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Take a look at the wikipedia page for Nathan Hale (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathan_Hale). I already provided you with an example aspect for him, "...but one life to give...", and explained what it meant.

Now it's your turn.

A) Invent an aspect for Nathan Hale, and explain where it comes from and why its an important element of who he is or what he represents. Provide at least one positive and one negative interpretation.

B) Chose at least one other person's effort and provide criticism, suggestions, and compliments.

Criticism should be (and be taken as) constructive, and compliments are a must.

Please post your efforts in the appropriate DFRPG thread in the Gaming Discussion sub-weave. If you are late to the party, now's a good time to start!

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Here are some examples of aspects created for this Homework assignment, and the discussion that resulted.

Author : prof cephalopod
Date : Aug 1 '12 1:29pm
"Light and Truth:
Yale's motto "lux et veritas". Nathan hale was a Yale man through and through and a driven religious individual. His ties to the love of teaching quite possibles to him not participating in the fighting at the siege of Boston. However his brotherhood with former a former classmate is proported to be te reason he signe up for his more intensive position of spy. He believes in the truth that freedom was worth dying for and that it was gods will.
Okay so this is a pretty broad aspect entailing both his love of teaching and te fraternity of Yale graduates and their unifying beliefs and the underlying truth of the quote for light an truth he wanted to stay on a path of light and goodness working torwards truth.
Date : Aug 1 '12 1:37pm
@Prof - I like the Aspect, but you need the background that you gave for examples of how it could be invoked/compelled.
I might go with something like Through God's Will, The Truth be Won to represent both his pursuit of the truth, as well as his religious belief that God is driving one to always strive for the truth, no matter how inconvenient it might be personally.

Author : prof cephalopod
Date : Aug 1 '12 1:51pm

Okay, I see your point what if we split his loyalty to schooling and the religious aspects of this aspect into 2 different aspects?

So I assume it's okay that I hold off on any criticisms until I feel everyone who's going to post has? Or should Greyfield an I just offer critics for eachothers?

Also would you like us to come up with more?

Author : AugustusGloop
Date : Aug 2 '12 7:35am
Don't feel like you're restricted to what I ask in the homeworks. Do as many as you like and add anything you like. More examples would be great. If you want to add criticism or suggestions to everyone who comes along, you are welcome to. This is my first time doing something like this so your criticism of the process is mandatory!

Author : Ttory_Seller
Date : Aug 2 '12 8:40am

Nathan Hale started as a teacher, and it was said that he wasn't sure that he wanted to fight in the war. For that, I would use an Aspect of The Pen, Not the Sword or perhaps something along the lines of Reluctant to Fight, Eager to Teach.

Author : prof cephalopod
Date : Aug 2 '12 10:21am
See that's awesome The Pen Not the Sword, is a very similar feel to what I was trying to include in the Yale motto aspect I came up with. But with you guys's advice I see that I was trying to shoehorn entirely too much into 1 aspect.

Author : Ttory_Seller
Date : Aug 2 '12 11:01am

Creating Aspects takes a lot of practice, and I find it almost always goes best when you do it collaboratively. :)

Trying to make an Aspect cover too much is *really* easy to do, I still find myself doing it pretty often. The trick is to step back, realize that you have a lot of Aspects that will help to define your character, and focus on the high spots of the personality.

Author : AugustusGloop
Date : Aug 3 '12 1:34am
Trying to make an Aspect cover too much is *really* easy to do, I still find myself doing it pretty often. The trick is to step back, realize that you have a lot of Aspects that will help to define your character, and focus on the high spots of the personality.
Try not to fall into the trap of "if it's not an aspect, it's not important". Keep your aspects confined to things that are relevant to the plot of the game, and don't be afraid to give your character depth beyond them. My character, the scion of Prometheus, is a closet Tolkien nut, and the GM (Chee) is really feeding that in the current casefile. It's not an aspect, and it's not even mentioned in his background. It works though, and we're having fun.

Author : kriss1989
Date : Aug 3 '12 2:06am

Swinging outside my weight-class.

This aspect represents that a character with little or no supernatural powers is going up against things like trolls, vampires, and mad wizards that can just tear them apart in a direct fight. They are outclassed and they know it. It can be compelled for a fate point whenever your character goes to confront something like that. It can also be invoked however, because it also shows that you purposefully fight. You're 'taking a swing' at heavy things. It can be invoked to represent planning, determination, or the like. Whatever gives you even a slight edge against the big guys and makes you feel you can take them on.

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