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Empire era - High lvl, high post count

Star Wars Saga:Empire Era - High Lvl High Post Count Gam - Forum
Star Wars Saga
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The short backstory
You might have been purged from the Navy, an Independent Systems supporter, a Jedi persecuted after Order 66 or protester of Palpatines politics, or anything else, but you've made the Empire your enemy, and now the Empire is out to crush you.

On your own you can stand and fight some time, as you're a great hero. Still, you need to sleep some time, and you can't be on several planets at the same time. You need to find allies and you need to organize something powerful enough to oppose the Emperor.

The game will develop independently from the story in the original movies and there is no resistance, no Leia and no Luke Skywalker.

More information to come suddenly

Mechanics and other information

Game Description:

After playing several star wars games that I felt wasn't the way I'd run things, I've decided to make a game myself.

I'm expecting at least one post each day from every player!
Pre-announced absence and emergencies are fine, but send me a pm or tell about them!

I'm expecting half a page of well thought out background for each character
I want you to write in 10 contacts, 2-5 enemies and 2-5 friends in the background. These should not simply be the characters from the movies! Come up with original contacts or use minor characters. And I mean really minor (so not Yoda)
Characters will be picked on basis of background and interesting character concept

I'm not a star wars fan. I thought the movies was ok, and I've not read through all the fluff. I can't guarantee that all will be canon, but I'll try to stick to it as much as possible
I like it as a game setting, and I like the Jedi concept

The short backstory
You might have been purged from the Navy, an Independent Systems supporter, a Jedi persecuted after Order 66 or protester of Palpatines politics, and now the Empire is out to crush you.

On your own you can stand and fight some time, as you're a great hero. Still, you need to sleep some time, and you can't be on several planets at the same time. You need to find allies and you need to organize something powerful enough to oppose the Emperor.

The backstory of the character should end with him or her arriving on Nar Shadaa due to a rumor of someone, and the someone seems not to be the official inquisition at least, kidnapping force sensitive children and bringing them to the Smugglers Moon

The game will develop independently from the story in the original movies and there is no resistance, no Leia and no Luke Skywalker.

Character creation

"Любовь зла, полюбишь и овцу"

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Im interested in playing a jedi. Just give me some time to come up with a background and the character's personality.

Define "half a page." What are we looking at in raw word count here?

Colour me very interested!

Going for a scout role.

Hm, max HP or something else?

2/3 hp
I don't like word count. say 1000 - 2000 characters
that's half a page in word, size 12, times new roman. Of course this is a guideline


Sol Vantai is a human jedi whos methods are a little unorthodox often taking things into his own hands. If you were an innocent with no intentions of harming any one, Sol Vantai would treat you with respect and courtesy. However, if you where a criminal his punishments varried depending on the crime. This has caused the council to watch him closely and many times he had to explain himself to them, it was for this reason he was not allowed to take up a padawan but the council let him continue be a jedi because of his calmness and his skills.

Sol Vantai was trained as a youngling on couriscant much like any other jedi, in a combat situation he is just as likely to use the force as he is to use his lightsaber but will try to negotiate if possible to avoid conflict. His master would often preach of justice as well as kindness that the universe is a harsh place and to never take anything at face value. As time went on he finally earned the rank of jedi knight when he put an end to a large weapon smuggling gang whos intentions was to sell weapons that they stole from the republic to the trade federation.

Sol Vantai caught wind of this from his friend who owned a local bar named Utai Mirda who would often hear rumors and would not hesitate to inform Sol Vantai if he felt like intervention was needed or if it was requested of him, he informed his master who then decided that Sol Vantai should handle it alone as a final test. Luckily the rumors held true and Sol Vantai managed to find the majority of the gang in the hangar bay on a distant space port. He then witnessed the operation taking place as containers full of weapons where being loaded aboard, he then contacted the council using a small radio. After doing so he saught to arrest the gang members.

He walked forward out into the open announcing himself to be a jedi padawan, informing them that they are under arrest for their crimes and to come peacefully. Unfortunately he was underestimated, the gang thinking they had the upper hand due to their large numbers, they drew their blasters and he drew his lightsaber. The gang members proved no match as Sol vantai cut his way through many of them, even using the force to use the containers full of weapons, throwing them against the members themselves.

After many of the gang members where either dead or severly injured he found the leader cowering, holding up his hands and finally surrenduring. Sol Vantai was displeased with their actions and their attempt to take a life, it wasn't the fact that they tried to take his but the fact that they where quick to pull a weapon when he was trying to negotiate peacfully. Just as he was about to deactivate his lightsaber, the gang leader pulled out a blaster he had hiding behind his back. He quickly
cut both his hands off at the wrists and took him in. Although somewhat humerouse, he was questioned why one of the lackies was left beating his head in a wall singing a children's song but this was quickly overlooked.

His actions deemed him fit to be a jedi knight. He continued to train himself in both the force and his lightsaber skills as time went on sensing that things, political wise, was just not right. Sol Vantai participated in the massive battle of Genosis being one of the jedi that helped Anikan, Obi-wan, and Padme in the gladitorial ring. When the clone wars started he would often participate under Master Windu's command. Unfortunately he had a run in with general grievious during a scouting mission on Kashyyk nearing the end of the war. The two wookies that accomponied him where quickly dispatched leaving just Sol Vantai by himself to fight. The battle took at least 20 minutes leaving him exhausted while grevious's robotic body kept him going.

He made one final attempt to end the battle, he found an opening in grevious's defense and went for it, greviouse saw this, parried and cut Sol Vantai's left arm off at the bicep. He let out a short yell as he fell to the ground Grevious was about to make the killing blow when Vantai saw a large boulder out of the corner of his eye. Using the force he moved the boulder and threw it against Grevious right before he was struck, he pulled his lightsaber toward him, once again using the force, and made his escape leaving Grievious damaged as well. Even wounded he saught to complete his mission on Kashyyk before moving on.

After he was temporarily taken out of the clone wars, Sol Vantai went to the planet of Tatooine where a retired doctor named Lodan Irvan lived. Lodan owed Sol Vantai a favor for helping to secure some medical supplies. He confronted Lodan and requested that he attache a bionic arm to replace what he lost. Being a good friend, Lodan was eager to use a new prototpye, one that had synthetic skin to hide the fact that it is actually bionic, Sol Vantai graciously accepted. As it was being attached he got the message from Obi-wan to not go back to Coruscant that it was a trap and the jedi was being hunted down. Confused and Saddened he felt the force telling him to go into hiding that there was nothing he could do for his fellow jedi for the time being. He let the doctor and his droids finish attaching his new arm, he thanked the doctor and told him that he had to depart.

He decided to stay on Tatooine and there he hid disguising himself as a harmless bartender at Mos Eisley.

Friends: Utai Mirda, a rodian bartender on coruscant. Lodan Irvan, a Mon Calamari retired doctor on tatooine who still has a few medical supplies and droids strewn about at


Enemies: Dotai Sheno. A human gang leader and smuggler whos hands where cut off, he holds a massive grudge against the jedi and especially Sol Vantai, still on Coruscant as far

as he knows.

Rolan Eeto: A human bounty hunter Sol Vantai had a run in with during the clone wars, it was his mission to take out Obi-wan during a massive battle. During which Sol Vantai had

run across him, he managed to deflect the blaster bolts that was being fired at him, moved in close and took out the weapon Rolan then pull out a vibro blade, Sol Vantai cut off

his right arm at the elbow then both his legs, he used the force and pushed his torso into a group of battle droids rendering the bounty hunter unconcious but still alive.
Leroda omshy. A Rodian bounty hunter who was supposed to take out a political leader, who Sol Vantai tracked down. This bounty hunter managed to find mercy from Sol vantai as

she surrendured without a fight but later hated him for taking out her best friend who was in the gang mentioned earlier that was smuggling weapons.

Contacts: Tuver hino, a twilek who spies on the new galatic empire who keeps in contact with sol Vantai, his cover is a merchant selling all sorts of harmless gadgets.

Ioda renusa, a human who often calls Sol Vantai to deal with spies of the galactic empire, in return he gets payed a suitable amount of credits to help fund his trips back and

forth, she used to work as intelligence for the republic military now using what she knows to help out. She works underground and her location is not yet clear as all contact is

done by radio.

Eto crosa, a human contact who supplies Sol Vantai with power cells and weapons stolen from gangs and sometimes the empire itself. He runs a small group of vigilantes who ran

into Sol Vantai when he went in for a drink, they had a long discussion and decided that they where both on the same side. He mostly stays along the outer rims

Quira atonma, an Ithorian who keeps an eye out on tatooine and informs Sol Vantai of secret hideouts of those who rebel against the empire.

Relo Anul, a Duros who will provide transport for Sol Vantai when he wants to take extra precausions in avoiding the empire. This is often costly for Sol Vantai though.

Uter Ginoa, a Cerean who deals with medical supplies that Sol Vantai needs from time to time.

jido yoger, a rodian who informs Sol of other jobs, often helping the innocent out.

Mira Adul, a human female who informs Sol of rumors of other jedi who may still be alive.

Jik nu, a twilek female who informs Sol of supplies that are easily attainable from the empire, gangs, or bounty hunters.

Asdul Veno, a Bothan who also does spy work for Sol, informing him of political as well as military movements.

Appearance: Sol has allowed his hair to grow out since the order 66 he keeps it tied back. Usually while working as a bartendar he would wear simple clothes making sure that his arms where covered as much as possible so no one would see the difference between the two. Even though his left arm is bionic and covered in synthetic skin the color difference in the skin is slightly noticeable. He has brown hair and blue eyes, he keeps his lightsaber out of sight for obvious reasons but always has it on him, the blade is yellow. Otherwise he carries a blaster pistol on him at all times as well but he rarely uses it. He has a muscular lean build, standing at 5'8 and weighing 185 pounds.

Personality: Sol Vantai fully believes in justice, as any jedi would. However, he will punish ones actions as he sees fit. He has a sense of humor and is often sarcastic, this is his way of seeing the light through the darkness. Most of the time he is calm but even with his teachings he does fight with his own anger from time to time, often meditating to relieve his emotions. He is a loving person as well, often getting along well with others and not one to want to argue. He does seek to find himself a padawan, to pass on the teachings of the jedi way. He fears that his life will not go on much longer because of the jedi purge, but he embraces it. He will not allow himself to die though without a student who has learned the way of the force. He prefers settling disputes peacfully and is reluctant to pull a lightsaber out unless lives are at stake. His age is 33

Not bad, but are you sure that the Jedi would accept the amount of violence? I really doubt it.
Cutting of hands as punishment will earn you massive dark side points

I see your point and will adjust the background.
EDIT: ok I adjusted it, let me know what you think and what i need to improve on.
as far as contacts go, I started off giving the locations but i myself haven't gotten into the expanded universe although im a fan of the movies myself, so i don't know all the planets names.

Better. Although I doubt that the jedi did so much police work. I don't imagine them hunting ordinary criminals.
I also omit the part about him being merciful, as he's not more merciful than what would be demanded from a jedi

remember that the game starts on the moon of Nar Shadaa

ok i fixed the merciful thing, as far as the police work. Seeing as how it started out as a rumor that the weapons where being sold to the enemies of the republic during that time, i figured it would have a been a special case. If it helps at all i will change it though.


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