The Village of Hillsdale

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The Village of Hillsdale

The Village of Hillsdale - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 1

I am looking for a maximum of five players and will probably cap at four unless I get some truly outstanding concepts. Edit: I will be holding applications open until Next Wednesday.

Also because the setting information is going to be updated continuously the best thing to do is check this link every so often.

Here is the character template


Concept(Warriror, rouge, healer, etc.)
Weapon Skills(What weapons does your character know how to use well)
Other skills(What kind of things does your character know how to do? Feel free to choose quite a few but don't get silly)





Game Description:
The village of Hillsdale was settled some twenty years ago by a group of retiring adventurers who had grown tired of risking their lives and wanted to settle down. In choosing to settle down each of the brave group dreamed of having families, and living out the rest of their years as peacefully as possible. At first the adventurers found anything but peace as they had to fight off several bands of monsters, ruin the plot of an insane power mad lich and of course, help a nearby dragon relocate. However after these adventures were concluded they embarked on the grandest adventure of all, raising children. While many times each of these brave and powerful adventurers felt that their strength had reached its limit, they somehow managed to help their children reach the age of adulthood (well teenagers anyway, close enough right?) and now look forward to the upcoming summer festival where they will bid their offspring a good journey as they release them upon the unsuspecting world....

The village of Hillsdale is a freeform rpg where the players will take on the role of the children of the adventurers. This game will focus heavily on character development, character to character interaction, character to NPC interaction, and of course some good deal of adventure as well. If you are into hack and slash games, this is NOT, and I repeat NOT the game for you. However, if you like taking part and helping develop a wonderful story, then this game is for you.

The Basic Rules:

You don't have to be the worlds greatest writer. All I am looking for is decent (not perfect) grammar and spelling and an ability to get your point across with the written word. This is a game, not a writing class but I do want to see some effort put into posting.

This is a freeform game and thus will not have many rules. However, I will absolutely not accept over powered character concepts. Remember your character is a teenager and while they may eventually grow to be very powerful, they do not start this way.

Because this is a freeform game you will occasionally help develop the world. Please be willing to give me suggestions on ideas you have. If I like them I may ask you to flesh them out a bit. For instance if you have an unusual magic ability that you think would be fun, let me know. The worst that will happen is I will simply say "not right now".

Keep in mind that this is a collaborative story effort. If you are the kind of player that likes to throw monkey wrenches into a game you probably won't last long.

You will be playing the part of a teenager who is from the village of Hillsdale or its surrounding area. It is a peaceful place that has not seen any real trouble in the last couple of decades. The main reason for this peace is the fact that the retired adventurers moved anything dangerous out of the area when they first arrived and since that time have managed to keep everything else pretty quiet. Try to keep this in mind whiling considering your character concept.

If you would like to be considered for acceptance please do the following:

Provide me with a character concept that gives me a detailed background of not only the character but some information about their parents. Please be willing to adjust the concept as needed in order to fit into the game. Please do not be afraid to ask me any questions either in the game invite thread or through PM. I want to make sure that everyone has a character they like while still remaining true to the feel of the story.

things you need to consider about character background.

Most likely you will be a human or another common fantasy race such as Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, etc. I am willing to consider unusual racial concepts but they will have to be well justified to make the cut. Please do not let this stop you from submitting a character but be warned I may ask for changes, but I could also incorporate your idea into the game world.

Please try and avoid overly crude concepts. While I don't see this happening I figure I should make a warning about it all the same.

Your character will be between the ages of 16-19. If you really want to play a younger character, approach me with the reason and concept. The same goes for a character who is older, however, I will be honest anything over 19 is most likely going to not work our for me.

Who am I?

I am the game master and I played on these boards forever ago but have been through a lot of email account changes sense then so had to start a new handle. I have a lot of experience running table top games as well as play by post and play by email. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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Crap, I only just noticed that you're holding applications until next wednesday. Do you mean the one which just went by or the one which is to come? I was only just finishing mine >_<

Originally Posted by Sygma View Post
Crap, I only just noticed that you're holding applications until next wednesday. Do you mean the one which just went by or the one which is to come? I was only just finishing mine >_<
the one which is to come LOL

I have decided that I am only going to run one group in one game. I gave this a lot of thought the last couple of days and decided it was better to have a good game and disappoint a few people then to have a bad game and disappoint everyone.

If anybody wants to entwine their character to mine, I'm game and have a pretty good concept for a Public Relations/leader/fighter character. We are from a small community you know.

I disagree. If you're going to link concepts, you need to know, for pretty dang obvious reasons. This goes beyond "how we all made it to the inn that then got burned down", but rather tying backstories together.

17 years old. Usually he is slightly below average with most things but is far more determined than most. About the only thing going for him is his cunning, he is capable of reasoning and deducing through most trickery which makes him reasonably affective at frontline tactics and teamwork. He feels pressured to achieve great things because of the nature of his family. He loves is to daydream. He is somewhat negative, but very pro-active. It drives him nuts to let people down especially if there is something to do about it. He's been struggling to get a group going for some time now, but nobody seems drawn to his mediocre presence. He is always gung-ho for a mission, even if it is not really a mission. He gets discouraged, but does not give up.

There is considerably more, but I don't want to stuff this thread full with it.

Good working concepts that work well together will be more affective in character interaction and story than a lone wolf coming coming on the scene who has to "get used to the rest of the party." I'm not knocking people making someone independant, I just think it works better to make characters compliment each other... not to mention it is easier on the GM.

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