PADC: Kill to Save

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PADC: Kill to Save

Power Amour Defense Corps: London Division - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 1

In this game players will play characters adept in the use of power armour. Your character would use their skill to defend England, its allies, and its interests, in what has become the second half of World War 3. Sine the Armour Corps is semi-independent the majority of your missions will be covert ops, or emergency defense.

All characters will be generated with 15 stat points, 25 points for attributes, and 20 points for skills.
Characters may not have superhuman powers, but should have at least 1 level in the Owns a Big Mecha attribute, and know more then three.
All Power Armour will be generated by myself, but if you take the More Powerful Mecha attribute we will talk about modifications.
Characters must be descended from a well recognized English personality. Any one.
Weapons and other gear will be assigned.

Game Description:

The year is 2056 A.D.. The Confederacy of Eastern Nations was formed but twenty years ago. Since then they have conquered half the globe, assimilating all powers in Asia, as well as Russia and the majority of Europe. England, France, Spain; these are the only European powers that have ever quelled the raging juggernaut. However it is recovery, and only with the help of America can the Independent Nations...

You don't give a damn.
You are Power Armour Defense Corps. You fight for your country, and independent from it. You do it, because you are the only one's that can.

This is a second edition game.

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