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Posting Homebrew

Homebrew content's home is now in the wiki, where it can be better-displayed and revisions tracked. Discussions on that content may still take place here. Place a link in the wiki article to the thread and in the thread's first post link back to the wiki main page.

We're adding sections as needed, D&D3.5e and D&D4e are already started.

If you need another system, you can request a new section by posting in Site Discussion

Tier Discussion Ban

There have been a number of discussions in our forums regarding the tier system for DND class power, and the fact that a number of DMs simply ban the "big 5" outright. These discussions have been in depth and at times got quite heated. A list of the more recent threads on this topic appears at the end of this post.

Please do not start any more threads on this discussion.

More on tiers