Adventures in the wild, level 2, orc hunt

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Adventures in the wild, level 2, orc hunt

Wilderness Adventures - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e
Ad Closes: May 15 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 6

By request of

Lord Joule

Hunter’s needed

Lord Joule’s Nature Reserve requests experienced woodsman, scouts and hunters. Ex-soldiers will be considered.

Thin the heard

Salt-works 15 miles west past final checkpoint
See Joule Estate Manager Gaugh in Ovoirae South for consideration
Ovu Lake Inn, Ovoirae South


Ovoirae was the final civilized town on the western plateau, the final two towns that is. It’s a twin system, linked by rivers. Southwest is mountains as far as the eye can see, centered by a smoking belching volcano that has “ne’er been told erupting ‘cept in religious imergry. We are in the armpit of the dead western peninsula.” the old men muse, pass their time. Stories of an egg shaped pool of acid on the far southwest tip of the wretched hand, as they call the mass of land, are told, yielding infinite endings. You can count on hearing from the odd collection of characters found in Ovoirae. ”This town wouldn’t be here if not for the salt-works masterminded by Lord Joule. This territory used to be all Orc it’s said, not 35 years ago, now, nothing, only bandits and the ferocious wilderness to contend with. He’s a secretive one though, that Lord Joule. No one knows how he did it, how he got them orcs to stop fighting.”

It is spring and the rivers are bursting. The savage winter is waning. Life on the wet plateau stirs.

No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

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Posting interest for a human hunter (ranger) w/ archery focus. Question -- how do you roll gold for 2nd level? I've only ever seen rolling for gold for a first level character.

And what do you mean by "free" equipment?


Sorry, I'm gonna change rolls , It seems to be not working well, Figures that it worked like 4 times in a row for me :P

Gold is roll for first level and triple it

By free I mean if your character is allowed armor or weapons from their specific region, also you're allowed basic starting packages

I'm sure I forgot a bunch of stuff, so let me have it

Ad Close date is soft

Was wondering , would you allow the use of greathammer from MM4 (page 101) ? And what about traits and flows from unearthed arcana. And got another question, will we be staying largely in the same city or will we be moving around allot as I would like to open up my works shop there hehe.

You know, this counts quite tasty I am contemplating an Elf Ranger w/ Melee focus perhaps leading to interesting "Arguments" over best ways to romp the woods

I may be interested, simply because it's been a while since I played in a low-level campaign.

@ Booraz
Sorry, couldn't find the geathammer, sounds interesting. What book is that? I looked in a couple, couldn't find it.
I don't mind giving traits and flaws a whirl.
We could potentially stay in the city for a while, a couple years at least.

@ Riou
I can work with you

BTW: I'm always looking for help on rules and such, I'm still learning here.

I'm thinking of making a chaotic neutral wild elf druid--a violent type, she's in touch with the primal mentality of hunting animals and more likely to be found gnawing a bone than growing flowers. Her interest in Lord Joule's request would be twofold: orcs are some of her favorite prey, and she wants to keep an eye on the industrial activity of the settlement (and possibly sabotage it if she feels the settled people are encroaching on the natural environment too much).

One thing though--none of the available druid companions seem to fit that personality. Could I substitute a hyena or possible a small feline (like a bobcat) instead? The hyena and wolf have very similar stats though hyenas are more likely to scavenge than hunt. I haven't found any stats for a feline of a size that would be acceptable for such a low level character but if I can that would be ideal.


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