The AAGP Chronicles

Raz smiles, holding his hands open as he spreads his arms out wide. The edges on his spiked armor nearly gleam as he says with a smirk "I am unarmed"

Joachim shrugs.. "No harm done, I just expect you to return these afterwards. Also do think twice before you temper with us, this being said her you go..." the paladin's expression gets rough as stone and he looses all friendliness he had before, for moments. As his words of advice are spoken and he proceeds to give his weapons up he is back in his cheery mood. Starting to unpack his gear.

He starts with his bow. It was worn crossways over his chest, so he took his time not to make to much noise with his armor and all. Then it was time for the arrows "Not that I will need them without the bow, but I heard that once a troll was killed with one of these in close combat." he whistles in awe before his own statement looking like a lunatic for a moment.

Then it is time for his short sword. "Hey I bought it for half price from a friend who did not need it anymore" he contemplates as he realises the size of it. He gets his shield from over his back and looks over to the goblinoids "You can take this as well for now, don't want to squish your boss or anything." following is a much smaller dagger, Joachim simply shrugs, you never knew.

"Oh and yeah this is the last of it... " Joachim throws a spear up onto the stack of his weaponry. His face telling truly that he forgot about the greatsword that was placed under the shield as well on his back. Only as some grunts and pointing hobgoblins remember him he opens his hands apologising. "It is just ... I mean ... I am just so used to her." he seems almost sad to have to give his weapon away and does take his time to do so. This had to be a wizard, Joachim thought, why else would he be so afraid of melee weapons, also only wizards were this paranoid. He holds on to his blade firmly before letting it go with a sight as one of the hobs takes it from him.

He then turns to Raz and Lorem, "Well I am all set, shall we?"

"..." Lorem frowns a little, but he sighs and lets down his bow, his sword, and his arrows. "Here you go." He pouted. He liked his bow.

The Hobgoblins watch patiently as you hand over your weapons, placing them on the desk until it is covered in metal. Several of them stare longingly at the fine blades, recoiling at a glance from their apparent commander.

The head of this group, along with the first Hobgoblin you met, urge you on forward, pointing to another door at the back end of the room. The door itself is the first thing that stands out, a solid-looking work of steel and gold, a match of nightmarishly-beautiful proportions. The interwoven gold within the lancets of steel shines in the presence of light, flecks of yellow and strands of grey.
Two huge orbs hang upon the door, each serving as a handle and knocking mechanism, their massive weight enough to alert anyone in the building. The two Hobgoblin guards stride ahead of you, each placing their hands upon one of the orbs, and with a gentle push the door smoothly opens, admitting you to the Grand Attendance Hall of the AAGP.

A massive room of enormous proportion, its size seems larger than the building itself, a massive arena surely bigger than the walls surrounding it.
A thick blue fuzz envelops the entire floor of this place, soft to the touch and smooth on the skin. Upon this fuzz, dozens of chairs, tables, and couches stand in various arrangements, filling each of the four corners of the room.
Cutting a path through this mess, massive rugs of flowing red, one from each side of the room, all meeting in the center.

All around the outside walls, huge silver-encrusted windows, each offering incredible views of Saerb. Situated near the center of the entire town, each window offers a distinct and unfettered vantage point, a view unrivaled in all of the city.

And in the center of the room, a grand throne perched on a thick wooden base. At its front, gold lionheads carved into the armrest, the legs of the chair lion-like in appearance as well. Thick red cushions support the weight of its occupant easily, richly engraved with patterns and crests. The back, high and strong, the crown on its summit a mere gesture to the power of the chair's occupant.

For all its elegance, the room has but a single occupant other than yourselves and your escort - a small green goblin, nearly drowning in a royal robe ten sizes too big, perched neatly upon the throne, his snores echoing royally.

Joachim steps forwards. He looks at the green creature. A GOBLIN? unwilling to believe that his idea of a wizard is wrong he looks at the little thing on the throne and asks bluntly "Say little fellow where is your master?"

He lost his polite manner of speaking due to his surprise. How could that be true? A mere goblin? Ruler of such an organization? Then again he had thought this all to be, but a freak show planned by amusement of some eccentric wizard. Now he was afraid of the sheer madness that was unravelling. The size of the place. The succeeding guard posts they passed. The magnitude of this hall, the splendour of the throne. The idea of wild animals organizing in such manners. He had known tribes and even some smaller villages of goblins or hobgoblins, but this was beyond his comprehension. Even them working together was but a hoax to him. All that seemed missing was the orcs claiming their right to be here as well ... and they'd have a ball all together.

Joachim looked over to his companions. There was something terribly wrong, and they had not even got their weapons. They were in the presence of a probably radical group that planned to overthrow their entire race. Starting with this town. And as one frightening thought led to another Joachim stood there looking troubled at the shape on the throne.

Joachim's words carry through the air to the goblin's ear, but they only serve to wake him from his slumber. Yawning mightily, the little fellow smacks his lips and stretches his arms. Once his eyes are open, however, he quickly brings his attention to the group assembled at his door, a pair of Hobgoblins and a trio of strangers.

He swivels in his seat, swinging the huge robe as he turns, and
All that Lorem can garner from the harsh words is that the goblin is extremely upset at strangers being brought in unannounced, and is threatening to have the two Hobgoblin guards killed.
yells angrily at the two guards, a fierce torrent of grunts, sighs, and finger-jabs.

The outburst concluded, one of the Hobgoblins turns to you, bowing his head.
"Announce yourselves, that my master may deal with you."

"I'm Raz, the guy who your men just took all that food from. Who the hell are you?" , the priest growls loudly
Not sure if he understood what the guy was saying, but I figured I'd post anyway
assuming in response, loud enough so the goblin leader could hear.

"My name is Lorem, the one who loved his weapons... Well, we're not here to be harmed, right?" He shugged his shoulders, while taking in more of their surroundings.

Last Joachim steps closer. The paladin bows, not to deeply. It appeared clear that the person in charge was ether not present or rather a creature sitting on the throne in the same room. The man in shiny armor did not like the way he was being talked at, specially not since it was an imperative coming from a creature Joachim saw inferior to him. It was like a dog ordering him to sit... just wrong. Unwillingly he obeyed. "My name is Joachim Laross Paladin of the good name and faith in purity of people, defender of the weak and aider of those in need. We have come here to find out more about your organization, driven by the sheer interest and surprise to find such as your kind living among ... " Joachim was thinking of saying civilisation but had to hold in since it probably would offend anyone of some intellect be it of what race it was, specially a goblin who just had awoken. "... among the people of such a humble town. So I ask you if you could give us some clarification of your goals, plans and overall some insight of what your organization does and what it is, I would be most grateful. Am I correct to assume that you are the leader? You must excuse me since my knowledge of your language is none and I am not to sure what I am supposed to acknowledge."

The paladin had spoken in the faith that his words were understood as previously by the guards. He had his doubts about the goblin being the true leader, but supposed he was the presiding member, even though the idea of a wizard behind this all was not thrown aside.

Staring wordlessly as you introduce yourselves, the goblin then turns to his Hobgoblin lieutenant, who attempts a crude translation of your words. Again,
"The loud fat human is called Raz, able to conjure food and drink from nothing as a wizard."
"The quiet one is called Lorem, and the other Joachim."
"All three are warriors, but we have taken their weapons, Master. They say they want to know more about us, Master..."
Lorem quietly translates for you, turning the Hobgoblin's condensed Orc into audible Common.

The small goblin nods in acknowledgment, then is silent for a moment. He then barks out several phrases in Goblin, pointing to the three of you and then to the door.
Looking confused, the Hobgoblin hesitates, but at another bark from the goblin he turns his attention to you.

"Prove yourselves worthy of a proper audience with my Master, humans."
"You must each perform one feat, of your choice, without your weapons. You must perform them now, or leave immediately."

The goblin on the throne smiles, casually folding his arms into each other, awaiting the first performance.

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