Grace of Dragons House Rules

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  • This game uses the variant that causes a natural 1 on a d20 to be equal to a result of -10. A natural 20 = 30.
  • All Cure spells are automatically Maximized at all times with no change in casting time or spell level, and level caps are removed. Cure Minor Wounds heals your caster level in hit points.
  • The Identify spell, and similar spells and abilities, will not be necessary, as all magic items will simply impart knowledge of what they do. Anything that doesn't will have a very good reason why, and those spells won't work on them.
  • All skills are class skills for all classes, except Speak Language, which is a cross-class skill for everyone.
  • Psionics-magic transparency is in effect. For this game, psionics is just another way to use magic, and Psions are referred to as 'Mages'. UMD applies to psionic items, Knowledge(arcana) covers psionics, Spellcraft applies to psionic powers, SR applies to psionics.
  • All polymorphing will use Rich Burlew's variant, as will the Diplomacy skill. This information can be found on his site:
  • No 'Vow of' Exalted feats. Other Exalted feats are acceptable for mortals only. Dragons may not take Exalted or Vile feats.
  • No psicrystals.