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A young woman watches quietly as her elders converse. One of them, like her, is dead, but nonetheless lively and enthusiastic. The other has a life of sorts, an alien one, his tall hat, fine red coat and attendant trail of sewage all a dark reflection of the city, his city. This is not the first time that they've met, and it won't be the last. London is ill, though too proud to admit it, and the Doctor, in mortal terms old beyond belief but really quite young, thinks he knows why. From the shadows another watches, ostensibly a guardian, but all know that he has motives of his own. The woman waits for the moment, still a child but eager to learn.

Elsewhere in the city another of the restless dead, kindred of the watcher, cuts into his palm and squeezes thick, reluctant blood into a glass. The men who he commands to drink have little idea what they have done, but even if they understand it would not stop them. Like him, they are more concerned with power than with their souls, and will go to any lengths to fulfil their dreams. But he hasn't dreamt since he died two months ago, and his actions have been aimless and automatic. All he knows is violence, and indeed it is his birthright. He will burn bright, and burn fast.

The blood-drinkers scheme in the shadows, but others pretend to be more open about it. A grand building in the centre of London houses both the Royal Society and another, far more powerful. It is into this that an American is inducted, standing awed for a second before taking his place amongst his peers, an equal in a society of giants. They are men and women who command the very fabric of reality, but still they struggle to agree on even the simplest of matters, and thus begin to slide into ruin, much as their ancestors once did.

There are others, as well, those who would take a predatory form and stalk the night. The noblest in many ways, perhaps, but out of their element here in the city and forced to obey the ancient pacts of distant creatures. Most of these sleep, but one stirs, a mockery of the nobility that spawned it. Below, in the sewers and forgotten passages, they fight, a mechanical nightmare made real pitted against tooth and claw. One, leader of a pack that still resents his unfortunate promotion, dreams of something more, a single nation united in their purpose.

For centuries, London and those who dwell within it have slept. Quiet power struggles and concealed gambits have played out, but there has been no real change since the time of empire. As the new millennium dawns, it is becoming obvious that something will have to give, but it is not yet at all clear that it will be the Stagnant City itself.

A New World of Darkness crossover game set in London and the surrounding areas, Comrades in Darkness has now grown to the size where a wiki is required to keep track of things. Mostly these pages will be used to detail NPCs and their connections to one another, but it may also hold other information as time goes on. Information here will be that known in-character to at least someone in the game, and so may appear somewhat incomplete.

It would be appreciated if these pages aren't edited by anyone not involved in the game, unless they have good reason to do so. Below are links to the different societies of London, and the characters within them. A map of the Stagnant City with notable locations marked can be found here.


The Damned

London's kindred are an insular, traditional group, dominated by the centuries old rule of the Invictus. Even the Carthians can seem dated, most of them preferring the old liberal tradition to any modern creed of fellowship and brotherhood. The Lancea Sanctum and the Ordo Dracul sit, fat and contented, at the side of the Invictus, happy, for the most part, in their accepted roles as the mind and soul of the establishment. Only the Circle of the Crone are truly unhappy, living in exile as punishment for a forgotten crime, and not daring to set foot in London.

  • The Lancea Sanctum
    • The Father
  • The Unaligned
    • Laurentiu
    • The Moroi
      • Cusith
      • Max
      • Heath
      • Brick Saddler
    • Macha
  • The Circle of the Crone
    • Newney Green
      • Cerid
      • Louis
    • Hamptstead Heath
      • The Bale Hound
    • The Manor
      • 'The Lady'

The Forsaken

London's werewolves live insular lives, each pack content with the territory it possesses, and less focused than expansion then most of their kind. The Pure, for the most part, stick to the country, whilst the Hosts fight their cold war in peace, Azlu and Beshilu alike often too busy fighting each other to threaten the hunters.

  • The Royal Borough
    • Ussa Inyala
    • Sleeping Crow
    • Bloody Johnson
    • Rachel Purevoice
    • Heinrich Chooser
    • (Levin)
  • The Katz Family
    • Mr. Katz
    • (Fred Katz)
  • The River Boys
    • ?
  • Tian Di Hui
    • Yuanshi
    • 'Fox-Lady'
  • Jerusalites
    • Deamus
    • Sean
  • The Shepherds
    • Nagti

The Awakened

The Grand London Consilium has a glorious history, but has become lazy, its structure, once revolutionary, now just a hindrance on getting any business done. They vote democratically, and are ruled by five Silver Ladder cabals, commanded to each have only three members of one Watchtower, in the hope of preventing any single party dominating the consilium. It works, but as a result there are no true leaders, and no-one truly responsible for anything.

  • The Silver Ladder
    • The Solid Point
    • The Mindful Point
      • Mr. Sky
      • Wave
      • Afhal
    • The Forceful Point
      • Odena
      • Aros
      • Wurdis
    • The Soulful Point
      • Kali
      • Than
    • The Sunken Point
      • Gavreel Tenabrim
  • The Guardians of the Veil
    • The Lord and Lady Tristan
      • Lord Tristan
      • Lady Tristan
  • The Adamantine Arrow
    • The Aviary
      • Eagle-a powerful Obrimos who serves as Heart and leader of the cabal
      • Sparrow-a young Acanthus who serves as the cabal's Hand and healer
      • Vulture-a rugged old Mastigos who serves as the cabal's Fist and guardian
      • Raven-a slightly demented Moros scholar who serves as the cabal's Head, and at one time second in command
      • Owl-a devout Thyrsus shaman who serves as the cabal's Eye and is the first line of spiritual defence
  • The Mysterium
  • The Free Council
      • Z (Tsen Coughlin)
  • Apostates
    • The Wizard
    • The Baron
    • Zarathustra

The Herd

  • London Pride Taxis
    • Ducker
  • Malik
  • Mick Silverston
  • Jumping Jimmy
  • Sammy's Gang
    • Dix
    • Sammy
  • Ghouls
    • Rip
    • Selena

The Vigilant

  • The Cainites
    • Amir
    • Michael
    • Allen
    • Rick
  • 'The DPI'
    • DS Mitchell
  • Lucifuge
    • Isandro Guzman
    • Danzig Heller
    • Florence Shannoran
    • Karl Narth
  • Malleus Maleficarum
    • Brother Peter
    • Thomas Parris
  • 'The Apostles of Zion
    • (A Long Night cell drawn from an evangelical Nigerian church)
  • Unclassified
    • Arron Small
    • Brian
    • Thoth
    • Hermes
    • Lieutenant Joshua Belize

The Other

  • The Archivist
  • The Gatekeeper
  • The Spirit of London
  • London Burning

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