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The Myth-Weavers' Community

Our Myth-Weavers' community is made up of a diverse group of people from all over the world, united by a love for gaming. As such, we strive to support a variety of standard games, provide opportunity for homebrew and unique systems, and also form a place where we as gamers can get together to discuss things relevant to us. From Dark Heresy to World of Darkness, Dungeons and Dragons to d20 Future, and everywhere in between - there is something for you to enjoy here on Myth-Weavers.

However, in addition to our robust game features (of which we are very proud!), we also are forming a rich community of members whose interests and commonalities extend beyond Play-by-Post. As such, this page provides a comprehensive list of many different ways to be part of the Myth-Weavers community, both on the site and off.

GM Workshop

Play-by-Post is the heart of what we do here. However, beyond playing in games, many GMs have found it helpful to come together to discuss all the quirks and quandaries of the unique people with whom we play. The GM Workship is a community-created and maintained place for Game Masters of all systems to bounce ideas around. It's a place for inspiration and sharing tips. Come out and participate in a challenge, ask a question, or see what kind of craziness different GMs create!

Join us!

MW Writers' Guild

Beyond the games there are those of us who enjoy writing. Founded during the National Novel Writing Month of November 2008, fellow writers on the Weave have come together to help each other with feedback, encouragement, and good old-fashioned cheerleading! The Myth-Weavers' Writers' Guild is a community for writers of all genres to hone our craft, with monthly exercises, challenges, and collaborative writing. Open to anyone who enjoys writing!

Hook up your laptop and grab a cup of coffee!

Players of Older D&D and Clones

There are many players on Myth-Weavers who enjoy playing older editions of D&D (and their clones). Join the retro revolution and hop in!

Player Listing - Players of Older D&D and Clones

Discussion thread - Players of Older D&D and Clones

Free-Form Players

This is a list of those players on Myth-Weavers who enjoy free-form games. Dalara Shadowmist came up with the original suggestion for a listing, and maintains a list of current free-form games as well. You can find the listing of games, along with a nice thread for discussion of all things free-form, at this location. If you're interested in free-form gaming, or just want to read some of the games, by all means make yourself known!

Active Players:
Batto - (Medieval fantasy, and just about anything else) [Willing to be contacted via PM]
Bbender - (Likes basically anything)
Chase - (Low/no magic fantasy, low tech modern/future) [Welcomes PM's]
Cleokatrah - (GM's Often) (Likes anything but Sci-fi.) [Welcomes PM's]
Codger - (GM's often) (Medieval, Ancient. Anything else is possible with sufficient depth) [Welcomes PM's]
Dalara Shadowmist-(D&D, Shadowrun, OWoD [though in free form NWoD probably would be fun as well], Star Ship Troopers, Star Wars, Vampire based, Dune, typical/atypical fantasy and Sci-fi, and more! Love, love, making my own worlds/creatures etc as well.) [You can PM me with interest checks if you wish]
dauphinous - (medieval fantasy, campy sci-fi, WoD) [Welcomes PM's]
Gretik - (Likes every genre) [Welcomes PM's]
jabberwock - (Likes every genre) [Welcomes PM's]
Kansas - (WoD (Old and New), Modern with a twist, and just about any other setting) [Welcomes PM's]
King of the Jakers - (Steampunk, Modern, Future, Likes other Genre as well) [Welcomes PM's]
Krimson - (low fantasy, as well as Urban Fantasy (Planescape 2nd Edition, and d20 Modern), gaslight fantasy/steampunk, science fiction, cyberpunk, anime, Modern, Alternate History, and Historical settings) [Welcomes PMs]
Mordae - (Fantasy, Sci-fi, Renaissance) [Welcomes PM's]
mrxak - (Sci-fi, Escape Velocity Nova) [Does not mind being PMed]
nautilus_project - (fantasy, slightly darker bent and generally low magic, moderate-high (realistic) death, etc. I could also go for survival horror (if done right) and sci-fi.) [Welcomes PM's]
Octavian_5 - (Horror, WoD, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, and occasional Superhero) [Welcomes PM's]
P4yne - (medieval, preference for Forgotten Realms. Shadowrun, any post-modern settings [cybernetic things and such].) [Welcomes PM's]
PPQ_Purple - (Likes Zero, Low and Medium fantasy in both history and future. So LOTR, Conan and Homeworld but not D&D or Star Trek. Has a firm preference for empire builders and a general dislike for character driven single character sandbox games.) [Does not mind being PMed]
Rakaneth - (Prefers medieval fantasy, but also the Song of Ice and Fire setting, willing to give sci-fi a shot) [Welcomes PMs]
Revanmal - (Interests run the gamut, but settings like Nobilis and Exalted are favorites) [Welcomes PM's]
RPGuru - (dungeon crawl, classic or 3.5 D&D, steampunk, and other interests) [Welcomes PMs]
Silverkiss - (GMs Often) (D&D/any medieval fantasy, can be persuaded to play sci-fi, modern, and so forth, but prefers the first listed) [Does not mind being PMed]
Spyglass - (See post for info, to detailed and not specific enough to generalize here) [Does not mind being PMed]
Stormcracker - (Sci-fi) [Welcomes PM's]
Syndl - (Fantasy, Modern, Supernatural) [Welcomes PMs]
weishan - (Well thought out Fantasy and Sci-fi) [Welcomes PMs]
Witchwolf - (DnD, any fantasy, open to other ideas) [Welcomes PMs]
Zeruel - (Likes dark and gritty modern/sci-fi game, especially military/war centric. Also Steam/Cyberpunk and Warhammer 40K. Also any sort of Post-Apocalyptic game.) [Does not mind being PMed]

Inactive Players (last updated 11-AUG-2016):
Allucard - (Just about anything, prefers fantasy)
Angry Furby - (Is open to many settings and plots)
ankl3deep - (New to free-form)
Apollyon36 - (gritty, urban fantasy) [Welcomes and doesn't mind PMs]
Dakar - (Has not listed likes)
Elistan - (Fantasy, dark gritty games, horror, survival) [Welcomes PM's]
Fluffles - (3.5 free form)\
Fullcircle - (Post-apocalypse, horror, and other genres work.) [Welcomes PM's]
GothamLord(onceQuinncyAether) - (Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi. D&D, World of Darkness, Star Wars, Exalted, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu style games) [Does not mind being PMed]
Hesstruk - (D&D[esp FR], Warhammer, Final Fantasy, and most fantasy games in general. Also Star Wars, Mechwarriors type games. Will play anything with good story) [Prefers PM's]
insomniawalking - (Dune, Dark Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic settings, Shadowrun, Warhammer Fantasy/40k, WoT, Song of Fire and Ice, nWoD, typical High/Low fantasy settings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Mechwarrior, Mutants and Mastermind Free Form, and White Wolf product free form. and lots of other things.) [Does not mind being PMed]
Jomonkey527(Star Wars, DnD specifically Eberron, FR, but would be open to DL, and pretty much anything else.) [Does not mind being PMed]
Kellian - (Modern, Real Life, Star Trek, fantasy) [Welcomes PM's]
ladditude - (Did not list likes)
luke6080 - (modern combat/medieval fantasy/pretty much everything)
Moral Wiz - (Did not list likes)
Neraagile - (Anything with a modicum of grit, I’m not much of a high-anything) [Welcomes PM's]
Pagos - (Has not listed likes)
Paper Bard - (Likes Star Wars, Vampire, Dune, Shadowrun, and fantasy based games, as well space opera.)
Paul_V - (Likes anything besides sci-fi and futuristic) [Welcomes PM's]
Shannon - (Yes. To all.) [Welcomes PMs]
shogunboy - (Final Fantasy gameplay, medieval with a side of magic and technology, epic destinies.)
Sir *TIM!!!!!!* - (Likes many types) [Welcomes PMs]
Sollister - (Likes Sci-fi and Fantasy) [Welcomes PMs]
Telicis - (Willing to play seemingly anything)
Trepid - (Fantasy, Superhero, as well as possibly other genres) [Welcomes PM's]
UndeadCheeseburger - (prefers homebrew, but not again a system based world free form game) [Welcomes PMs]
Unoz - (Fantasy, Wants to try sci-fi) [Welcomes PMs]
Vain - (Did not list likes) [Welcomes PM's]
Ventus - (sci-fi, fantasy horror, whatever.) [Welcomes PMs]
WhiteMageHero - (any genre) [Welcomes PMs]
Windscar18 - (Plays anything interesting, though prefers unusual settings)
Wyld Image - (Likes horror/mood (like WoD), anime/manga. Plot/story if good, will play anything.) [Does not mind being PMed]

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online game, set in the DND universe. The Myth-Weavers community can be found in Eberron on the Sarlona server, as a guild of friendly, fun-loving gamers who enjoy kicking back and hanging out together! If you'd like to join the guild, or even just want to say hello, you can find the guildtag <Myth-Weavers> carried proudly by:

DDO Player - MW Member

Atomic_Drink - Garthu
Avenger92 - Nugzo
Azrakel - Azrakel
Councilman Orr - Cannac
Dragonslayer123 - Sharlona
Fluffles - Kerboom (Guild Leader), TronPaul
FreeRange - Dubya, Sarnoff, Blorgh, Mattlock
Kansas - Braston
mishra - Visaraa
P4yne - Mirzadeh
SalientGreen - Shenissa
Silverthorne - Browberry, Nirana
Sithobi1 - Dragonknife
TDarksword - Kheitenn
Whitleyrr - Williston Bedloe
Zombiekillerninja - Livale

XBox Live

XBox encompasses all manner of games that can be played singly or cooperatively. This list is far from comprehensive, but is a place where you can find fellow Myth-Weavers and enjoy a game of whatever you like to play the best!

Azrakel - || Azrakel || (or possibly ll Azrakel ll) - MW2
Dragonslayer123 - DEMONknight199 - Fable 2, COD5, COD4, L4D, Halo 3, L4D2, MW2, Fable 3
DrObvious - Traitornator - MW2
GothamLord - GothamLord - <nothing at the moment>
Kansas - Midgetpr0n - Halo 3, MW2
ladditude - ElfTosser - MW2, L4D2, Horde mode, Firefight
lrdkudzu - LordKudzu - <nothing at the moment>
Mancomb Seepgood - II Goldblum II - Halo Pro
Prospero - ProsperoFrobozz - Borderlands, Halo 3, L4D, GTA
Ventus - Chuggy G - CoD5 (Hardcore only), Halo ODST, MW2, L4D2