Roleplaying in the Emerald Empire

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Roleplaying in the Emerald Empire

The Time Is Now - Forum
Legend of the Five Rings 3e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Who's up for L5R? I hear there's a new edition brewing, but why wait? I'm looking for any number of players, and preferably a GM, for a game set in cannon Rokugan, timeline currently undetermined.

Applications should include:
Clan Preference, Role PreferenceWhether you would be willing to run the game.
What era(s) you would like to play in.
Any material not in the 3e core rulebook you'd like access to.

If we don't find a GM, we can try something I've been planning for a while (ten minutes or so, now); A small village is growing as a bumper crop has made the local rice fields more influential, so all the clans have sent a representative to the no-longer insignificant court. The location is vague, there will be no overarching metaplot (locally, anyway). Anything that happens will happen based on player action. I'll adjudicate as GM if necessary, but I'd like to keep that to a minimum.

EDIT: There are openings for many characters still. Every clan could send a detachment of samurai including a diplomat, one or more aids, and yojimbo. The Winds would also have reason to send representatives, and other factions might be present in secret. I would like to see many characters present, and use as few NPCs as possible!

The Scorpion delegation is well-represented. Additional Scorpion PCs will require innovative concepts and strong backstory/motivation.
Dragon, Crab, Phoenix, and possibly Tortoise clans have some representation, but their delegations still have space.
Other clans, and all four winds, are desperately in need of representation!

Game Description:

Legend of the Five Rings is a beloved game with a loyal following.
Bold Samurai, Devout Shugenja and Wily Courtiers match wits in an empire where honor is a blade sharper than steel.
The village of Kasetsu Mura has grown significantly in the last few years, and the clans are beginning to notice the prosperity of the province of which it is capital. The governor has opened his humble castle to the samurai of all clans, and you have come to display your family's honor.

Being a student & employed in education, summer is always a weird time. My schedule flops between too much & not enough as I slip from one temp job to another to make ends meet until fall. This makes scheduled games difficult, so here I am.

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My first obvious response is yes, I am horribly interested. Unfortunately, there seems to be a curse on L5R games here.
Secondly is that I am getting married this weekend as well I will be on "honeymoon" the first two weeks of July so I would not be able to commit to anything those days.

Preferred clan: Scorpion above all else, Crab if people have problems with Scorpions.
Pre-clan war would be ideal era. Clan war next. I don't like Hidden Emperor and barely ok with Gold. Lotus I am iffy about. Anything after, I don't care.
Secrets of, and the Way of series as well as Art of the Duel and any conversion errata/rules.

Good sir, you shit me! An old friend of mine is also getting married this Saturday! I wish you well as I do him!
I will look forward to seeing you in a few weeks! A question for you when you return, as well as for everybody else: How do you feel about a high-politics low-plot game?

Preferred clan: Crane first and Lion second. Bushi in both cases.
Whether you would be willing to run the game.: Sadly my time constraints deter me from doing so.
What era(s) you would like to play in.: Pre-Scorpion Clan Coup. Or Fall of the Kami
Any material not in the 3e core rulebook you'd like access to.: I Already own all of 3rd edition books. I'd actually like to play 4th =D

By 'access to', I mean during character creation. I'm curious about which books I should re-read to get familiar with mechanics.

And we can't play 4th until it comes out. I don't see why we should wait.

Preferred Clan: Dragon and Minor Clans. I really like minor clans.
Can I DM: No
What era?: Any
Non-core material?: I like the Masters series for a lot of things. but I am not too worried about it.

what is the 'masters' series?

Masters of Court, masters of magic, masters of war

ah, thanks. Been a while since I looked at the books, the newer ones' names escape me.


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