Adding Game Settings

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  1. Begin by adding a link from the GM's Game Settings page.
    1. First follow this link (GM's Game Settings) and click the "edit" link at the right of the page for the section header in which you want to include your game.
    2. Now you will create a forward link (link to page that doesn't yet exist) to your page. To create a forward link, enter two opening square brackets. Next enter the name of your game setting, this will form the page name, link and title. Finally close the brackets (type two closing square brackets). So if you intend your page to be called "my page" enter [[my page]], this will then show a red link.
    3. Click the show preview button to check if your forward link is correct (it should be a red hyperlink as there is no page at the other end). If the page looks correct click "Save page" to save it.
  2. Now click the forward link you just created. This will take you to an edit of your new page.
    1. Enter content in the edit window, preview often.
    2. When finished click "Save page" to create your page.
  • You can return and review the page as often as you like as well as view a full history and perform comaprisons and undo back to any point. The tabs at the top of the panel provide access to edit and history functions.

Examples of possible content:

Here is a blank settings page you can use as a template or you can check some of the other pages as everything is editable, just take care not to change things by accident(though we can roll back changes anyway).

More info on editing pages and what tags are available can be found in the Wiki Editing page.

If you use this page and feel things are missing or could be clearer feel free to change it, that's what a wiki is for.