Invitation to the Dance

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Invitation to the Dance

The Golden Age of Knighthood - Forum
7th Sea
Ad Closes: Jun 28 '10
Estimated Members Requested: 6

The InvitationA crisp, light floral scent greets your nostrils as you open the wax-sealed outer envelope and extract the perfumed inner. The Grand Duke had never before spared any expense in making his events the most extravagant in all Theah, and this was no exception. The inner envelope is personally addressed to you in the most formal, title-bedecked manner possible--all in gold lettering that shimmers in the candlelight. Nestled within was the still-more-formal placard itself, written in strict Montaigne so as to be easily translated by even the most incompetent Avalon.
Mesdames et messieurs,

Bonjour et bienvenue au vingt-troisième Festival des Vaillants! Au cours des trois semaines suivantes, les plus grands chevaliers dans tous les royaumes--plus de cent vingt en tout--concurrencera pour le divertissement de sa majesté, Roi François Alexandre, et pour la bourse professionnelle de Sols d'or de dix-millièmes. Le tournoi se composera de trois étages: la lance, le macis, et l'épée. Seulement le champion dont la force des bras est sans pair émergera victorieux. Chaque soirée comportera un régal dans le pavillon grand, comportant des spécialités des quinze provinces Montaigneuse, avec la danse, la musique, et d'autres divertissements appropriés aux appétits les plus fins.

Nous faisons ainsi attendez avec intérêt la grace de votre présence au festival cette année, et demandent la faveur de votre réponse prompte afin d'assurer vos besoins soient correctement occupés.

Donné par ma main sur ceci l'onzième jour du mois de Quartus, en l'année quatorze cent quatre-vingt-sept,

Grand Duc Pierre Montalban de Crieux
Vivent le Roi!

Ten thousand Sols... a most magnificent sum indeed, but far less valuable than the honor of victory and the favor of the richest and most powerful nobles of Montaigne. And it is said that high nobles of other nations will be attending this year, including the Crown Princess Anna of Castille. Never known for her love of the arts of combat, rumor has it she has set her sights on the youngest son of Roi François Alexandre and that the visit is merely a pretense for their courtship...

Greetings, fellow Myth-Weavers, and welcome to The Golden Age of Knighthood! This is a
Classic, not d20
7th Sea game for 4-6 players. Set in a time of relative peace, turmoil lurks beneath the surface of every noble pretense. Politics and strength of arms come face to face in the great tourney and the events that follow. Are you ready for the games, and the Game?

SettingThe Golden Age of Knighthood is set in the 7th Sea universe, approximately two hundred years before the common era. Gunpowder and firearms are not yet technologies in common use, and swordsmen still favor armor and the longsword over the lightning-fast fencing weapons that would come to dominate future combat.
Group TemplateThe selected group will consist of characters that best fit the theme and offer the most potential for intrigue and involvement in the dramatic setting. Not all characters are required to be knights participating in the tournament, but should have freedom of movement to enable the group to remain together without straining the credulity of the social system. (For example, it would be exceedingly difficult for a young noblewoman to run off from her family and handlers, but her chambermaid might be allowed to do so--if there's something in it for the noble!)
Character CreationStandard 100HP buy, as modified by the House Rules below.
ApplicationCompleted applications must contain:
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Physical Description. Be detailed.
  • Background Story, including how the hero came to be at the Festival des Vaillants. Playing the game of 20 questions from the Player's Guide is a great start, but I will give preference to prose.
  • A brief (1-2 paragraph) writing sample that describes how your character would enter the grand pavilion as his/her name (or that of his/her lord/lady) is introduced by the majordomo to a smattering of polite applause from the assembled guests.

Sheets/proto-sheets are not required at the application stage. Focus on giving the character depth and interest, and the rest will follow naturally. If you do elect to work on skills, make note of the invitation closely; it would be unfortunate for a knight to lack the requisite abilities to compete in the tournament events, after all!
HouserulesThe following rules are in effect as a result of the earlier epoch:
  • Firearms and the associated skills/backgrounds/advantages/etc. are not available.
  • Non-Eisen heroes may purchase armor. The armor rules in effect are from the Cathay supplement and are summarized in the game forum for convenience. Note that armor other than Dracheneisen carries encumbrance penalties. Armor (non-Dracheneisen) may also be purchased for cash within the context of the game.
  • No more than half-blooded sorcerous heritage may be taken.
AddendaNone at this time.

Applications should be posted here. Questions regarding the setting, game, etc. should be posted in this advertisement thread.

Status: We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
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A Game of Thrones - 7th-Sea style!

I'm in if I can choose from the myriad concepts that popped into my head when I read this.

May submit a herald type character who is also the knight(s) right hand man in battle and peacetime(assuming the group has one or more). Lots of reason to move around and interact with others and can do introductions like the guy did in A Knights Tale. Never played 7th-Sea but would like to learn. Is magic going to be allowed since you mentioned sorcerer lineage.

Working on a Vesten swordsman, but it's over 90 out and I don't have AC. My brain is a little frazzled right now.

EDIT: How do you want us to handle secret parts of our background?

Oooh, 7th Sea. I might have to dust off my Vendel swordsman for this...

Mmm, interest!

@YinBrother: Yes, sorcery is allowed, but only half-blooded. The player's guide explains the difference between half and full blooded heritages.

@tsuyoshikentsu: Put them in private tags along with the rest of the background.

@relekorlagunis: The time setting of this game pre-dates Vendel, but if you're willing to regress the character to a somewhat more barbaric state it's probably not out of the question.

I'll advise that half-blooded sorcery, by the standard 7th Sea rules, kind of screws you over for the cost. I'd say look at Glamour, Runes or Pyerem to get the most of for your points.

Also, for the curious who'd rather not dig through the books to see what each nation was up to around 1468 (is that the official year for this game?) here's a timeline.

Having read over the magic I find that it isn't worth the cost, at least not for someone just starting in the system. Gonna go the route of the herald/right hand man role. If we all end up from different nations are we going to be playing as a team still? If so, should we focus on filling specific roles? If the answer is yes to both, can we get a roster to be filled?

I don't have a preconceived notion of how the "party" will turn out. It will likely take some massaging of background stories to intertwine them properly, along with a good understanding on my part of character motivations so everyone will be interested in resolving the drama.

And a herald is fine, either for an NPC knight or one of the PCs should there be an appropriate one.

Check rog. More than anything I need to read up on the different nations to determine a back story. Off the top of my head, are there any wars going on? Thinking of having him as part of a mercenary group, would make it easier for him to shift around and end up in the service of someone else (another PC) instead of requiring too much change to his story, if any at all. Also, if anyone is looking to build a knight let me know and we can link up our characters some.


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