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AD&D 2E - A time to own.

AD&D 2E - A time to own.

Hi Team,

I'm going to be playing in an AD&D 2nd Edition game. The DM will be ruthless and the RPing will be minimal. I need to represent (i'll only be able to play for about 3 months before I move).

The party thus far has an Elven Ranger and an Elven Thief.

Another friend playing was looking at Fighter/Thief.

This leaves me tempted to play a cleric/mage for the sheer number of spells available. The other thought was a cleric built using the spells and magic so that they are basically a paladin with spells at level one and without all the trouble. Also, as I won't be in for long I need to take advantage of the lower levels.

I rolled up my 3d6 arranged to taste stats and have been blessed with a 13 and a 12. Everything else is garbage. (IE 5, 8, 9, and 11)

The setting is Forgotten Realms.

Any legitimate AD&D kits or options are available. Skills and powers? Totally ok. Spells and magic? Totally ok.

Any help would be appreciated. I have a few days to sort this out.

If you're asking how to make the most powerful (broken) character possible, just build a skills and powers cleric. Select the spheres you want and give yourself a ton of abilities.

I can't help but to feel that the forest is being missed for the trees here, but, if the sole focus is combat, and you're just trying to run a sort of "uber-character", what level are you starting at? At the lower end, you want more of a fighter, maybe a single-class fighter with specialization and ambidexterity to really get a lot of swings in. At the higher end, you're looking at spell chuckers.

I...this. I admit, I kind of wept a little at seeing a mention of AD&D under Character Optimization. Doubly so when I heard it was an FR game without roleplay..But..

A specialized fighter as Powderhorn says. You don't qualify for most kits in spellcasting, especially the FR Specialty Priests. Not to mention, your primaries are relatively low, so you wouldn't be getting much out of a spell-chucker at Int 13.

EDIT: I take that back. Your Mileage May Vary with a wizard (up to 6th level spells is respectable, although your chance to learn a spell is..less than desirable at 55%), but cleric is gonna hurt with only one extra spell slot. Conversely, with a wizard, you don't qualify for any specialist schools. And to give you an idea, even if you put 13 into strength, you would have a weight allowance of 45 pounds for a fighter--meaning your armor is going to be limited at best unless you want to risk light/moderate encumbrance. I would suggest going Single Weapon Style so you can get the AC bonus without sacrificing too much weight. You can also go two-handed, but that lacks an AC bonus and again...weight is a consideration to make. :P

Guys this is all good info but the OP wrote this about 2 years ago so the fresh date might be passed on the character in question.

Threadcromancy, FTW!

There is no necromancy ban here. The answer may be useful to someone else!


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