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Chilton "Chilly" Hamblin Stoble



Christened Chilton Hamblin Stoble by parents who were from a Gotham family that had lived in the city for generations, Chilly, as he goes by, grew up right in Gotham City. His father, Daniel, was a drunken, abusive factory worker like his old man before him. Chilly’s mom was a seamstress. Between the two of them, they eked out a living with six children in an apartment over the Central Bus Station. Chilly wasn’t that bright, wasn’t good at sports and didn’t have a particularly good work ethic. All of which contributed somewhat to his violent upbringing. He didn’t impress his old man. Hardly held a job to help his family out growing up (he started working at the age of 13). And being small for his age, he continually took beatings from the schoolyard bullies of the inner city. Despite his upbringing, or perhaps because of it, he developed a tenacity of spirit that defies logic. He lived in a neighborhood that bordered three different sections of town. So there were three times as many bullies, gangs, crimes, and generally bad people as there were in other parts of Gotham.

One day, after a particularly bad schoolyard fight in high school, he was limping home with no money, two broken ribs and a plethora of bruises. An old oriental fellow named Chin, who owned the local laundromat, saw Chilly and offered to help him home. Despite Chilly’s arguments and attempting to violently refuse, Old Chin forced him into an armlock and walked him home, stopping by a clinic for treatment. The old man had seen Chilly fight often, and offered to teach him how to defend himself. Chilly tried to refuse, and Old Chin beat him like a drum. So Chilly started going to the laundromat every day after school. While Chin honestly tried to impart the more spiritual aspects of his arts to Chilly, the boy would have none of that. He also had none of the fancy kicks and leaping about, saying it “weren’t how real men fight.” But he did learn the beginnings of Qinna, the vicious joint locking techniques passed down through ancient China. After learning how to face off against an attacker, he started to develop an intimidating manner as he started winning the backalley bouts. He spent far more time at Old Chin’s than he did at home during high school, mostly to get away from his family.

Given his thoughts on how the world worked, and looking at it from the bottom up, it might be surprising that he went to the Gotham Police Academy rather than working for the Falcone crime family as an enforcer or package boy. He actually started work at the GPD with a rather optimistic tune, somehow rising above his childhood. Likely much of that was due to the time he spent with Old Chin, who was an eternal optimist, as well as a devoted Taoist and the meanest sifu of the wok within ten blocks. He wasn’t a particularly talented officer in the shooting department, though. Or the intelligence department, the politicking department, hell, pretty much anything one would need to advance in the Gotham PD. But he was tenacious, and despite his otherwise meager smarts, he had a knack for finding things on the street. That, and he wasn’t afraid.

But time on the Force in Gotham City would harden even Mother Theresa. After working his old stomping grounds as a patrolman for a few years, he had enough street connections and experience to get a slot in Vice. For some reason, he just couldn’t resist the misery that came with that department. Something about the bottom of society draws him like a moth to the flame. As much as he hates the people he deals with, he doesn’t actually hate his job, despite his protestations to the contrary. He does hate the red tape though. The Law ought to serve Justice, not the other way around. After only a few months in Vice, Chilly found his niche. He’s not afraid to get dirty, intimidate the crooks, or even let the smallfry’s go to get at the big ones. But several years living on the razor’s edge with the pulse of the city in his ears and guns pointed at him on a weekly basis has taken it’s toll. Lately he’s taken to drinking more and more, especially when he runs out of sleeping pills. He’s been forced by his superiors to go to counseling fairly often, but it doesn’t help. His heartbeat is the streets, and Gotham’s streets never sleep.


Chilly arrived on the scene during the Mad Hatter Bank robbery, helping both Leiutenant Gordon and Officer Jackson to get in and find Kurt and Pete. Sometime after this it appears he has been transfered to the MCU, and is one of the many detectives following leads on the Mad Hatter, notably going for Carlton Duquesne, the notable arms dealer, in the local club Jazz 54

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