Infinite Worlds, Infinite Trouble

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Infinite Worlds, Infinite Trouble

GURPS 4e: ISWAT - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

I'll most likely run each character solo a bit before putting them together, maybe...

Game Description:

GURPS 4e: Infinite Worlds Campaign

Create an ISWAT operative using the following guidelines:

  • 300 points with a maximum of -150 in disadvantages.
  • Character must be able to pass for a normal human with little effort.
  • Magery is capped at 3.
  • Anyone with Jumper may not buy down the fatigue cost or time requirements beyond the defaults, but may add other enhancements and limitations.
  • No tech level over 9.

Please submit a brief background with the character.

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Brief but gives me plenty of information. Still... any chance we could get an introduction or teaser or something?

I'll put together a char for this.

I'd assume that this one just uses the basic setting-information from Infinite Worlds; assuming that you're familiar with that setting, just pick a world to hail from.

Personally, I'm looking at a Brazilian scientist (gadgeteer-type) from Shikaku-Mon; he managed to somehow detect Infinity's operations using one of his own devices, and was recruited by them as an alternative to word leaking back.

Post interest, working on a character now.

hey, I'm interested, although I've never played GURPS before. (I have, however, perused the books and made a few characters once or twice for amusement)

I'll start putting something together.


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