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Scott Jackson



Scott is the youngest of three, his two sisters being several years older. Raised in a firmly middle class household, Scott's father was a supervisor at the local steel mill and his mother was a nurse at a nearby hosptial. Scott's childhood was typical and not terribly abnormal; boy scouts, summer camp, football practices...Scott started wrestling in middle school and was good enough by the time he graduated to win a full ride scholarship to a smaller college in a nearby state. This is where his life took the first of many wrong turns. Parties, women and light drug use all combined to make Scott more concerned about social life than school work. Facing academic suspension at the end of his second year, Scott walked into the US Army recruiting office and within a month was sent off to Fort Benning for Infantry basic training. His parents knew nothing of his enlistment until he returned home after his basic graduation wearing his dress uniform. Needless to say his mother was devastated, not liking the fact that her baby boy was off to join the military. His father was proud of his son, thinking that he finally pulled his head out his of rear and was going to be a man. Scott became part of the 101st Airborne, part of the 502nd INF regiment. Scott's enlistment was only for four years, but during that time he was deployed three times and got promoted to Staff Sargeant. It was during these deployments that Scott faced the loss of friends and some of his sanity. He personally blamed himself for some of his comrades deaths, thinking that if was only quicker, shot straighter or hadnt moved...all thoughts typical of soldiers suffering from PTSD.

Returning back to the states, he quietly left the Army once his enlistment was up to return back to his town of Gotham. Missing the comradarie he had in the military, he tried several jobs before seeing an ad on the subway for Gotham's finest. Shrugging, he went and applied, easily acing the physical factors and doing decent on the tests. Acadamey bound he soon fell in love with the structure, chain of command and feeling of helping others as he finished the basic law enforcement section and was on his own. Now, nearly 8 years into his career, he has been promoted to Sargeant and turns his attention to those on his shift, training them with the most important rule of all: Everybody comes home at the end of their shift.

Scott is not married, but does date and has had a few serious girlfriends. His parents are still alive and he sees them a few times a month. Both of his sisters are married and have families and constantly chide him for not getting one of his girlfriends in the "marrying" way. Its not that Scott is against marraige he wants a wife eventually, but still has memories and hard feelings over things that happened to him overseas and finds it hard to let most women get close enough to see his inner self