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This page contains links to programs, generators, and other gaming tools and resources used and recommended by the community.


Miscellaneous Generators

TableSmith Wiki TableSmith is a freeware product with numerous dungeon, character, town, name, city, item, npc, monster, and other miscellaneous generators mostly developed by DMs and fellow players. It allows users the flexibility to create customized tables.

Character/NPC Generators

Jamis Buck/Myth-Weavers NPC Generator Written by Jamis Buck, maintained by Myth-Weavers

Dingle's NPC Generator: (Written and recommended by Dingle)

HeroForge: Contains extensive character generators for D&D 3.5e. Needs Microsoft Excel to work. (Recommended by Exterminatus)

Pathguy's D&D 3.5e Char Generator: Useful browser-based character generator that generates a char sheet (equipment costs and such have to be manually put in) for pre-epic games (Epic characters are for some reason are not working and will stall you). It takes a long time to load, although there is a lighter version available), and does not include some sources. (Recommended by Mordae)

Pathguy's D&D 4.0e Char Generator: Same as above generator except it is dedicated to 4e instead. Not having used it I'm not sure about 4.0e "epic". It is a very large web page, with no light version available. (Recommended by Exterminatus)

PCGen: Open source character generator that is mainly used with the d20 system but extensible. Includes only OGL content, but one can easily add custom sources for homebrews or non-included sourcebooks. (Recommended by Exterminatus)

Redblade: Contains D&D 3.5e and earlier editions character generators and other related generators. Last updated August 28, 2009. (Recommended by Exterminatus)

GURPS Character Sheet: Create characters for GURPS 4th edition.

City/Town Generators

CrystalBallSoft City Generator: Generates residents, professions, power centers, imports/exports, and other useful details. No maps, but organizes buildings into wards for easy reference. (Recommended by Mordae)

Jamis Buck/Myth-Weavers Town Generator: Written by Jamis Buck, maintained by Myth-Weavers

Generator Collections

Pathguy's generators: Includes character generators for many systems, and several other generators (mainly for D&D 3.5e). (Recommended by Mordae)

Serendipity: A site that contains many generators. It has name and place generators, as well as other esoteric ones. It contains a few links at the bottom. Used mainly for if your muse is stuck or you need a name for your village/city/monster/BBEG quick. (Recommended by Exterminatus)

Seventh Sanctum: Contains many generators for names of many things, including dragons, fictional species, anime, and what-ifs. Not all of them are be guaranteed to be usable. (Recommended by Exterminatus)

Mapping Tools A browser based combat map designed specifically for PbP RRGs. It's easily update-able. You just hit enter, and copy & paste the new url into the post after something moves, and the next in init does the same. If you go onto the gallery you can sign up to add your own images to the site. More information is available from the Ditzie blog, .

Dungeonographer: Beta-testing square-based mapping tool for classic and modern maps. Good-looking classic icons, with the capability to create and include your own. Java-based, compatible with all platforms. Direct export to PNG for upload into MW. Low-cost, actively maintained software. (Recommended by Mordae)

GoogleDocs: I've used the GoogleDocs spreadsheet for maps. It ends up working a bit like DabbleBoard, but requires people to have a Google account. The owner of the GoogleDoc must give edit permission to each player. (Not necessarily - when sharing, choose "Anyone who has the link can edit", and copy the link that it gives you.) (Recommended by DrMorganes)

Hexographer: Very nice hex map generator, including both manual editing and automatic generation tools. Good-looking terrain, with the capability to create and include your own. Java-based, compatible with all platforms. Direct export to PNG for upload into MW. Low-cost, actively maintained software. (Recommended by Mordae)

Map Tool: If you have lots of pre-made stuff to copy/paste inside, this tool is great. It allows Line of Sight effects and has GM and player views, allowing you to export both of those views to an image. Supports hexagonal and square maps, and last (of my way too short list), but not least, coordinates in the image. (Recommended by InaVegt)

PyMapper: Pymapper is an open source mapmaking program. It is based around the dungeon tiles produced by WotC. The interface allows for drag/drop of tiles onto the map. Includes the ability to add text and notes to the map file. Maps can be exported to jpg or png for use elsewhere. Includes some support of the d20 SRD as well. Can be downloaded at the above link, or here (Recommended by Toxic_Rat)

Large 3D Terrain Generator: L3DT is a random terrain generator that can be used to create geographical or topographical maps. It also features the Sapphire engine, which allows for the exploration of the generated terrain in a 3D viewer.

Dungeon Painter: Pyromancer's Dungeon Painter is a robust Flash-based map generator for creating battlemaps. Maps can be exported to jpg or png or pdf. (Recommended by Sandster)

OpenOffice Draw: OpenOffice Draw in the OpenOffice suite is perfect for a beginner. You can do as many things as a more expensive dungeon mapper can do. Don't have a bitmap for a tree? Use Google Images to find one and import it. Don't have a chest? Do the same. Want to see an example of what can be done? See here for an example. (Recommended by Astromath)

Name Generators Name Generator: I use this one on a pretty regular basis. While I have never played a LotR game, I always enjoy running the Tolkien names a few times and just reading them. (Recommended by Darkxarth)

Rinkworks Fantasy Name Generator: A flexible random name generator, which generates a number of names at a time, pays attention to what syllables are pronounceable in English, and can generate in various preset flavours of name or can be instructed exactly what to make. (Recommended by Naleh)

Fake Name Generator: A flexible modern random name generator. It generates a large amount of infomation and provides generic background information such as name, street address, phone numbers, email address, occupation, height and weight. (Recommended by freedomischaos)

Spell Generators

SpellGen 2.0: I never did get around to using it, but it seems fairly good. I certainly have never seen another spellbook generator. (Recommended by Darkxarth)

  • 2.0 Has dependencies probably making it a poor choice for the average windows user.

DM Tools

Masterplan: Masterplan is an excellent tool that is mainly for use with D&D 4th Edition, however it can be adapted to just about any D&D campaign with a little tweaking. Includes Map Creator, Initiative Tool, Plot Flowchart w/ Details, Player Character tracking, House Rules, Notes, Campaign Encyclopaedia, Custom Creatures & NPCs, Encounter Decks, Custom Calendar Creator, Treasure Parcel Creator, and the handy-dandy Player View system. (Recommended by ShamedShadow)

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