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Looking to find Qualified co-dm

Looking to find Qualified co-dm

Okay, I am more then sure this isnt the place to post this but Iam sure the gods of sorting witll guide it to the proper place as i cannot find what is most appropriate.

Bassically I need a co-dm or 2, I am running a completly self made campaign, the good part is that as co-dm you can add whatever parts you want i have a continent map build and key things logged, but the rest of the map is open content to be filled in with whatever you want, this is a project i have been working on since i was 11 and i would love some outside input by which we can craft this to be a very well fleshed out setting for future generations of my family and friends to use.

sappy crap aside, who wants god powers? lol 10th level campaign lots of home brew stuff, sandbox and steampunk this is a world of everything where all things are present and the hordes of demons well up from a mistake 2 thousand years ago thank you for reading this far and i look forward to any input i can get on this subject

What rules and books are you using? For that matter, is it based on a published gaming system or are the mechanics homebrew? (10th level means something completely different when you have 20 levels compared to 99. Or 999.)

ah yes sorry an over sight its using 3.5 D&D and there is no level cap players start at 10 and advance from there till they get sick of playing. rules iam using an amalgamation of different books, any hard copy pupblished book that is compatible with 3.0/3.5 once i learn enough of pathfinder i will adopt the needed changes but for now 3.5, i borrow heavily from Dragon mech from swords and sorcery, and iron kingdoms by privateer press for running my firearms and mechanical combat other then that, if you have something you want to play from other campaigns eberron forgotten realms dragonlance i will bring them in as seperatecontinets or if to unique to coinside with the realms a seperate material plane

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