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[PEACH] fantasy martial art style

[PEACH] fantasy martial art style

A recent game ad (for Banestorm) led me to design a martial art style for a very unique Gargoyle, which I liked so much I thought about working out a list of Fantasy styles (for non-human races mostly).
Anyway, I've more or less finalized it and was wondering what other people think of the style (including some new techniques and a perk).

The flavor sounds very interesting, although I don't know GURPS very well.

hmm... Wings as a weapon, not a good idea. I would consider use of nets over wings. One slash and your flying days end till you heal.

Are you referring to the Wing-Hug/Enclosing wing thingy? well, I agree, wings as a weapon is quite a bad idea, however those two techniques/perks are effective for grappling only, if your head bent on grappling then your wings are already within reach, usually.
Though there is something to it, I was considering getting rid of the Grappling Techniques for that style regardless.

In addition to Silverthorne's thought that wings are both more valuable for other things (like flying) and vulnerable to attack, I have to question the addition of the perk / technique in a style that "focuses mostly on one thing- being as far away from the reach of the opponent while inflicting the maximum amount of damage."

You might want to consider some kind of buffeting attack with the wings. This (presumably) would be most used while maintaining your place in the air, but it might also be possible while grounded. From the air, you can keep your distance and generate a bit of wind which probably would do knockback damage only, but might also be useful for kicking up dust and other debris (depending on its strength) that could obscure vision or become an irritant or other hazard to those below.

Edit: Oh yeah... if a gargoyle really wants to grapple, he may as well use his arms or talons (if on feet). That way he can fly away with his victim....

Actually the engulfing was mostly a remnant of a different iteration which was I kinda forgot to remove, it doesn't fit the general idea.

A buffeting attack is interesting, I'm not sure how to make it both worthwhile and balanced at the same time though (not to mention realistic, considering the wings aren't that big), any ideas?

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