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Please find attached the file you requested on Donald Eppes. I've made a few personal notes in places, adding in information that my department believes is related to Mr Eppes. These notes should be taken as speculation, however. Finally, please destroy this cover sheet as soon as possible: this was a one-off favour for you, Detective, and if I'm asked, I'll have to disavow all knowledge of how you got this file.



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Name: Donald Eppes

Other Aliases: None [Augustus]

Parents: Alan Eppes (Father); Millicent West (Mother) [Born into privelege: caution must be taken while investigating.]

Address: The Jove Penthouse, Jove Tower, Wilson Street, London

Age: 30

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Physical Description: Approx. 6'0" tall, light brown hair, brown eyes, average build. Hair is worn short, neat. No obvious muscle build, but toned. Commonly wears tailored suits.

Employment: Senior Executive, Spire Corp. [It's unclear how much of a figurehead position this is: Spire Corp is a subsidiary of the Eppes' family's "Jove Group".]

Other Information: None.

[As you can see, this file is pretty bare. The man has not yet truly aroused the suspicions of most of the higher ups. However, he's been seen in the vicinity of quite a few notable events over the past few months, which has certainly aroused my suspicions, if not anyone elses. In addition, a person named Augustus has been mentioned to our field agents a couple of times, and he certainly matches the description and appearance of Mr. Eppes: if the two are the same, Don Eppes is far more involved in the criminal underworld in London that we previously thought. In short, I recommend keeping an eye on him, but don't show your cards: even if he's not a criminal, his family are more than powerful enough to crush you like a bug.]

Path: Mastigos

Faction: Silver Ladder