The AAGP Chronicles

Raz sways his head around, taking in the atmosphere of the room for a moment, a bit bored by the converstation of the others.

Shifting his attentions from his mug to the food, he grabs an entire ham in his meaty fist and focuses his meager attention on his meal, oblivious to everything else.

Seeing that some of the company was more intent on the food than on his words, Ulro clears his throat and rises from the table.

"It was very well to meet you three," he says, nodding, "but I am afraid I have other business to attend to today."
"If you are still in town, perhaps I will call upon you some day?"

Raz rises from his seat, his face filled with ham and he nods to the goblin. Pausing his chewing only long enough to scratch himself contentedly, he starts to move towards the door.

Joachim is disturbed by the goblin joke. At first he is about to get up and complain but then he realises it was just a joke. Anyway there were many loose ends and the other guy getting blind of a sudden seemed strange to him. And you could have a blind one leading all the same. For what he knew of the goals there was not much to loose sight of. But who was he to doubt of something he did not know. Perhaps it was for the best if he stayed in the dark. All the same it was a bit too cocky for his taste of stating there was no much option besides that leader. He swallowed it and stayed silent.

It would seem the conversation was over. At least he had nothing more to reveal. And as the goblin stated he had other business it was just right for the paladin. He joined Raz following him. He hoped he might find all his weapons intact and in good order, just as he had left them.

"You do that, we might just have time for some extra work, some coin is never missplaced when earned the honest way as well as I am never short helping someone out who needs it." Joachim explains. He then extends his arm and offers his hand in respectful goodbye "Fair well, that you goals might be achieved in harmony."

Ulro glances at Joachim's outstretched arm, wondering how to respond, but in the end decides to do nothing.
Nodding in agreement, he moves forward as the door to the Grand Hall opens once again, directing you out in the wake of your Hobgoblin guide.

The Hobgoblin leads you back to his desk, where one of his brethren seems to have taken a liking to Lorem's bow. Testing its weight and pull, looking down the sights, the Hobgoblin flexes his fingers around the grip.
His commander's loud footsteps, however, startle him, and he quickly returns the bow to its place in the weapon pile.

"Your weapons, undamaged,"
the Hobgoblin grunts, pointing to the piled steel.
"I hope your meeting went well, friends."

Joachim was not all to happy that the goblin did refuse to shake his hand. After all it was a symbol of unity and friendship. The paladin almost felt hurt inside. But customs changed from place to place and this was a guy they had only just met. He shrugs of the weird feeling and has forgotten the whole episode by the time he almost bursts out in tears as he is rejoined with his Greatsword. He then recovers his belonging one by one as he had unpacked them, storing them in the diverse place where he had gotten them from.

"It was a fruitful meeting. And I sure am no longer hungry." he replies.

"Yeah, time to go fire off a missile and make more room" Raz said through a mouth full of ham.

"Ehm... What's a missile?" Lorem resisted the urge to caress his bow and then focused on the anacronistic sentence by the cleric... And what did anacranistic mean? "Whatever. I'll just guess you mean ale and whores..."

"Y'ever seed a ballista a'fore? It's like a great big..."
Actually, missiles could be considered any weapon that flies to the air, including spears, etc. In context, it would refer to ballista bolts and catapult rocks, so it isn't anacronistic."
he begins, then drops it, realizing that Lorem has probably had too much to drink to know anyhow.

"Yeah, ale and whores. That's it."
he says, turning back to his ham.

"So where shall we be headed next? I guess the day is only half past and we might do some harm around town before we head back to the Inn. I doubt the others are already there, if they were not this morning why would they be at the moment." Joachim asks into the round as they are still in front of the goblins.

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