now that the survivors of the last war are all long dead, humanity is beginning to forget why the Great Treaty was created...

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I am interested but having some trouble understanding the rules (admittedly, it's late and I haven't slept much). Is there a quickstart guide for the system somewhere that would help me out?

Good morning. Mariel, Eraia- has your interest gone anywhere?

I'll keep this ad open until I get applications. I'm in no huge hurry, and the crew slots aren't going anywhere yet ^_^

This looks quite interesting...unfortunately, I have very little experience with the Alternity system, aside from what I just read in the Quick Play Book. That said, always looking to another set of game mechanics to my belt.

Will try and make up a character in the near future.

EDIT: Character Basic Concept

Izanami "Izzy" Mikoto, a corporate-born burned-out former operative for a special police force who's entire team got killed, forcing her to resign and pick up life as a mercenary running private security/muscle for small traders and corporate entities alike.

EDIT II: Biography first draft, complete!

Posting interest, never played the system but will have a read of the rules and poke my nose into the SQuAT program.

If I like it, then I will throw together an application. Seeing as I quite like the setting.

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