The last Wards of Douven Stahl

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The last Wards of Douven Stahl

Growing Up in Nentir Vale - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Game Description:

[An Introduction]

The day has dawned bright and crisp, a perfect example of early autumn in Nentir Vale and a thrill of excitement shivers down your spine for today is the day. Your training is nearly complete, only one test remains, said Master Stahl a day ago, then you smell the delectable aroma of breakfast through your open bedroom window. Looking out you see two of your fellow wards practicing with blunted iron weapons in the yard, but they stop and turn as the smell reaches them too. You know that all of your classmates must be up as well and so you dash to your wardrobe to garb yourself, Torm forbid you be the last to breakfast! Then it hits again, TODAY IS THE DAY! You are dressed and out the door before the sun-glowing motes of dust can settle on your bed...

[Game Master]
That would be me, Sillaric

[Game Explanation]
This game will take H-P-E series of adventures and convert them for use in the Realms. The theme here is young adventurers, well-trained but wholly untested facing a dark world. The game will open with Keep on the Shadowfell then continue on through H-P-E series of adventures modified to fit in the Realms. In the Realms Nentir Vale runs west from the edges of Deepingdale to the northeastern flanks of the Thunder Peaks. Time-period wise this game will take place just before (and if it survives will take into account the events of) the Sundering, beginning in 1483 DR, the Year of the Tasked Weasel.

[Application Process]
Post your application as its own thread in the APPLICATIONS folder in the game forum in the following format (you can include your statblock at the bottom if you want, but it cannot replace the regular format):

Character Name:

Physical/Personality Description: A paragraph or more (2 max please) describing your character's physical appearance (or common faces/shapes for shapechangers) and personality. If you want to put secrets into your characters personality you can "private tag" them in this area. Include how your character reacts to stress/danger, how your character dresses in the field, in the tavern, etc and how he/she generally deals with others socially.

Background: No more than 3-4 paragraphs (2 is fine if you can get the point across that quickly). Please see below for some guidance on how this needs to be.

The APPLICATIONS folder can be found here:

[Character Creation]
Level 1, standard 22-pt buy and starting gold/equipment as written in the PHB. You will receive a single weapon/implement for free to don't spend anything on that. Of special note you will be beginning the game as wards of the famed explorer/adventurer Douven Stahl. Whether you are one of his actual children (he is a human male and his wife is a half-elven female) or one of the three dozen or so youths given into his care for protection and training over his 5 decades of adventuring life, you are of the last group made ready for a life of danger and heroism. Creatures from all walks of life, all races and many parts of the world have grown up or trained with Douven as his fame is widely known and he has contacts across the known world and from many of the world's goodly realms and organizations.

A special note about how you create your character. For Realms games I care more than anything how much you embed a character into the Realms. You can be as wild and creative as you like, but they must feel like a Realms character. If want to make a shifter or a warforged go ahead, but you better explain why in a convincing and compelling matter. That said, have fun!

[Sources allowed]
Basically everything as long as its been added into the Character Builder/Compendium. I own all of books but I generally game with nothing but my laptop handy. Also, while I'm not disallowing hybrids, I don't like them. Use the mechanic at your own risk.


Lehanna, Moon Elf Swordmage (Hokus Smokus)
Thorbardin Norgyl, Dwarf Paladin of Moradin (rexlerlepp)
Lo-Kag Rockshield, Goliath Knight of the Red Knight (MadWorld)
Bel, Tiefling Paladin of Amaunator (leons1701)

Syndria Vahadarr, Drow Ranger (Chazz)
Alden Stahl, Human Barbarian (Ventnor)
Nalteni Sparklefist, Gnome Monk (LtPowers)

Haydin Trueshield, Human Cleric of Torm (Shinrai02)
Isabella Stahl, Human Warlord (lcg16)

Frazbalastor, Human Enchanter (Azhmodai)
Brand, Human Bladesinger (Demonic Jester)
Catriona, Wood Elf Druid (ryncewynde88)
Harold Olander Rockshield, Human Wizard (Celtic Guardian 7)

Can't imagine anyone remembers me, but I'm tentatively returning... so, hi Weavers, it's been a long time!
Name: Mie Petorin
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Ranger(bow)

Pacifist Warlord. Whoo!

Name: Quelenna, Fey Princess
Gender/ Race: Female Eladrin
Class/ Build: Warlord (Tactical)

interested in playing a Goliath something... or a Half Orc something... a something something anyway.

Character Name:M'avina
Class/Buils:Ranger/archer(multiclassed into druid)

more to come

space holder will get an app up tonight.

Posting interest and kicking around ideas. Possibly making a Vestigelock or something psionic (perhaps a Changeling Battlemind).

Character Name: Tlaloc
Gender/Race: Genasi (Stormsoul)
Class/Buils: Monk (Stonefist)

Graceful, disciplined steps are sometimes substituted by odd twitches of fingers and shoulders as the young Genasi moves. Walking soundlessly, his feet never seeming to touch the ground as if sliding on a thin layer of air. At first glance, the young Genasi gives an impression best compared to the calmth before a thunderstorm, never knowing when it could burst. This image is echoed in his personality, making the sparkling monk calm and friendly at best, impulsive and blunt at worst.

Not shy about his body the young Genasi shows of his muscular blue/grey chest and arms by wearing nothing but white wide fitting pants, a smile and white wraps around his wrists and fists. On the battlefield his bright white eyes flare up as arcs of white lightning hum quietly until they latch on to a larger sparks in his long, spiky dark blue hair, buzzing for a split second before disappearing again. Likewise, his blunt weapon-like hands sends tiny arches of lightning to anything touched gently and turn into white flashing blurs when used to deliver quick successions of powerful punches.

The highly superstitious Stormsoul Genasi kill every child born under a full moon at LeargisMaeil, the feast of Storms, to fight the long foretold prophecy of the demise of the Stormlord. As one of these children, Tlaloc was never supposed to live today.

It was the cunning, cruelty and love of one woman saved him that day. By switching Tlaloc for one of the other justborn on the night of his birth she had the Genasi noble Mal'Avorn Mokdael unknowingly execute his own son. In doing so, Tlaloc took the dead son's place in the royal courts, leading a peaceful and disciplined life as a Genasi noble the following ten years. At his tenth birthday however, an adventurer by the name of Douven Stahl entered the city. The experienced adventurer managed to somehow unravel the events as they took place the night Tlaloc should have been killed, and started to fear for the safety of the young Genasi. Under the guise of his apprenticeship he took the young Genasi under his wing and left/fled the City of Birds before the truth was uncovered completely.

Eight years later, Tlaloc still thinks himself a noble as he trains under the guidance of the man that unknowingly (to Tlaloc) saved him from certain death for the second time in his so far short life, still looking forward to some day returning his home - to a City that would welcome the full-grown noble with open arms...


Thunder-based striker/controller


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