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S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl

S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl

I was recently thinking about starting a D20 Modern game based on the PC Game. I was thinking of using the Core Classes (Strong Hero etc) as starting classes for the player characters as they'd start off at level one.

The Monsters would be easy enough to generate. And as for equipment I have the original content of D20 Modern and the Book Weapons Locker for all those guns players would be using. It's just the Wealth system I'd have trouble with should I rely on a system that basically has a "I couldnt pay for it five minutes ago but now I can" feel to it, or shall I use Roubles like in the game and set each item with a price..?

Also Anomalies should I have them played out like Traps you find in the D&D 3.5 DM Guide..?

I played (or tried to play) in a game like this back on the Wizards forums when they were still didn't end well. We barely got past the first encounter before people just stopped posting.

It's a great idea in theory...and I don't mind to knock your imagination. I just hope you know what you're getting into. Really fun FPS' though, and that's coming from a person who typically hates FPS'. response to your question. I recommend using TU's along with sort of a "Gray Wealth" system. You can treat Roubles as TU's as well, if you like, since some people treat Roubles very openly and welcomely while others would much rather just have two magazines of ammunition.

Any way you slice it; it's a tough call...and as the GM, you're the one who gets the final say. As I recall, our GM tried to use Roubles like gold pieces with other gear using TU's. It was interesting...but I would have preferred a more simple system. ^^ If you need players, I may be interested in giving it a second whack. I had nothing against the game and how it was panning just died.

As for Anomalies, Traps are a solid way to represent them. Though to be fair (especially with how overpowered some anomalies are) I would recommend allowing Search checks for them without actively searching...that someone is stumbling upon an anomaly grouping and they don't have a scanner out, at least give them a Search check before they walk right into a Butcher or something like that. Yikes. Though if I recall from the games, Anomalies weren't all that hard to spot to begin with. Especially the more deadly ones.

I agree with fox, some of those anomalies were just nasty, treating them like traps with the ability to inactively notice them makes it much easier on the players but keeps the DM in the loop

I Completely agree with Fox on the Anomalies. There would be certain hints revealing an anomaly being close by. For example I beleive the Vortex anomaly can be identified by small leaves and rocks being drawn towards it and then be blown quickly before being drawn back in. Such activity could be stated in a post but to detect where the actual anomally is properly would require a search check.

Also as the players advance in the game they would gain access to the Detectors thus making their ingame lifes easier.

As for the wealth system. I dont really understand how Trade Units are used...

Trade Units (TU's) found in D20 Apocalypse, are numerical notations of roughly how valuable something is (on average) to the typical consumer. TU's aren't material. They aren't currency. Some items hold greater value to individuals while others might not want the item very much at all. Bullets might be worth several TU's per bullet (in a bullet desperate apocalypse), but to an ammunition crafter they might be petty. Where as a gallon of gasoline is worth several TU's to the average person, it may be worth 10 TU's to someone stranded in the middle of the desert with no gas in his buggy. They're approximate values of the worth of items...which makes it easier for the GM to make trades with the PC's. Typically most NPC's will only trade if they're given the better deal...usually by 5/4 profit margin.

For an example...say Jack Nicholson wants to trade for a Hatchet, worth 2 TU's. He would have to trade slightly more than that in TU's to seal the deal with most traders. In this case, let's say that Jack has a Compound Bow, worth 3 TU's. This would be a reasonable trade. The vendor would get t he bow and Jack would get his out Mister Vendor...

Ok I think I understand the TU Theory you explained Fox.

So basically I use the D20 Apocalypse book for TU Values. I then use TU Ingame and modify the values of things depending on certain factors..?

It seems pretty inevitable that you're going to have to use TU's unless you use Roubles like gold or something. I was simply speculating that TU's are a common use in Apocalyptic campaigns. If I were you, I'd pick up D20 Apocalypse and read it for yourself. It can explain better than I can.

Well I've downloaded the D20 Apocalypse Book. And did a read through of Trade Units. Seems pretty good to use in a setting like Stalker. However I'm sure the Traders wouldn't need trade units they'd need Roubles to purchase merchandise from the outside world, were Trade Units arent such a big deal.

Maybe I should use a two way Commerce System. Trade Units with fellow Stalkers but Roubles with the traders?

...I don't think you understand that Trade Units aren't material things. They aren't currency. They're simply units of measurement to determine what a tradeable object is worth (in terms of other tradeable objects). Whether you decide to use Roubles or not, TU's will most likely be a necessary thing.

Draxen, I will explain it to you on friday or something.

Though, RF is right on many cases. The chances are you will need them in this setting.


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