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Snow: Cover vs. Concealment

Snow: Cover vs. Concealment

What are peoples opinions regarding using snow as cover/concealment in modern d20?

In this case there are many low drifts of snow in an open field; some are long drifts with lots of room to hide, others arenít as large. If a character dives behind one while a sniper is watching, would you say that should be cover or concealment or both?

You can hide behind it but it wonít stop a bullet so that makes it concealment doesnít it?

Probably Total Concealment if you can shoot through it.

Total Concealment, with the added caveat that you might include a circumstance penalty on the attack roll, due to the bullet striking something before reaching its target. Granted, a .50 cal sniper rifle probably won't have as much of an issue with that as say, a .22 pistol, but that's why it's a circumstance penalty.

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