The AAGP Chronicles

The Hobgoblins following Joachim nod at his query, signifying that they understood Common well enough to get by. All three of them turn their attention to Chief Guard George, following his directions to support the wall.
Shuffling away after Jeffries and Carwall, they are soon positioned atop the Wall, spaced a goodly distance apart, and set with the simple task of watching for any trouble. Their eyes were better in the dark than most Humans', and thus they would be able to give advance warning of any approaching danger, especially if it came during the night...
"I accept your conditions George and will surrender myself to the guard to stand trial should it occur that my trust was misplaced. I however expect your men to colaborate as well. I have however not spoken with all the hobgoblins in this troupe, you certainly will make clear which speak good enough for the needs of defence of the city and which not. Just send those who do not satisfy your standards back to the AAGP with a small escort, as not to start uproar, perhaps you can build it into a patrol or something similar as to save resources."

"Very well, Sir Joachim," George replies, extending his hand for a final shake. "I hope your faith in them isn't misplaced..."
With that task handled, Joachim returns to the Purple Mead Inn, eager for a warm bed and a good nights' sleep....

The next day, Joachim heads back to the AAGP, eager to hear the latest news. Ulro greets him warmly, listening as the Paladin describes the events of the past night.
"I haven't heard anything from the Guards, so I can only assume things are going well," Ulro replies, nodding in satisfaction. "I sent 3 of my best men, so there should be no problems from my end."
"Of course, I can't control the Guards' emotions and actions, but whatever happens, it certainly won't be our fault!"
he adds.

Then, Joachim begins to speak of Elmer and the Robe, and Ulro's eyes nearly pop from his skull. Taking a gulp, he clears his throat before replying, not entirely believing his ears.
" say half a MILLION in Gold?" Ulro asks. "That', that's a lot!" he says, shaking his head incredulously.
"I can't even begin to imagine that much gold, let alone offer up a better price!"
"Seems like the Robe is Elmer's, then..."
Ulro says, looking down in disappointment. "I don't know what you got for Pirkin's Armor, but I doubt we could match that either. We're a small group here, our wealth isn't nearly of that stature!"

Ulro sighs once again, clearly deflated, then looks back at Joachim.
"You spoke yesterday of an interesting subject, of a traveling companion from my organization. Someone to help teach you the language, assist with recruitment, that sort of thing?" the Goblin chief asks.
"I may have just the fellow....I'm sure you're familiar with Roulgok, my companion downstairs? You and him seem to have a good rapport, and he's far too civilized to simply be a doorman around here!" Ulro exclaims, smiling at the Paladin.

"If he's up for it...whaddya say?"

"Roulgok!" Joachim smiles. So THAT is his name! Joachim nods as he recalls the hobgoblin. "That seems like a great offer, it will certainly be a good thing for people to see men and goblin together and sure will influence people's minds and reduce prejudice. Besides it sure will be helpful to learn your language."

Then returning to the subject before. "I must apologise, that we came not to you in the first place. I know it had meant a lot to you to get both the armor and the robe back. I can try to get you the armor however as I will meet my companion at Elmer's. If everything goes well I shall return here afterwards with the armor. We can discuss your offer later, after all the armor is important to you." Joachim's face back to business and more serene after his initial excitement over his new companion. It would be something new to him to work with a goblin and it seemed to offer much rewards.

"I will take no more of your time then, you seem to have your hands full, specially now after the city's attack. I hope the guard you send will render fine. The man in charge of the guard, George at least seemed like a honourable man. But you know the foot folk... but well let's hope all goes fine and that this reinforcement is accepted with respect and recognition of your Association." Joachim says his goodbyes and leaves to meet his new friend Roulgok.

As he recovers his arms and readies them all he turns to the hobgoblin who surely was present. "Roulgok, I just spoke with Ulro... and well. You know how I wanted to learn a bit more of your language... Ulro suggested you might want to be my teacher, so what do you think?"

"Thank you," Ulro replies. "If you can get Pirkin's Armor for me, for us, we would be extremely grateful. It is a nice suit of armor, true, but the historical, and symbolic, value of it exceeds any measure of coin."
"I'm sure we can work out the details later, as you say,"
Ulro adds. "Maybe not in coin, true, but perhaps a barter of services...anyway, I'm counting my chickens before they hatch!" the Goblin laughs.

"It seems things are going rather well now...I hope they stay that way!" the AAGP chief exclaims, saying his goodbyes to Joachim as the Paladin heads off again...

Roulgok turns his head to the side in confusion as Joachim speaks, wondering what he was getting at.
"A teacher?" he says, not quite comprehending. "I am not a teacher...I am a warrior!" he shouts, slapping his chest.

"Why would Ulro say such a thing!?"

"Well, yes ... No ... Well I meant." Joachim says a bit startled by the Hobgoblins reaction "Since I want to learn your language, and since I will be venturing around and likely will encounter many more of your kind like Granko and his clan, and since Ulro told me you were perhaps getting bored by your job as it was, you could come with me and teach me your language while at the same time helping the AAGP recruiting more goblins for your causes. At the same time you surely would be having more action then sitting around here all day." Joachim adds last with a short wink.

Joachim straps his new greatsword around his back. He casually adds "Right now I think we will be going after the people who ordered the attack of this city, due to witch your companions died at the gates. Any help if appreciated ... how do you guys say? ...
I used the translater linked before this word. Also spend one rank on goblin so I think J. might have picked up some words in all the goblin talk so far

"...Oh..." Roulgok grunts. "Why didn't you just say so?"
"You want me to be your bodyguard and missionary, is that it?"
he asks, smiling wryly.

"I think I could manage that!"

"That is great. I'll come and pick you up once we are leaving town, it would surely be a bore for you to watch my shopping errands as well as the preparations for the trip." Joachim smiles. And gives the hobgoblin a warm handshake and a clap on the
Do I get a CS? Or should I make one? With what limitations etc.

Ulro nods happily at Joachim's return, his eyes lighting up when he sees the Armor and
The full Orcbane set, I'm assuming
accompanying pieces, blood-red and in perfect condition.
"Ahh...Pirkin's Armor!" he exclaims, grabbing and feeling its quality. "You again have my thanks, friend Joachim!" Ulro adds, smiling broadly.
"This wonderful armor allowed Pirkin dominion over his enemies, and he was a great King. Wise, strong, and with a clear head...until one day he simply went mad with power, as the legends say, and lost his life shortly thereafter."

Still smiling, Ulro takes the mass of red armor, calling on one of his Hobgoblin attendants to help him. Together, the pair affix Ulro into Pirkin's Armor, adjusting straps and buckles to his particular size. In a few minutes, Ulro looks ready for battle, encased in bright-red armor from head to toe, thick crimson bracers atop his wrists, a wicked shortsword held in his right hand.

"'s it look?" he asks, looking at Joachim inquisitively.

Joachim nods "Fit's you well master Ulro" smiles. The paladin had walked up to the window while the other had been equipped looking out his hands crossed over his back. His thoughts took him back to his wife.

Now though he saw the small goblin and was reminded of the here and now. "It cost me quiet a bit to get it back", Joachim says while scratching the back of his head. "Well not more then we had gotten for it, but back then the money was divided by our group, now instead I had to pay it all out of my pocked." the paladin contemplates out aloud what had happened. "But I am happy you got back your heirloom. Let's just hope that it doesn't carry the same bad omen upon you as it has to your antecedent" Joachim smirks. "But truth protects those just, as they say, right?"

Joachim smiles again.


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