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Mount Fang

Mount Fang - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 9

Premise: One needs no premise to entice the truly adventurous

Rule set: DnD 3.5; allowing PHBI/II, XHB, SRD, Complete Mage/Arcane, Champion, Divine, Adventurer, Psionic, Warrior, Miniatures Handbook, Unearthed Arcana, Sandstorm, Frostburn, Heroes of Horror, Dragon Magic

Style: Dungeon Crawl…Battle…Horror….Mystery…Occasional sandboxing….Team play….Loners learn quickly about its gritty R rating for blood and violence

Flavor: Dark Fantasy…no Frodo and Sam bromances

Experimental: Many variations from Unearthed Arcana (UA) and some Play by Post (PbP) adaptions I am working on. This is the major emphasis to this game; to try out some game flow ideas.

Magic: Spell Point system; magic is impeded…it is still there, characters will roll Spellcraft checks a lot

Psionic and Magic Transparency: Two separate sources, two separate outcomes

Maps: A picture is worth a thousand words. I like to play with GIMP and Never Winter Nights tile sets.

Words: XP rewards for those that can paint a picture without using one

Post expectancy: Daily, even more if in combat. I hereby claim the right to Redshirt any character that seems to have no player controlling it…I don’t mind introducing your character to the gritty R rating of dark fantasy writing.

Speaking of Characters: Players will create one character

ECL-2 and full hit points; hit points will be rolled after ECL-2
--Themed Gestalt – we are going for character concept here – see below.
--No templates
--Races can be from all sources allowed; LA +1 only and LA fills in both sides of the gestalt; nothing dragonish or undeadish; has to be a role-play choice
--Starting wealth – put together some normal stuff in your inventory then put 10 gp in your money pouch and call it good.
--Backgrounds – don’t wanna hear it. You are just starting out and don’t have much of a story right now. No more Walt Disney orphans
--Purpose – how does your character fit into a party role…gimme something besides tank, healer, dps…really
--Description – I make look down tokens for maps and I would like to create the character token to be something that looks like your character’s physical description…copy?
--No flaws and traits…what a mirage, I thought this was called role-playing. Anyone that wants to role-play a flaw will get XP accordingly…that’s the only benefit

Themed Gestalt no PrCs:
One side of the Gestalt is going to be from the Generic Classes found in the Unearthed Arcana and SRD, and a Generic Manifester homebrew

Characters can only have one caster/manifester class. So no gestalt Wizard//Spellcasters

Generic Bonus Feats can be used to get class features from other classes. For instance, a generic bonus feat could be used to get Mettle, a class feature from the Hexblade, or they can be used for things like an Animal Companion from the Druid class. Try to use feats that compliment your character concept. Frown ye this day evermore on optimizing

Class features do not stack. You can’t have two Animal Companions and, may your nose fall off if you think about getting two familiars. You can have an Animal Companion, a familiar, and a psicrystal, though

We won’t be rolling stats

Your characters will all have +12 points in ability modifiers with no more than +4 in any one single ability. So, if you want Strength to have a +4 you would make your Strength 19…ur 18 if you really want to. You can only allocate one 19 for your six abilities. You can make all your scores 15s. ur 14s if you really want to. All stats will be at least 10 and don’t ask to reduce a 10 in order to get more bonus elsewhere. These scores are not raised or lowered with racial stat modifiers. All players will have +12 points in modifiers initially.

Applying and playing in this game largely depends on you. I can efficiently facilitate an adventure for many players so playing in this game will depend on how fast you want to get in and start crushing the dungeon dwellers that guard your treasure. Advancement will largely depend on you!

If you decide to play, build your character. Once accepted, this character is at one of the many entrances to Mount Fang…ready for adventure.

Game Description:

Underneath Mount Fang, they say, is a mountain of gold so high. Many adventurers seek this treasure and many of them die. This gold has filled the pockets of the valiant and has brought ruin to the weak. Some say it is cursed gold that lies below; others could care less and claim it.

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reserved for the DM

Fear ye vagabonds. What can one make of themselves? Dunno, but make it here....


The Generic Manifester spends a lifetime learning ancient techniques associated with the power of her brain. By generating enough focus, she manipulates the supernatural with ease and shapes the outcome of events with shear mental force.

HP: 1d4

BAB: Poor

Base Save Bonuses: One good save and two poor saves

Class Skills: Choose any 4 skills as class skills, plus Craft, Knowledge (all), and Profession

Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier (or 4x Int Modifier at 1st level)

Weapon Armor Proficiency: One simple weapon; no armor

Bonus Feats: The Manifester gets one bonus feat at 1st level, one at 5th, and another one at every fifth class level thereafter

The Generic Manifester selects powers from the Psion/Wilder and the Psion Discipline power lists.

At first level, choose Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma for the key ability score. This ability score determines the highest level power she can manifest, and the DC of her power's saving throws.

Power Points/Day
Powers Known
Max. Power Level










Here is an example of a character concept created by the use of the gestalt rules. I tweaked the rogue a little replacing its trapfinding with poison use.

Gestalt combination - Rogue (PHB), Generic Caster (UA), and (Poison use for trapfinding)
HP - 1d6
Alignment: LE. LN, TN
Prerequisite: Goblinoid

Good Saves: REF and WILL
Bad Save: FORT
BAB: As Rogue

LVL Features
1 Sneak Attack 1d6;Poison use; Armored Mage (Light) as Generic Caster Bonus Feat
2 Evasion; Save vs Poison +1
3 Sneak Attack 2d6
4 Uncanny Dodge; Save vs Poison +2
5 Sneak Attack 3d6; Death Attack as Generic Caster Bonus Feat
6 Save vs Poison +3
7 Sneak Attack 4d6
8 Improved Uncanny Dodge; Save vs Poison +4
9 Sneak Attack 5d6
10 Special Ability; Save vs Poison +5; Generic Caster Bonus Feat
11 Sneak Attack 6d6
12 Hide in plain sight
13 Sneak Attack 7d6; Special Ability
15 Sneak Attack 8d6; Generic Caster Bonus Feat
16 Special Ability
17 Sneak Attack 9d6
19 Sneak Attack 10d6; Special Ability
20 Generic Caster Bonus Feat

Class Skills: 1st level Skill Points (8+Int Mod)*4; 8+Int Modifier per level after first
As Rogue plus Concentration, Spellcraft, Speak Language, Knowledge (All), use Psionic Device

Armor and Weapons:
As Rogue

Learn and cast like sorcerer; Key ability (INT)
Choose Spells from Cleric/Druid/Sorcerer-Wizard lists

Name: Caedan Vanter
Race: Human
Ranger (modified by soulknife)/Generic Spellcaster (Arcane/Int)

I plan on drawing up or conjuring up something for a token later. Other than that, am I missing anything?

One side of the gestalt is a standard class, correct

Yes I will allow spell compendium, good catch

You can make a character back ground but it will have no bearing on application selection

Yes features can and are encouraged to be purchased from all sources...but remember it should fit in a character concept

I will look over other material...yes


Couple more things- I'm assuming generic manifester has a BAB of poor, but it might be worthwhile to point out. Are those are also the first 6 levels only?

There are also a few more material questions as well as rules questions below. My thanks for taking the time to answer what I've already asked, and I hope I don't find myself asking more.

The generic manifester posted is indeed only at level 6. More levels to follow but assume it will follow the psion levels. The BAB is edited.

Yes, the psionic shapeshifter from that article is accepted under the caveat that you are taking the generic manifester class for one side of the gestalt or the standard class as psion (egoist). However, like the spellcaster you can not have Psion(egoist)//Generic Manifester

There are no winged races allowed.

Multi-classing is off.

Generic Warrior bonus feats can be chosen from any feat list available. Fighter bonus feats must be chosen from the fighter bonus feats listing

Race: Human
Class: Monk//Generic Manifestor (Fairly Classic Taoist Abilities)
Personailty: Cheerful, polite and protective, something of a 'mother' figure.
Role: Protective of those less physically capable than herself, Kasumi will lead and guard the casters, and defend the fallen. She will also heal them. (Next level) Also glad to scout ahead if doing so is helpful to her main job.
Description: See picture

Tor Daggoin
Delver & Plunderer Extraordinaire
Dwarf - warrior/rogue w/ Dark Knowledge class feature from Archivist (Heroes of Horror) & possibly Bardic Knowledge
Role: Threat assessment, antiquities appraiser & troubleshooter.
Personality: Tor is crafty, mildly racist but a respecter of talent, and not much else. His only god is coin.
Description: Tor is a leather clad, burly dwarf with a white beard, whose bald head is adorned with clan tattoos.

Fleshing out the idea as I work on a sheet...


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