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The MERLIN Chronicles

The MERLIN Chronicles - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 2

The MERLIN Chronicles is an Indiana Jones-like game, with ancient treasures, mysterious powers and lots of adventure. We're nearing the end of the first chapter and need some new volunteers going into the second. Players new to the system are more than welcome. Unlike before, you won't be required to be a member of Haskill's team (though it'll likely be easier on you), though you must still be anti-Nazi, good-guy material. I saw a number of really great applications last time that I couldn't accept because of space limitations, and if any those players are still interested in re-applying with the same character, you can find the original thread here.

In the applications, I want a name (no code names), appearance (pictures are nice but not required), personality, background (include the moment of their Breakout), powers, and a brief writing sample. I'm using the Paragons and Golden Age supplements to MnM, but neither are required. This is a PL 5 game, but stats aren't the most important thing right now. The other PC's were accepted more on the strength of their characters than anything else. When it comes to powers, don't tell me in game mechanics what you want to do; tell me what you want to do and we'll make it work within the rules. Remember to try and be appropriate to the time period and tone and you should be good to go.

Take a look at the Volunteer List in the game forum for what's already in the game (and the Records Office to see who used to be). Give me something different than what's been done. Remember, if you want to play an American male character, you either need to have a reason to be exempt from military service or have a rank; other nations will be on a case-by-case basis but non-military men are all but out of the question. Also, Haskill would've been looking for a nice variety in age, race, economic background, home region, etc., so being different in those areas helps you out (though not enough if you don't have a good character).

I think that about covers it, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Now let's see what you got.

Game Description:

In 1937, a major blackout rolled across the eastern coast of North America and the west shores of Europe. It lasted for two days. When the lights came back on, numerous people in both areas displayed strange powers. Some thought it was the work of the Devil, or maybe of aliens. No one had any answers. At the least, no one spoke of any.

Five years passed. Just as had happened in our timeline, Hitler invaded Poland and started World War Two, but now with super-powered individuals leading his armies. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States joined the war. Every able-bodied man with powers was conscripted into the fight, no exceptions. The women and children were left to take care of the home front.

At the University of Chicago, Professor John Haskill had founded the MERLIN Project, to study these powered individuals, funded by a grant from the US Army. Unfortunately, with most of the men gone, he was left to study the women and a few remaining men. Like everyone else during this time, he was forced to make do.

Then he received word that someone had made a discovery in post-Blitz London, a discovery that related to these powered individuals, these "Paragons" as they were called. Prof. Haskill was many things--none of them, however, was brave. So he sent some of his subjects to London in his place to investigate. What they find may very well change the world.

here is Ray tell me what you think, still working on backround though

Hmm, well its hard to say. The rest of the character--the fluff--is the most important part, to me. From what you have, though, we already have a healer (Father Malone). I can't really say anything else until I see more, though.

For anyone interested, I'll go ahead and say that another couple of offensive powers would be welcome. We can especially use a solid tank.

Volunteer Profile
Name: Duncan Cross Alternate Form
Occupation: Captain - Belgian SAS (Canadian Commando Division)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Yellow(Lies and says he has Coats Desease)
Hair: Blond
Stature: Athletic nearing on muscular
Smile: Rarely
Disposition: Controlled(Like a calm just before a storm)
Demeanor: Calculating
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Date of Birth: Oct. 19, 1921
Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Sally Cross(Sister), Michael Cross(Father-Deceased), Mary Cross(Mother)
Education: Junior High(Joined Military at 15 to help support sister and mother)

Personality: It could be said that Duncan is cold as well as calculating in his every move. Having been a soldier since the age of 15 has made it hard to not be so. Even in the threat of certain death his controlled nature could rival that of an Olympic level athlete performing a perfect routine.

Back story:The day word was received that Duncans father had died serving his country was the day most people said Duncan himself had perished.It came as no surprise that at the tender age of 15 he had signed on to join the Canadian Army, and follow in his fathers footsteps. From the very start he had distinguished himself in the face of certain death by charging fearlessly in to enemy forces.The only thoughts he ever had were dying for the service of his country so he could be remembered just as his father was a hero.

With each success came more rank and reknown until he was approached by Lt.Col Marshals and given a chance to make his country proud. One of the youngest people to join the Belgian SAS. It was a group of never say die warriors who would be dropped behind enemy lines to take on missions that for anyone else would mean certain death. The training was tough and the men even tougher.

The team Duncan had been assigned to carry out their first mission on (Insert Date of Blackout). They were to gather Intel on a Nazi Science Facility that was rumored to be conducting chemical Weapons testing.The infill itself would Halo them in to France were they would move as simple farmers and make there way to a small city 40 miles south of the border.

The course of the movement through France to their target location took 3 days. The few stops that had been made to avoid detection and search had been a necessity.As they reached their final departure point each member broke off in to their appointed tasks as they moved towards the facility from four sides.

The next few minutes are a measure in time that would be seared in to Duncans memory for all time. The world went black instantly as all power had been cut. It was something that was not briefed nor had it come from their team. The commotion of the German soldiers who believed themselves under attack were evidence of it. Next came flashes of light as random mortar fire light the night sky. Deafening sounds followed as mortars came closer to his position.Had his team been compromised as well or was this random? He himself had no clue. Choosing to exfill to the rally point Duncan darted off only to have his world spin about him as an explosion sent him hurling through the air.

Unsure as to how much time had passed when he regained a small measure of his composure. The faint barking of dogs were he could hear over the ringing in his ears.Crawling, pulling, and trying to get his body moving only to find it would not obey his needs. Only the soft feeling of earth and wetness beneath him. Why was it wet?As he raised his left arm to wipe his face it became evident. His arm had been torn from him by the explosion. Shock was beginning to set in. His mind shut itself down only to be over taken by training, tie here ,and pressure there. 'MOVE YOUR ASS!!!' Where the added juice that caused his body to move came from was unknown to him, but it was a welcome feeling. The searing numbness of adrenaline had boosted him to a point that he was sprinting. The sounds of barking dogs and German yells were not far behind him as he continued to move through the darkness.

Tumbling down a hill should have been his final nail as he halted at the bottom to the sounds of soldiers and their dogs.It should have been.Only what happened next is still to this day something that in one for the fairy tales. Duncan was unsure what was causing his bones to snap, and his muscles to feel as though they were tearing themselves apart. What followed next were the horrific screams of German soldiers and the sweet metallic taste of something upon his lips.

For the next day or so he was lost in time. Duncan was there , but at the same time he wasn't. Whatever he had become had went on a rampage. The exact memories of what occurred were lost to him as he had become lost in a sea of denial,fear, and complete ecstasy over what he was capable of.

The next sight Duncan was certain he saw was when he awoke in a small farm stead. He had been taken in by a family who said they found him covered in blood in their field. As he wiped his nose with his hand he froze. His hand was their, but had it not been lost the night before? As he spoke with the family they told him he had been drifting in and out of this world for nearly a last full cycle of the moon.

Over the next two days he believed himself mad until stories had begun to make their way to them about a beast that had slaughtered a full facility full of soldiers. A beast Duncan now knew full well was he. What had happened to him? Had he been cursed or had the Germans somehow found a way to do something to him.Either way it mattered little now. He had a mission ahead of him now. He had to make his way to northern France or Belgium and report back to the SAS and inform them of what had happened.

As he departed the next day he knew that one of two courses would begin to play out.He was a 16 year old kid who had seen to much. Either he would be deemed crazy and locked up for the rest of his life or he was about to become something a whole lot more, and if thats the case he needed a promotion because this was WAY above his pay grade.

Over the next few weeks he traveled until he reached an outpost in France that could relay his information to the SAS branch he was a member of. Given quarters and forbidden to leave the base he sat in his room until a man entered and dropped a packet at his feet.'Son if you are not crazy then have I got some fun for you.' That was roughly 5 years ago this week.

Power Set:Paragon Tank Type

Very interested, going to post whatever I come up with tomorrow. Few questions, though. Is there an ethnicity that is barred from being played? I realize that the general opinion on the Japanese American citizens was poor for most of the war (even after they were allowed to serve in Europe), and would be poorer still for any German citizens, even if they were defectors, just trying to see what is and isn't possible for this campaign.

Powers. Thinking of multiple things. Tracer might be good, or an Infiltrator who uses completely separate methods from the mimic. Tank is always a whole to fill, but I don't like the straightforward route with that. Let me know if you have any preferences. Super-Soldier is a maybe.

here is Ray again with backround

How much time do we have to get an application done? I have some ideas, but it'll be just a little bit before I can flesh out a character.

Does the party have a gunslinger? Or would a scholar-of-the-weird type do better?


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