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Good campaign books.

Good campaign books.

I was looking for various Savage Worlds books that are at least good books to try and find for campaign settings. I currently have Runepunk and Deadlands Reloaded. I wanted to know if there were any others that the members of mythweavers approved of or had suggestions towards? Thanks for the info in advance.

I've played a lot of Savage worlds actually: Slipstream, Deadlands/Gutshot, Weird Wars (WW2), Pirates, PULP Adventures, Hollow Earth, and their villains setting.

Slipstream was some fun Buck-Rogers style, great for a longer running campaign.

Weird Wars was great for one shots, but would be harder to use as a campaign.

Pirates is a fantastic game. Couple it with the PIRATES CCG (the little ships that you punch out and build) and you have a nice variety for your games.

My friends played the CoC game and greatly preferred the Chaosim basic role playing rules to handle the sanity and skills as they felt the pulpy nature of the game didn't suit the feel they wanted. There are "difficulty" settings you can incorporate, but on the whole they felt it was still too pulpy - even on the hardest "setting".

Gutshot/Deadlands can be a really fun change of pace from High Fantasy. Don't think I could do a all out campaign though.

Pulp Adventures has been a lot of fun. If you have a group that likes pulp style try this out.

Hollow Earth was fun but I think that Pulp Adventures is a better pulp game.

Let me know if you want more detail on any of the settings/books.

Also, what kind of games do you like? What do you tend to do? What haven't you had the chance to do that you wish you could try?

Well it's because I'm currently running a 3.5 custom campaign for some friends at college. We had to migrate it to online using teamspeak and maptool because I had to come home due to financial restraints and the cost of that school getting out of hand even for loans. I'm looking for ideas to try and run by them to just get an idea of what they'd want to run. They wanted to try out a different system, I didn't want to thrust anything like GURPS onto them, so I thought I'd go for savage worlds since it has one of my favorites in Deadlands. Though I ran the idea of Iron Kingdoms or Savage Worlds & Runepunk for a steampunk style game, and that caught their attention, though they wanted to hear more of em.

Also nothing against gurps, but I don't want them to get turned away form trying a new system because of the amount of customization capable with GURPS (not that that's a bad thing, but I don't want them getting overwhelmed is all)

Deadlands is freaking awesome. It does sometimes suffer a bit from
through in a bit of everything
kitchen sink syndrome but that's just part of the appeal. Of course, I'm more of a fan of the classic Deadlands than Reloaded, but I admit the system is overall much cleaner in Savage Worlds. I just miss all the different styles of magic actually being different.

Deadlands is great. While I have not played Slipstream, I can see where it would be a lot of fun. I have Sundered Skies, Evernight, Solomon Kane, 50 Fathoms, Necessary Evil, Rippers, Realms of Cthulhu, Runepunk, Hellfrost, Necropolis, and probably some others around. It really depends on what you want. If Fantasy and you want a campaign, 50 Fathoms is a great choice. I like Sundefred Skies too, but haven't read through the plot point. Hellfrost is just plain awesome.

For supers...necessary Evil is A LOT of often do you get to play the villians?

For SciFi...Necropolis is the closest thing to Warhammer 40K Roleplaying aside from Dark Heresy.

Savage Worlds is really built for a pulpy feel game....Daring Tales of Adventure from Triple Ace Games, is a pulp based game...with (I believe) a free rules system, and a whole series of fairly cheap adventures

Rippers is an interesting game of Victorian Horror. The Plot Point campaign is good, but the end kind of sucks....same with Necessary Evil.

Evernight is pretty much your classic Fantasy, but the campaign is not a plotpoint. It's more scripted and railroady, but good nonetheless.

If you want to do your own game and don't care about campaign, get the core book for $10 and then the Companion of your choice. I think the Fantasy and Supers companion are out. I am not sure about the Horror or Sci-Fi.

Wow, Savage World Thread Necromancy day . . .

To throw my belated two cents in I've been intrigued by Slipstream and Sundered Skies since I've heard of them, but am hesitant to throw down the neccesary cash to get them in hardback. The former I suspect I'll like quite a bit: pulp sci fi is fun for the win as far as I'm concerned, especially if I can tinker it up with the crazy real-physics some of the old pulp authors actually factored in. Also slides into a narrative spot somewhere alongside Spaceship Zero and Buck Rodgers XXCV that I've been hankering for for years. And Sundered Skies just looks spot on cool to me - reminds me of tons of games and airship-punk stories I loved and tinkered with growing up and it even has a certain Septerra Core vibe I approve of. But neither of them come cheap.

I did break down and order Interface Zero though, one not yet mentioned. I don't have the book in hand (yet) but everything I've read, all the preview material and excerpts I've found puts it in my Must-Have camp. Cyberpunk is one of my longstanding loves in the sci-fi genre and IZ looks . . . well, it looks frakkin' good. I can see running Gibson-Esque games in urban sprawls or sleek runs through the streets of a high-tech tokyo in this game, and I can even figure in some future noire by the looks of it. It fills a niche that has largely been vacant since R. Talsorian games ceeded the hard won turf of CP 2020 with their release of a more post-punk Cyberpunk V.3: outside of a few OGL or d20 supplements there hasn't really been a dedicated cyberpunk game out there using a modern
This is tricky - there ARE games like Corporation which could be called modern takes on Cyberpunk. But they lie just outside of the classic RPG mold in a way that makes them less palatable to me. I get them, find them interesting but I don't find them particularly playable by the typical RPG groups I play with. Remember Tommorrow did look interesting though . . .
mainstream system for awhile. Closest thing has been shadowrun and Shadowrun, much as I love it, isn't cyberpunk. It has cyberpunky bits, true, tucked in between the pink mohawks and elven stripper ninjas, but it's a part of the formula, not the whole. . .

Anyway, digression aside IZ looks to be a decent stab at a mainstream crunch-filled take on Cyberpunk and one that's also accesible enough to be played at most tables. Hopefully it will breathe some new life into the genre as right now it's mostly CP 2020 vetran's playing the dark future.

On a final note it's not a campaign book so much as an adventure set but but War of the Dead has proven to be great zombie-apocalypse fun. Currently ran the first chapter for my tabletop group and it was one of their favorite adventures od 2010.

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