The Hidden Coast - Looking for more players!

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The Hidden Coast - Looking for more players!

The Hidden Coast - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 3

The Hidden Coast was a game I started a while back mostly for the purpose of me gaining some exp as a PBP DM. I'm mostly just running prepublished adventures, modified to suit my whims. The game started off with the player characters meeting in a dungeon in the middle of a storm and they were supposed to go on many adventures together.

Many players have come and gone now. Of the 4 original players, only 1 still remains active in the game. He and two other players that joined later are looking for more people to adventure with! That's where you come in!

What I am looking for: 2 to 3 more players to join up with the group in the town of Duvik's Pass. The plague may have ended (or at least, it will by the time any new players join the game) thanks to the efforts of the heroes, but there's still more adventure to be had!

Dedicated rogue or spellcaster types (especially clerics) are encouraged, as the party doesn't really have either. But what I'm really looking for is players that are a) able to post regularly, and b) able to communicate with me if something comes up, if they have an issue with something in the game, or with me, etc.

Character creation:

Sources: Mostly core only, but also open to most things found on (If you're not sure, ask!)
Level: 2
Hit Points: Max at first level, average other levels
Gold: 900 gp
Races: Generally no monstrous races, unless you really have to play one. Use your own judgement.
Alignment: Good and lawful are fine and dandy but any alignment is allowed. However, if you have to ask, "will this be disruptive? should I play this character?" then you probably shouldn't!
Stats: 30 point buy.

Also, be sure to add a little bit about personality, background, etc. Maybe you're a resident of the town and are thankful to the heroes, or maybe you're just a traveller who was delayed by the quarantine. I want a specific goal or two for each character to include in the game.

I'm really not sure what else to say, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

Game Description:

Far to the west, across the Dry Sea, lies "civilization," the Western Kingdoms; a land of constant warring and strife. Over the years, many have braved the journey to the east to begin life anew in the Hidden Coast. The Hidden Coast - a land covered in fog and long shrouded in mystery. Sheltered from the western kingdoms by the hostile Dry Sea and the imposing peaks of the Windswept Mountains, the Hidden Coast is land said to be untamed and uncivilized. To the south lie the jungles and secluded city states of the Three Seas. To the north, tale has been spread far and wide of a harsh and inhospitable land at the peak of the world and the wild barbarians who live there.

But the Hidden Coast is not so different from other places. Here, farmers and villagers live out their lives in small, isolated towns and communities. Merchants travel the roads, rivers, and coasts, ever wary of bandits, pirates, and monsters.

At dawn I'll face the edge of thorns
I finished my character; I didn't know where exactly to post it so I posted it here.

Status: Complete
Name: Elywynin of House Goldenthorn ( )
Race: Gray Elf
Class and Level: Wizard, 2nd Level
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Deity: The Raven Queen
Social Status: Learned Scholar

Physical Description: Elywynin stands at five feet, six inches which isn't particularly short for one of elven blood, as he is. He is lithe and skinny but maintains his fitness, focusing on endurance rather than raw physical strength. He wears his waist long red mane of hair down mostly, hiding his face completely when he so chooses, and keeps it meticulously clean and well-kept. His physical appearance doesn't match many other Gray Elves, his image is unique to his clan. He has three tattoos, all in reverence to his Goddess--the Raven Queen. He has one raven on the back of both of his shoulders and one raven on his chest.

He typically wears robes of black, to show his piousness to his Goddess, with soft soled leather shoes as well as a gray traveling cloak--the cloak also has a hood. He occasionally takes to wearing a small black cap, but for the most part avoids covering his hair which is a symbol of his pride--red hair being uncommon amongst the elves of his lineage. As well his Familiar, Rasquer--a jet black raven--is almost always perched on his shoulder.

Personality: Elywynin is a serious sort--usually quiet and reclusive--and prefers to spend his time conversing with his Familiar, Rasquer, than to other individuals. He likes to be sociable but at the same time he is complacent with remaining quiet during a conversation. He tries to only say things when he is needed to, and is good at discerning when that is. Elywynin is kind and caring, empathic and compassionate but at the same time he will do what is necessary for the greater good.

History/Background: Elywynin is an elf from the noble House Goldenthorn. He was born in the forests his noble family resided in and was meant to take a place of honor among the hierarchy of the house, but the day of his birth cursed him. He was born on the Day of Setting Suns. The day cursed him as an anathema amongst his family and he was exiled on the day he came of age.

He wandered the lands, struggling to survive until he met a noble and kind priest of the Raven Queen, named Luc du Sardac, who took him. The priest taught his priestly knowledge, such as how to read and write, set alters, preform ceremonies and rituals, etc. etc.
Elywynin quickly accepted the teachings, dogma and guidelines of the Raven Queen, dedicating his life to her service. However, he found that clerical duties did not fit him well at all--he had no skill whatsoever in the divine magics. He found, with time, that he was skilled in the arcane magics not usually practiced by the clerics at the temple he was being raised at. He kept his practice of the Arts a secret, studying in the night to master his chosen craft--all for the glory of his goddess.

When Luc, the kind priest who took him in and raised him at the temple, died, Elywynin left the temple and decided to wander in an attempt to find his way to glorify the Raven Queen as Luc had taught him. He arrived at Duvik's Pass three years ago and has resided there in a small home that he is renting with money that Luc gave him before his death, practicing his alchemical skills and his craft of the Art; but his elven soul, which he has denied for so long, yearns for adventure and achievement.

Additional Information: Elywynin has a Raven Familiar that speaks elven and is named Rasquer (Black). He also owns a heavy, black horse that he took with him from the Temple of the Raven Queen named Milwynill (Steadfast).

Elywynin strives to master his magical Arts and Alchemical abilities as any true Wizard would, but also; he longs to find his way back to a seat of honor amongst his people.

Leoma Tahlim
F Neutral Good Human Cleric, Level 2, Init -1, HP 12/12, Speed 20 ft
AC 17, Touch 9, Flat-footed 17, Fort +2, Ref -1, Will +7, Base Attack Bonus 1
Heavy Mace 2 (1d8, x2)
Heavy Crossbow (Bolts (10)) 0 (1d10, 19-20/x2)
Splint Mail, Heavy Wooden Shield (+6 Armor, +2 Shield, -1 Dex)
Abilities Str 12, Dex 8, Con 8, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 14
Condition None

BACKGROUND: Ever since Leoma was a little girl she had dreamed of becoming a great fighter like her mother. Growing up during a time of war in the small town of Magathera at the very heart of the Western Kingdoms was hard enough, but for Leoma it was even harder. Each year after the frost melted she'd shed tears as her mother rode off with the king's army to fight war's against people little Leoma had never even seen, but she was proud of her mother and would wait patiently for her to return in the winter when conditions became too harsh for the military to continue to advance. Husbands and wives were able to return back to their children and Leoma would rush to her mother's side, eager to hear of the fascinating tales of her adventures outside the borders of Magathera until the frost melted and her mother was gone again.

One year her mother didn't return.

Leoma spent most of her childhood, reenacting the stories her mother told her. Mock slaying hoards of orc armies, and repelling evil skeletal armies led by fierce wizards. To Leoma these were just childhood games concocted to remember her mother, but to Leoma's father they were the first signs of losing his little girl to the king's army. Leoma's father wasted no time in bringing his daughter to the town's church, begging them to remove the sword from his daughter's hand and replace it with a book of prayers. The church happily agreed and took Leoma in as a servant of Pelor.

Leoma was a dutiful child and excelled in her studies at the church, but her spirit remained strong as she longed to explore the lands told to her by her mother. She'd finally be given the chance when the church cried for aid in the East, across the endless Dry Sea and through the Windswept Mountains towards the Hidden Coast where opportunity and adventure were abound for all. Leoma wasted no time, being the first in line to embark on a new life when the caravans left in the fall.

For many years, Leoma followed her orders from the church lending aid to one crumbling town after the next. The church delivered on it's promise of adventure, but Leoma was beginning to feel hollow as the church seemed to always arrive too late to save a community and when time seemed to be plentiful too wrapped up in bureaucracy to be of any help. Currently, Leoma found herself cleaning up after a plague in a secluded town of Duvik's Peak hoping to break free of her shackles inside the church and lend some true aid to people who need it.

Definitely interrested, but I'm having a little trouble picturing the Dry Sea. The name evokes a desert scene in my mind, but I wanted to make sure before I write up a background.


Marigold is a cute innocent-appearing waif of a halfling, who works as the up-stairs maid at the [insert name of fancy place] Inn. She is the consummate professional maid, quiet, unobtrusive, skilled and attentive to detail. Unfortunately, she also has light fingers and a fierce collectors eye. She doesn't mean to be bad, but the fine ladies who treat her like the servant she is have such pretty things and they call to Marigold. They call, and the ladies never miss what she takes - not terribly. She never takes the important bits.

Under development. Will return.

I'll work on it, but whoever gets in first I won't begrudge them, Haha. I'll be editing this post when I can.


I've decided on a Half-Elf Druid, Jhevrahn Fairwind, and have stats down and a general concept as well. I'm parring through the equipment list now, to round it out. Here's the sheet:

Jhevrahn Fairwind.

The To-Do list is Gear, Specifics of Background, and Associated Art (I like finding pictures to help with my thinking on the character).

Thanks for reviewing my sheet in advance, and I hope to be able to play; if not, no hard feelings!

Cruhorn Kevlannan
M Lawful Good Dwarf Cleric, Level 2, Init +1, HP 20/20, Speed 20ft
AC 18, Touch 11, Flat-footed 17, Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +6, Base Attack Bonus 1
Warhammer, MW +4 (1d8, x3)
Crossbow, light (Bolts (20)) +2 (1d8, 19-20/x2)
Breastplate, MW, Heavy Steel shield (+5 Armor, +2 Shield, +1 Dex)
Abilities Str 12, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 12
Condition None


Personality: Friendly for a dwarf, unless you happen to be on the wrong side of his warhammer.He is a cleric of Moradin and generally seeks to strike down evil wherever he sees it.

Background: He is a dwarf and has worshiped the Soul Forger pretty much from the day he was born. His father was a cleric before him and his father before him. The dwarves of his temple believe in a proactive approach when it comes to evil and so he has been sent out to ease the pain and suffering within the world.

He was on his way to root out the evil plague that had been affecting Duvik's pass or at least ease the suffering of the victims if he could. He'll be quite pleased to see that the source of the plague has been taken care of.

Hmm I was thinking of throwing up an app but it seems like you have a ton of great ones already. I was thinking an Elvish Favored Soul fyi.

Hmm.. sounds like fun.

I have an orphaned character lying around. He might work. With some modifications obviously (lose 1 point of INT to match 30 point buy and not be a gestalt Seer. Oh and him having Imp. Feint without Cmbt. Expertise was a houserule from that game that died...

But does his personality fit? He isn't really much of a hero after all. Does have the rogueish skills down though.

Except for trap disabling. He couldn't quite teach himself that, see?



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