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Supernatural Powers are like Mortal Stunts, but where Stunts tend to be situationally appropriate, Powers tend to be on or available all the time. Use great care when customizing them, it's very easy to unbalance them entirely and have an unintended affect on your campaign power level.

Once a mortal has taken a Supernatural Power, no matter how minor, they lose the Pure Mortal bonus to their refresh immediately.

Again, Evil Hat has allowed a Powers Cheat Sheet to exist, so I will recreate it here for your use. Page numbers are referenced so you can look these up in the book, and the [-#] is the refresh cost of the Power.


Creature Features (p162–165)

  • Addictive Saliva [-1] Fists maneuver, or weaponless Fists attack for mental stress. Out of combat, Deceit+2 vs. Discipline to inflict “Addicted” consequence. Tag “Addicted” for free once/scene.
  • Aquatic [-1] Doesn’t drown; ignore water-based borders.
  • Breath Weapon [-2] Weapon:2, one zone away.
  • Claws [-1] Weapon:2 for Fists attacks. Stacks with Strength!
    • Venemous [-2] Fists maneuver for “Poisoned” aspect. Each turn, free Fists vs. Endurance attack.
  • Diminutive Size [-1] +4 to Stealth to hide. +2 to to notice small details. Endurance capped at Mediocre for Stress boxes. Might is relative (-2 to -4 or worse). +1 to Athletics for dodging. Max 1 stress per attack (plus weapons).
  • Echoes of the Beast [-1] Better senes (+1). One extra

trapping. Assess beast motives.

  • Hulking Size [-2] +1 to be hit. +2 physical stress boxes. Border 1 for normal doors. +2 Might to lift/break, +1 Athletics to cover distance. +2 Intimidation. Mediocre Stealth, no more than 1 shift.
  • Living Dead [-1] Cannot heal. Cannot die (again). +1 Intimidation on mundanes, -1 on almost every social skill but Deceit. Each physical consequence boosts above by 1.
  • Pack Instincts [-1] +1 Alertness when near pack members. Communicate single words wordlessly. Locate pack members with Investigation. All or no pack members are surprised.
  • Spider Walk [-1] All surfaces are vertical with handholds.
  • Supernatural Sense [-1] Strange sense.
    • Strange Senses [-1] Up to three senses.
    • Broad Senses [-2] Up to a dozen (exclusive with Strange Senses).
  • Wings [-1] Fly with Athletics, ignoring some borders.

Strength (p183–184)

  • Inhuman Strength [-2] +3 to lift/break objects. Might+1 to grapple. 2-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds +1. +2 damage with muscles.
  • Supernatural Strength [-4] +6 to lift/break objects. Might+2 to grapple. 3-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds +2. +4 damage with muscles. Casual punches kill.
  • Mythic Strength [-6] +12 to lift/break objects. Might+3 to grapple. 4-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds +3. +6 damage with muscles. Casual punches kill.

Speed (p178)

  • Inhuman Speed [-2] +4 to initiative. +1 to Athletics, including dodging; +2 to sprint. No penalty for supplemental movement. -2 penalty for moving Stealth.
  • Supernatural Speed [-4] Always first. +2 to Athletics; +4 to sprint. Two zones free movement. -4 penalty for moving Stealth.
  • Mythic Speed [-6] Always first. +3 to Athletics; +6 to spring. Keep up with vehicle. Three zones free movement. No penalty for moving Stealth.

Toughness (p184–187)

  • The Catch [+?] Only specific defense: +2 Except specific: +0. Anyone can access: +2. Rare: +1. Very rare: +0. Dracula-known: +2. Research: +1. Know you: +0.
  • Inhuman Recovery [-2] Total recovery. Physical consequences are one level lower. Endurance never restricts from lack of rest. Skip a night of sleep. Once per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence.
  • Supernatural Recovery [-4] Consequences two levels lower. Skip a week of sleep. Twice per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence.
  • Mythic Recovery [-6] Recover all physical consequences. No sleep. Three times per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence.
  • Inhuman Toughness [-2] Armor 1. Two physical stress.
  • Supernatural Toughness [-4] Armor 2. Four physical stress.
  • Mythic Toughness [-6] Armor 3. Six physical stress.
  • Physical Immunity [-8] No stress or consequences unless Catch met. Stacked catch [+?]

Nevernever Powers (p170–171)

  • Demesne [-1] Auto-declarations about physical form of demesne. Discipline to place scene aspects, or as attack.
  • Spirit Form [-3] Incorporeal, but still affected by attacks. Must be visible to see. +2 to social actions based on your appearance.
    • Poltergeist [-2] Manipulate solids. Conviction instead of Might. Physical combat skills work.
  • Swift Transition [-2] Transition to the Nevernever from anywhere, not just tuned places.
    • No Mortal Home [+1] Discipline to avoid being pulled back to Nevernever.
  • Worldwalker [-2] Investigation or Lore to find weak spots. Make a rift once per scene. +2 to Lore or Survival for Nevernever geography.

Shapeshifting (p174–177)

  • Beast Change [-1] Shift to one form. Shuffle physical skills.
  • Demonic Co-Pilot [-1] +1 to any skill aligned with form or demon agenda. Defend against your own such rolls with Discipline, or take stress.
  • Flesh Mask [-1] As Red Court: pierced by attacks, restored in minutes. +2 to appearance on the unknowing. Can move underneath, Deceit vs. Stealth.
  • Gaseous Form [-3] One exchange to transform. Cannot attack/block. Physical Immunity, Fly, and Insubstantial. New Catch: bottles, fans, wind.
  • Human Form [+1] Some powers don’t work when human.
    • Rare or Involuntary Change [+1]
  • Human Guise [-0] Drops when powers are used.
  • Mimic Abilities [?] Eat power. Must lay hands on heart, brain, mojo, etc. 1 point to mimic skills or stunts.
  • Mimic Form [-2] Requires something significant: ideally blood, hair, skin. Deceit+4 (or worse, with bad fuel).
  • Modular Abilities [?] Overhead [-2]. Full action to change abilities. Creature Features, Minors, Speed, Strength, Toughness.
  • True Shapeshifting [-4] Free skill shuffle. Disguise at +4.

Spellcraft (p179–183)

  • Evocation [-3] p249
  • Thaumaturgy [-3] p261
  • Channeling [-2] one-element Evocation
  • Ritual [-2] one-subject Thaumaturgy
  • Lawbreaker [-1+] +1 to break that law. +2 if broken 3+ times, but [-1] and twist an aspect for every third breaking. +1 more if more than three laws are broken.
  • Refinement [-1] 1 element, 2 specializations (pyramid, lore cap), 2 focus slots, or 4 item slots.
  • Sponsored Magic [?] p287.

Faerie Magic (p166–167)

  • Glamours [-2] Veil with Discipline or Deceit; Disguise with Discipline or Deceit. Only self, things that belong to you, or those that have a pact with you.
  • Greater Glamours [-4] As Glamours at +2, or on a group. Create one object at a time from ectoplasm.
  • Seelie Magic [-4] Sponsored magic. Strong vs. Winter.
  • Unseelie Magic [-4] Sponsored magic. Strong vs. Summer.

Psychic Abilities (p172–174)

  • Cassandra’s Tears [-0] Predictions as an aspect on the world (p324). -2 to convince anyone this is real. Compellable.
  • Domination [-2] Given a helpless victim, use Discipline vs. Discipline for mental attack. Create one Renfield/day.
    • Master Dominator [-2] +2 to psychic attacks. Enhanced Renfields have Inhuman Strength and Recovery, one-month span. Three days to create each!
    • Posession [-3] +2 to psychic attacks. Must take Gaseous or Spirit Form, then take control.
  • Incite Emotion [-1] Touch, Intimidation/Deceit +2 vs. Discipline as maneuver or block.
    • Additional Emotion [-1+] Upgrades apply to all emotions.
    • Range [-1] one zone, no touch required
    • Lasting Emotion [-1] Attack+2 instead of Maneuver+2.
    • Potent Emotion [-1] Weapon 4 instead of Weapon 2. Requires Lasting Emotion.
  • Psychometry [-1] Assess object history with touch and time: Investigation, Good or better.
  • The Sight [-1] Lore+1 as Investigation. Free roll when touching supernatural. Open the Third Eye (p223).
  • Soulgaze [-1] See p226.
    • Application of the Sight [+1] Free with the Sight.

True Faith (p187–188)

  • Bless This House [-1] If conviction higher than base threshold, add +2 to threshold.
  • Guide My Hand [-1] Given time to pray, pure goals, selfless actions, 1 FP to use Conviction for any skill. No attacks or maneuvers. Can show up where needed without a FP.
  • Holy Touch [-1] Holy. Even with no Catch for Holy, bad things take 1-stress hit from touch. Compel their High Concept to hold them at bay.
  • Righteousness [-2] Pray and 1 FP to declare a purpose. Conviction complements actions towards that purpose until achieved or abandoned. If you must take severe or extreme, or friend/ally/innocent is taken out/concedes, pray: Zone Attack, Conviction vs. Discipline. Holy, physical, catchbusting. One/scene only.

Vampirism (p188–190)

  • Blood Drinker [-1] Fists or Weapons to draw blood. +1 to attack in subsequent exchanges. 1 extra stress on grappled target as free action. Once/scene, recover when killing. Discipline to control blood thirst.
  • Emotional Vampire [-1] Touch attack (Deceit/Intimidation), may combine with Incite Emotion. Later exchanges, continue to feed at +1. Once/scene, free recovery when killing.

Discipline to control emotion-thirst.

  • Feeding Dependency [+1] Hunger stress track, Discipline based. Each scene end, resist attack with total cost of abilities used with Discipline. Success: clear Hunger. Fail: take Hunger stress or consequences. Stress blocks powers. If taken out or no powers left, taken out. If compelled otherwise, strength is half the total of affected abilities. Recover 1 point per scene feeding off-screen, or all in one scene of killing.
  • Tattoos of St. Giles [-2] Visible warning. Bonus to others’ perception equal to your Hunger. +1 Discipline when defensive. Two extra Hunger stress. +1 Intimidation for those who know them. +1 to Lore for identifying threats, +2 vs. Red Court.

Items of Power (p167–168)

  • Item of Power [?] Discount up to 2. Unbreakable. Hard to loan (1 FP/scene).
  • Sword of the Cross [-3] 1 FP to ignore defensive abilities and armor for a scene. Only for divine purpose. Holy.

Weapon 3. +1 to Weapons. Unbreakable. Already discounted

Minor Abilities (p169–170)

  • Cloak of Shadows [-1] No perception penalty in dark. +2 Stealth to hide in shadows.
  • Ghost Speaker [-1] See dead without penalty. Ghosts see you at +2. Speak to the dead freely. Contacts works on the dead.
  • Mana Static [-1] Deliberate hexing (p228). Accidental hexing is restrainable at +2.
  • Marked by Power [-1] +1 to social skills with the magical community. Hard to conceal.
  • Wizard’s Constitution [-0] Recover eventually from anything.

Design Copyright C MMX Brian Sniffen, who reserves no rights in it whatsoever. Source at http://evenmere.org/bts/DresdenFiles/ . Contents derived from the Dresden Files Role-playing Game by Evil Hat Productions, LLC.

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