The AAGP Chronicles

The AAGP Chronicles

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Joachim looks at Lorem and shrugs. He felt like a new man and did not care really what they were up to now. The goblin association did intrigue him though and it would be a fun place to check out.

"Why don't we go to the AAGP? I bet they can tell us some fun stuff."

"Hmmm... Sounds like a good idea. It would be unusual to talk to a goblin without holding a blade to his neck or something. Let us go." Lorem approves of the paladin's idea. The strange association intrigued him as well.

"Brrrraaaaapppp" the priest replies, a startled look in his eyes. The priest focuses himself a bit before breathing a sign of relief.

"That was close"
he says with a smile as rises from his seat, picking up a couple pastries as he does so.

"So... where are we going?"

With a destination set, the trio makes its way along Saerb's dusty streets, soon reaching the building labeled AAGP. Similar in size compared to the rest of the buildings in town, it stands approximately 40 meters in height, topped by several large chimney-stacks, thick white smoke pouring from their open tops to mingle with the sparse clouds above.
Brown and shabby in color, its only windows sit on the top floor, a pair on each visible side. The AAGP sign hangs on the second level of the building, a crude slap of wood marked roughly with red paint.

Out front, two large goblins stand guard, each wielding a morningstar in one hand, and holding a small wooden shield in the other. Brown of skin and foul of smell, their clothing is just as shabby as the building they guard. Neither can lay claim to a full set of armor, though between them they wear enough leathery hide and metal pieces to armor a full-sized human.

The goblins grunt and stare at passing villagers, who do their best to avoid eye contact, picking up their pace as they pass by.

"Greetings ..." Joachim stops in his speech as he ponders what to say next foul creatures, racist, ugly things, not very addressing, goblins, to plain, creatures, rude, ritualistic clan conceiving well known frustrated beings of the cave life I once encountered and have never before seen in broad daylight in the middle of a city specially not guarding a own building, to long and how did I think of this? ... something must have clicked as Joachim suddenly continued his speech "... friends"

"Well my companions and I, more the latter, were wondering what your association of sorts does. I myself must say I was rather surprised and intrigued to find such a group as your own in such a small place like this town. So we decided to pay you a visit, as humble as we may be we sure were interested to find out some more about you guys." Joachim's slightly curled blond moustache has its tips pointed straight up with the smile bellow. It was indeed very funny how these creatures went around. For Joachim they were more like pets, well wild animals taught to create things like an association would be as funny. It was as if someone had created the Cat's Guilde or Cow Restoration Group.

Joachim who was more used to a combative confrontation with these species found it charming to find them doing this. And had he not been badly drunk the night before he would have paid this place a visit right then.
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d20 Results: 13
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The goblins stare at Joachim as he talks, grunting before and after. They make no other movements, however, nothing to suggest they heard, or even understood, what was being said to them.

Joachim insecure of a sudden by the indiference he was greeted with turned his back to his companions. Shrugging. "I think they did not understand what I said." he then approaches the two and speaks as silently as he can, not whispering, "Perhaps they are not trained yet." and he makes a knocking gesture on his forehead to transmit emptiness.

"So does any of you speak goblin?" he asks with his hand palms apart and a smirk on his face.

"Nope." the massive cleric chimes in, not really worried what they are doing at this place for goblins.

"But I can grunt, burp and fart -- so I'm pretty sure I can get across my point if you need me to."
he says, reaching back to scratch his posterior.

"Hmmm... Let me try. I know the orcs' language." Lorem cleared his voice, and using the language that he knew orcs used, he repeated Joachim's words.


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