Thirty Seconds to Midnight

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Thirty Seconds to Midnight

Thirty Seconds to Midnight - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Game Type and Setting
Mutant and Masterminds 2nd edition. Modern-day New York City, with a twist.

Game Master
Little ol' me.

Game Explanation
The player characters are all 'mutants', individuals that have developed super powers as a result of a device that was detonated in Manhattan (see game description above). The game will focus on how the character's lives are affected by their powers and by the changes in the world around them. While there will be some combat it won't be the focus of this game. Also, within reason, the game will strive for realism.

Application Process
Please put the following into your application:
* Character bio (name, age, description, background, personality)
* Notes on significant NPCs in their life (family, friends, boss, minions, enemies...)
* Some information about what they were doing at the time of the 'Event'
* Optional: which other PCs your character knows
* Your intended posting rate (see below for more details)

Feel free to put parts of your app in private tags if you want to keep any secrets.

Application will be open for two weeks and I am looking to take approx. 4 players.

Character Creation
Character creation will be a multi-step process. You don't have to do any of this yet but you can if you like.
1) You create your initial character with no powers using between 20 and 50 build points.
1b) The starting Power Level (setting your trait caps for example) is 4
2) I will assign your character a number of bonus power points. You won't know this number at first but you might work it out later.
3) You chose roughly what percentage of the bonus power points will be assigned into powers. Chose 0-24%, 25-49%, 50-74% or 75-100%.
4) I will assign a percentage in that range to buying powers. I will chose your character's powers.
5) Any remaining points will be used to boost your existing traits (stats, skills, attack/defense, saves, possibly feats)

At the start of the game you will not know how I have assigned these points or what powers your character has.

Acceptable Source Material
Main 2e source book plus material from other books on request.

Any additional information or requirements
I am completely open to anyone unfamiliar with MnM. It is a d20 game, pretty easy to pick up and I am happy to help.

Posting rate: I would like you to say what posting rate you intend to keep. To keep things flowing I will try to match the players based on their intended posting rates, at least at the start of the game. I ask for a minimum of 2 posts per week.

If you are unable to post for any reason, or you would like to lower your posting rate please let me know. Failure to let me know could be interpreted as you having chosen to leave the game.

Game Description:

Thirty Seconds to Midnight is a Mutants and Masterminds game set in modern day New York with a twist. A darker world than our own with higher crime rates, corruption at nearly every level of government and self-serving corporations enjoying carte-blanche to pursue their own dark agendas, just so long as they can cover up any 'indiscretions'.

Think World of Darkness or Gotham City, only without beings with special powers until...

At 23:59:30 local time, 31st July 2010, a device detonated in the centre of Manhattan. It generated an electromagnetic pulse that destroyed or damaged all electronic and computer equipment within a 100 mile radius. Terrorists were blamed for the unexpected attack but no group claimed responsibility, though many were suspected. Rumours flew around, federal investigations got under way but no-one knew who was behind the attack, or even what the device was.

While there was no primary damage from the blast the secondary damage was significant. In a heartbeat all traffic control systems failed, as did power steering and any other purely electronic function in vehicles. It was only pure fluke (perhaps) that only a pair of helicopters were in the airspace at the time. Hospitals were badly hit as almost all their equipment failed; everyone in intensive care that night died and many others died either immediately or in the chaos that followed.

The pulse itself was not the most significant outcome however. A small percentage of those exposed to the blast started exhibiting strange, wonderful, and in some cases, terrible abilities. Powers beyond all rational explanation: unpowered flight; superhuman strength, durability or speed; the ability to read or even control thoughts; the power to kill with just a thought. Mutant abilities.

It did not take long for the news to get out. Try as they wanted the New York government could not control the rumours. They shut down the media with a heavy hand. But they could not control the internet, or word of mouth. The truth prevailed.

But what was the truth? There was no apparent rhyme or reason to distinguish those that developed powers and those that did not. Initial estimates suggested that the number of 'mutants' was far less than one hundredth of one percent. But that still allowed for almost a thousand mutants. A thousand people able to walk through walls or throw cars or be in several places at once.

The government soon---

But wait. I get ahead of myself. This is all yet to come...

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Name: Mickey "the Biscuit" Berkley
Background (Including that fateful night):
Intended Posting Rate:

Logan Shendak
Age 32
Anticipated Posting Rate: Averaging a post per day.

So into this... ShawdowBright is going to have his hands full choosing players. He is going to get *a lot* of apps...

Sean Riley:

Posting Rate:
One or more times per day on weekdays, and at least once per weekend, but hopefully more.

I've only played MnM once before, but I would gladly relearn the system for the promise this game shows.

Name: Inesh Sahonta.
Age: 33

Intended Posting Rate: I'm thinking on a daily basis, but I know I'll decrease the rate to somewhere around 4-6 times a week during certain weeks of the summer.

So, just to make sure I'm on the same page as the GM: Our characters should not be aware they have powers yet? This is something that will emerge as part of the game?

PP - love the start of the character, I look forward to seeing more.

Natty/Pseudo - thanks!

Tezzet - in two weeks time

KKage - you have it in one


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