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Suggestion: Lord of Apathy

Suggestion: Lord of Apathy

I was reading through some stuff about the Seven Sins recently and discovered that originally there were eight sins (with Apathy being the final.) I know that it would destroy the flavor of the entire setting if there were 8 lords, however perhaps if Apathy was a henchman to another (maybe Greed or Gluttony?)

Hmmm... an interesting suggestion indeed. Do you have any links to stuff about Apathy being one of the original sins? I'd like to read up on it.


Bah, who cares

Wikipedia certainly has a reference to it. However I have the series of books on the matter by Joseph Epstein, and in one of them (I believe that it was Sloth) he mentions that Apathy was another Deadly Sin as defined by Thomas Aquinas (the Great Misleader.)

Thanks, Slowsilver. That's great information. It's a neat idea to make the Lieutenants of the Lords of Sin some of the earlier sins. I'm gonna mull this one over and see what I come up with.

In addition consider mulling over the following additons: Cruelty, Deceit, Fear and Superstition. In which case you need 2 more sins to give each of the 'Major Sins' a lieutenant. Personally I would split Cruelty into Sadism and Spite. And Deceit into Misrepresentation and Lying. Which would give you your seven:

Deceit (open lying only however)
Anxiety (instead of Fear which is where there is an obvious perceivable threat, Anxiety is where there is no clear threat - bordering on Paranoia in some ways.)
Superstition (defined as 'Belief in things that one does not understand, to the point of giving money to frauds and spiritual confidence men')

Hope that this helps.

Yes, those are great ideas. I will add them to my notes and give you idea credit when I publish them. If you feel like taking a stab at statting any of them up for 4E, go for it!

I may be able to do one for sadism. I think her (see I'm not sexist!) powers will be verh focused on Damage over Time and afflictions and curses. Her weapon of choice is the whip. I could even do a write-up when time allows.

Will these lieutenants also be infused with the Dark Will, or will their powers be less than the Seven Lords?

I ask because the refrain from an old Stone Temple Pilots song keeps running through my head ... "wearing a crown of apathy".

Perhaps the lesser Lords of Sin bear an artifact that grants them power. It's a mark of favor, and makes them more easily replaced than the Seven Lords should one fall in battle ... or fail the Seven too often! This flows pretty well with the Lord of Sadism favoring a particular weapon, too.


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