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Help the newb with this build

Help the newb with this build

So I have this PL 7 (105 points) named the Golem... Who is, in essence trapped in a Golem's body. I was hoping for some feedback and thoughts. He is meant to be rather underpowered, but have +10 impervious toughness (for plot reasons)...

Anyways, thoughts? could use some help with his combat skills as well

Main power below

Just a note, if the sheet and math looks half done... it is. I don't have the books yet, and am currently making this backwards from other sheets I have access to (comparing and contrasting)

Thanks for any help you guys may give!

Suggestion: build it as a construct from the ground up instead of listing the alternate form as a power. It makes the sheet simpler.

Why do you have 17 listed as temporary constitution?.

Is it a PC or NPC? if it's a PC, you probably want attack/defense/toughness/damage able to hit his PL caps, if you want to go the tough route with 10 protection, you also want to take a -3 defense / +3 toughness tradeoff, you may also wish to take a tradeoff regarding save dc and attack, say, a +2/-2 to make him more of a bruiser.

You dont' need that 11 points of immunity, all those effects are fortitude and therefore included into the immunity to fortitude effects by default.
You list 30 temp str, should be 28 unless i'm missing a bonus somewhere. If you add a save dc/attack tradeoff, you'll probably want to raise that str to 32 (counting density bonus).

Regarding feats, you probably want attack focus (melee) and even attack specialization (unarmed) unless you plan to bash things with improvised weapons.

The regeneration you list under powers and the one you have under notes are different in rank (another reason why building the character as a construct from the ground up is a better idea than listing it all under alternate form).

I forgot to add, as a construct, your character is immune to non-lethal damage & damage conditions, and all damage to objects or constructs is lethal, so you don't need regeneration for nonlethal states (Bruised, Staggered and Unconscious). You also do not suffer from the stunned condition (either from powers or from damage).

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