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DM Note

Joachim is clearly the last to arrive. He had businesses to attend to at the walls and with the AAGP, goblins and people at the same time. He had managed to survive the after battle somehow though.

It was chaos and he was stressed. Someone had told him his group were feasting and engaging festivity now the battle was over. So he had come to join them. Hoping perhaps to get something decent to eat and a fine tankard of dwarven Ale to ease his heavy loaded mind.

Joachim opens the door to the little private back room...

And almost looses his breath.

Trying to hold on to the door, or anything really that would support him, he fights not to loose his balance. His mouth forming silent words. His eyes open as wide as plums his eyeballs red. He has to breath in several times heavily before he catches a grip of himself and manages to speak out alough "YOU!" He is only able to point at Judith and Harrod. Turning to Raz then Lorem and finally Tamrik. "THEM?!"

This was a nightmare come true. It finally had gotten so far. His allies had joined the foes of the city and the city was holding them dearly throwing a big feast for them. The world had gone mad completely now. Garak had triumphed. The end was near. Soon someone would walk in behind him and bring Gerwins decayed corpse as a main dish. News of the fall of the kingdom of Neverwinter would soon follow then the spread of Tay and the raise of all undead minions. He could picture the future. Garak standing over Pelors dead body with Heironeous' head in his head drinking happily all his blood, while Vecna and Nerull friendly pat his legs in acknowledgement and devotion.

He could not take it anymore. This was it the end...

A few minutes later, Ara arrives at the Inn, the small boy leading her in excitedly, eager to get his hands on the promised gold.
"Here she is, mister!" he exclaims, holding out one hand in anticipation. "I brought her here just like you asked!"

Joachim waits patiently for the goblins taking his time to inspect his new Greatsword. It did not look to shabby he had to admit...

As they roam the streets he launches evil gazes back at those who throw stones, is however prudent enough not to yell anything back at them for certainly his words would go misunderstood in the midst of the goblinoid peoples and it would most likely end badly. Instead he keeps his head up and proudly parades himself together with the typical outercity creatures.

Joachim eyes the four corpses of the AAGP. A tragedy actually, he hoped the other goblins would not cause a fuss because of this. It was hard enough to deal with one party of suspicious, fully armed soldiers, he needed not to have another one. Then again he had reported what happened and hoped the Hobgoblins and goblins in his small unit were properly briefed as well as knew their behaving...

As several men seem to gather to face the goblins, readying their blades, Joachim just lifts his hand in peace. "Lower your blades, for enough blood has been shed in one day. These are friends. They came to help and aid in any ways possible. You know, yourself, that as things stand you are short in men, the barracks have been burned down, part your force decimated just here as we stand. Every creature standing for and not against this city is your friend." Joachim pauses briefly. "And don't think that their race makes them any less then you. Would you not take the help of dwarfs, elves, gnomes and even half-orcs, should it be necessary? Now these are goblins, but instead of the other army they stand on your side, if you accept their help."

He made his statement clear, trying to convince as many of the soldiers. If the word spread amongst the foot-folk the integration would be easier. Joachim did not like the way they had addressed him. It was a matter of respect and honour, being addressed like this by a mere soldier did not seem fitting. But Joachim kept his calm.

"Now, I need to talk to the general in charge here..."

The soldiers give Joachim odd looks as he speaks, wondering if he was for real. The more he goes on, however, the more they realize he's serious, and several of the Guards go to fetch their leader. A few moments later, they return with a scruffy-looking Guard, his gear and armor dirty and in poor condition.

Striding up to Joachim, the blond-haired man extends his hand in greeting, looking the Paladin up and down critically.
"I'm George, 2nd-in-Command of the Saerb City Guards," he says solidly, "I'm in charge around here."
"Chief William was killed in the Barracks explosion - luckily, I was outside dealing with another matter, and escaped any troublesome injury,"
George states, his smile mixed with a hint of sadness. "My armor's seen better days, that's for certain..."

"What may I help you with, good sir?" he asks. "My men report that you've brought a troop of AAGP soldiers here - do you feel us that incompetent and weak?" the man adds, looking over Joachim's shoulder to the Hobgoblins behind him.
"What can they do, that we can't?!"

"Well met George, my name is Joachim Laross Former Paladin of The Neverwinter Guard now in the service of those who need protection and aid as well." Joachim goes through part of the formalities shaking the mans hand with a tight determined handshake. He smiles about the remark of the armo looking down his own, bend and burned at several points. "I know the feeling."

"I feel that nether you nor your men are ether weak or incompetent. But the facts speak in favor of reinforcing your troups in numbers. It is not hard to see that many have died today. From what I have seen the town is revolted and it might not take long for the civilians to take advantadge of the lack of militia in the streets and on the walls. As things stand I myself have witnessed disrespect of authority and mokery of myself when I encouraged some civilians to join your ranks. Another attack might very well follow, this time me and my companions were present to aid your city walls and the fight against this unknown invader. I believe now is the best time to make new allies, even though their faces are different, their bodies smaller or more hairy... their heart still lies with this city their interest in getting accepted by it's citizens as inhabitants of the same. So I was asked to escort them here as a token of goodwill and willingness to defend and protect, just like I myself." Joachim pauses he looks the officer in comand into the eyes. "I vouch for their acceptance amongst your ranks, although I can understand a mistrust from your side, perhaps you could integrate one of theirs with one of yours..."

Joachim looks at the officer in expectance of his answer.

"Well, we could use some more men on the walls..." George replies, furrowing his brow in thought. Clearly he had doubts about this whole situation, but beggars can't be choosers, and he needed all the help he could get.

"Clearly, we have little choice here - I need all the men I can get," he adds, looking around at the remainder of the Guard. "If you can vouch for them, I will take you at your word, sir Paladin."
"I will do my best to integrate these...people...into our security detail, but it won't be easy,"
George continues, calling for a couple of Guards to join him. "And if they cause any trouble, I'll hold YOU directly responsible - any problems, any issues, and you'll be arrested as soon as you set foot back in town!" he exclaims, stiffening his stance.

"Hero or not, I won't stand for troublemakers in my unit, nor in my city - if you believe these Hobgoblins can be trusted, if they can learn to act as we do...well, I only hope you're right!"

"Jeffries! Carwall!"
he shouts, turning to the two Guards that come running. "I've arranged for these "extra support units", take them to the wall and set them up with positions!"
Hesitating for a moment, he turns to Joachim in thought. "I assume they can speak Common? If they can't, there's no way I can have 'em in my unit...."

"Well most of the hobgoblins seemed to do just fine with common. They lack the propper pronounciation, but you can comunicate with them. There were a few goblins I had trouble speaking with... you cold put those with one which does understand though." Joachim ponders out loud. He turns to his small battalion "Did all of you hear what was discussed?" he shouts into the ranks of the AAGP he quickly transmits the words spoken to him to his men.

"You will be placed amongst the city guard, I expect you to follow their orders as if it where those of your superior, anyone not agreeing with that can walk back to the AAGP, for we need full coperation here. I have given my word of honour in your benefit so don't let me down." The paladin speaks. He hoped Ulro's officers had made sure to place those most profficient in the common speech in this battalion, he could not test them one by one right here in front of the guard and loose his face, should one of them not speak the language he would be certainly sampled soon enough.

"I accept your conditions George and will surrender myself to the guard to stand trial should it occur that my trust was misplaced. I however expect your men to colaborate as well. I have however not spoken with all the hobgoblins in this troupe, you certainly will make clear which speak good enough for the needs of defence of the city and which not. Just send those who do not satisfy your standards back to the AAGP with a small escort, as not to start uproar, perhaps you can build it into a patrol or something similar as to save resources."


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