The AAGP Chronicles

"Calm down, there is no need for weapons." Joachim laughs as he steps up to Raz. He had followed quietly behind the Cleric still thinking about the tip the Goblins had gotten. Like a small Ape collecting the coin of the applauding spectators of a street performance. They were paying entrance to see some kind of show. And indeed it was. There were the Hobgoblins, and they acted all human. Sitting around a table and speaking as if they were of the same race as he was. Then the way how they asked about the food. Ok the act with them reaching for weapon was a bit over his taste of humour but he took it lightly. They sure were tamed and harmless since they coexisted with the remaining town.

"Well we came by this establishment, about a day ago. It was a suggestive name. So I thought we look in and see what this place is all about. I find it marvellous, until now." then as if he was forgetting to say something in particular he held in and thought for a moment. Should he follow the act and declare his name? "How unpolite of me I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Joachim Laross, Paladin ex-soldier of the Neverwinter militia." Bowing down swinging his right hand the blond man tops of his speech.

"And I'm Raz." the human replies, pausing for a moment as he grasps his head as if in pain.

Setting the cask down, he pours himself a huge mug of honey mead with his right hand and a large chunk of steaming meat in his left, figuring the food and drink would do him some good.

"I figured you'd be interested. That's why I brought it. Have at it!"
he says with a smile.

"Why don't you tell me a bit about what ya do here. And then maybe I can tell you a bit about my faith and all the joys that can be known from a life of excess."
he says with a smile.

The Hobgoblin listens attentively, but furrows his brow at Joachim's declaration that he no longer found this place marvelous.

"For someone so forward, you are quick to insult...then again, you're from Neverwinter, so I would expect no less," he says, turning away from Joachim.

Raz makes the next introduction, and the Hobgoblin nods at his words, a couple of his teeth poking up out of his mouth in what might be a slight smile.
"Raz, eh? Welcome, friend, and so good of you to bring food!" he exclaims.
Turning around, he signals to his companions, and they grab the remainder of the meat and drink, lugging it carefully into one of the back rooms, returning moments later and closing the door behind them.

"We appreciate your kind gift, friend Raz. You say you wish to know more about our organization?"
"Well, much like our name says, our group tries to make the world safer and more comfortable for all Goblinkind, even those who may resist such change."

The priest returns the look of hobgoblin, tears beginning to well up in his eyes...

"My food... My mead..."
he says, pointing towards the other room, worried that he will not get another pull from the barrel.

The look of sadness quickly changes to anger, as the massive human says "If you want a world safer for all goblin-kind, you best be bringing the food and mead back here, NOW. Otherwise, I can think of a few goblin-kind that could have put themselves in mortal jeopardy.

That was for us to share together, not for you to do something stupid like save it for hard time"
he says, drawing up to his full height to look down at the hobgoblin menacingly.

Joachim stands there not knowing why he had insulted the other, at all. What could have possibly have been rude. Then it struck."I ..." he held in. "It was not my intention to ínsult you in no way. I might have chosen the wrong words to express what I wanted to say. Perhaps instead of until now, so far would be more fitting. I mean I am just loving this experience. It is not everyday that you meet someone the likes of your group." Joachim still has a smile on his face but starts looking for the supervising human he was expecting all along.

"And thus I find it a renewing experience, not wanting to insult you in any way or speak bad of your group, as I am but a humble guest wishing to be caught in awe like I am by the splendour of your establishment." Then the paladin eyes his friend. why the hell so upset it is not like he is not able to summon up more... but leaving him alone.

His smile had faded a bit. But his good mode prevailed.

Lorem had frowned a little when he had realized that he had spent his gold for nothing, but rolled his eyes when the priest wanted it to be consumed as soon as possible.

"Well, it's nice to know that you're trying to overcome the usual reputation that accompagnies goblinkind."

The Hobgoblin's expression sours at Raz's words, and he too rises up to his full height, his chest puffing outward menacingly, as his companions do the same.
"Come now, mage, surely you can conjure up another meal for yourself!" he replies. "Just because I'm not a pale-faced human, should I have no knowledge of magic? Hah!"

The Hobgoblin pauses for a moment, and reflecting on Raz's size and apparent hunger. Perhaps this one isn't to be toyed with...

"If you truly desire to know more of our group, I can arrange a meeting with our leader. If, however, you simply wish to wander from room to room, admiring the scenery and giving false gifts..."

Lorem nods, seeing that maybe it was time to get into the conversation.

"A meeting with your head would be perfect, yes." Lorem thought about the thing. If they could get some kind of alliance of accordance with that organization they could get out of it several beneficts, depending on its size.

"Indeed a meeting with your head would be a splendid occasion, although I would not mind to see the remaining of your establishment all the same. Perhaps a guided tour? I mean I am sure a cunning person as your leader must be, I sure can imagine him to show us his work..." Joachim has the idea of a eccentric genial wizard who pulled a harmless joke in the name of his social research on this towns community and at the same time on the domesticabability of these animals.

He then looks around, "Does he share your company or should we seek him out ... somewhere else? I mean, if he lives here please be so kind as to guide us to his room. If not a mere address shall suffice and we shall be on our way to return later on to complete our sight seeing." Joachim continues in his polite mannerism and has regained his good mood although he thought for moments they were of to face a mob of goblinoid creatures.

"Very well then...follow me," the Hobgoblin answers, turning towards the back of the room, and motioning for you to accompany him. A second Hobgoblin falls in behind you, leaving their companion on guard duty.

Following the Hobgoblin, you ascend the stairs you saw earlier, their winding and circular design sufficient to slightly disorient you. Reaching the top, your guide continues forward, bringing you into another small room.
Much like downstairs, the focal point of the room is a small desk manned by three Hobgoblins, each wide awake and fully alert. As your group enters from the stairs, they rise warily, looking you up and down.

Presently, one of them barks at you in thick Orc, pointing at your weapons. Though the meaning is relatively clear, the Hobgoblin that brought you up
Leave your weapons here! No weapons in the presence of the Leader!
translates it anyway, so there can be no doubt as to what the creatures demand.


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