Sandpoint NEEDS YOU! (just one of you as a replacement really)

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Sandpoint NEEDS YOU! (just one of you as a replacement really)

Rise of the Runelords - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
Estimated Members Requested: 1

We too have a MIA player, well just missing really.

So the group has been slow lately, we need someone new and fresh and able poster for this AP.
First one that meet the requisites is in. Basically you need to:

* Be a frequent poster (2 times at least per day, except weekends unless you really want to)
* Haven't already gone through the AP
* Willing to get up to date on what has happened
* Like to travel and meet new people

Those who tie a good background are top tiers.
I have two groups right now and the one that needs it is the GROUP B (in case you get confused)

The party right now is composed of a Monk, Ranger, Barbarian and Cleric (all human)
You can pick the class and race you want provided that you also adhere to the below rules.

Game Description:

TITLE: Rise of the Runelords
SYSTEM: Pathfinder
SETTING: Golarion

The town of Sandpoint needs you!
Whatpoint? Sandwho? Whatwho? If the name of this friendly little coastal town doesn’t mean anything to you yet.
Sandpoint, in a nutshell, is your PCs’ new hometown. Here, they’ll make friends, buy their first suit of armor, visit their first tavern, and eventually tangle with monsters. It’s the start of a brand-new campaign, one set in the equally brand-new world of Golarion, the setting for the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting. The adventures your PCs are about to embark on will determine the fate of not just Sandpoint, but the surrounding region of Varisia as well.
If they fail, their friends and countrymen might well be doomed to a new age of slavery and horror, but if they succeed, their triumphs shall be recorded by sages and kings, their immortality assured.
They will become the latest entry into the Pathfinder Chronicles.

For much of written history, world events followed charted routes. Oracles and seers mapped out the future
in the stars above, and their prophecies always gave a reliable view of the ages to come.
Until a god died a century ago. No one saw that coming, and now, the old prophecies are failing. Oracles go mad and seers desperately try to account for the loss of the future. While some cry out that the world is at an end, they’ve been doing so for 100 years now. And the world’s still here. It’s just unclear where things are going. The future of Golarion is open, ready to receive the triumphs and failures of a new generation of heroes.

This is going to be limited. ONLY the Pathfinder SRD official material

Standard or Purchase (Standard Fantasy). If you prefer the standard method, await until you've been selected.
Characters will start at level 1.

For now I require a background, personality, race, class, character aspirations. The more engrained your character is with the setting and mood the better it's chances of being accepted.

You *could* be evil, but it's unlikely I will pick a group with a Paladin and an Evil Necromancer AND this is a published module that I will try not to steer too far from the pace established.

The region will be confined for now to the region of Varisia and it's major (and minor) cities.

NEW I also forgot that the Paizo website has the Player's Guide as a free PDF download (thanks to Dathom for pointing that out)

There is a big festival being held at the town of Sandpoint to consecrate the new temple called the Swallowtail festival, if your character is NOT from Sandpoint, you must offer a valid reason for visiting this far off town. Just bare in mind that knowledge checks gets bonuses depending on the area you are native from. I require that at least one of you is native of Sandpoint.

I will disdain attempts at breaking balance, be it power gaming, optimizing, uber-roleplaying, posting too much, posting too little.

Members should be able to post at least once a day, weekends can be omitted (but if able I will certainly post). Since this adventure offers a little bit of everything, I don't want combat taking a month or two to complete.

* GM wields absolute power and will smite offenders to the rules and dissension.
* This will be my first time GMing in PbP, so you will HAVE to bear with me. On the plus side, this is not my first time GMing!
* I'm not a literary champion, nor I can post blocks and blocks of role-playing text. So my interactions will be short and to the point most of the time.
* I've been considered a Killer GM from time to time, I try to refrain myself, but I cannot stand divine intervention or Deux ex Machina... so try to though it out.
* This adventure is mostly a test to see if I can handle GMing in a PbP enviroment and see the quality of players on-line. If successful and the selected players are all go, I plan of running the whole Adventure Path and then some.
* I'm a control freak, so neat and tidy sheet and posts.

The will and the way

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Well will you look at that!, didn't even noticed the Artificer!! and I check this site almost daily
Sure, bring it!

EDIT: whoops noticed thats it's 3rd party, scratch those of third party

I need a character sheet (3.5 will do), basics like background, description, pic (opt), and a huge plus is a tie in. Ideas for which you can get by reading a bit the 'progress' (not much) that has already been made in the story.

That's the only picture I have of him right now - I'll try and get something better soon. For now, i'll just get on working on the rest of my things

I'm thinking of changing his backstory around a little bit to make it have more... I don't know. Just better, I suppose. Everything's better with churches.


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