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Note: Applications are left in the bbcodes for the Myth-weaver main site, not the wiki. This is to facilitate ease in reuse and editing. Also, while wiki is primarily for my personal use, fell free to plunder, loot, and otherwise plagiarize. Anything posted here is free for the taking.

Brute Nine, Warforged Duskblade (HBS)

Kak Two-Voices, the Synad Shaper (HBS)

Karrth anak'Aliw, Aasimar Summoner (FR)(TOME)

Korban K'Kaal, Human Corymrian Crusader (FR)

Kork Korban, Half-Orc Duskblade (HBS)

Okar Lithesson, Elan Psion Shaper (HBS)

Oratius Gatekeeper, Human Factotum Sailor (Sandbox)

The Perfect Ouroboros, e6 special

Guard Nine, Warforged Duskblade

Harvest ibn'Ran, Human Beguiler/duskblade